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1. Indeed, last year produced the usual crop of new euphemisms for firing people. Infosys announced an “orderly ramp-down of about 3,000 persons”. Upworthy, a small media company, had the nerve to call sacking 14 people an “investment lay-off”. Otherwise, 2016 proved that the most egregious jargon is a sign not of failure, but of overexcitement.
2. Born to royalty in Burma, Olive Yang, who died on July 31, rejected her birthright to become a cross-dressing warlord and opium trafficker.
3. 美国创作型歌手泰勒·斯威夫特位列2015全球十大美女榜第七。她擅于创作有关个人经历的叙事性歌曲。她获奖颇丰,包括七项格莱美奖、16项全美音乐奖、11项美国年度乡村音乐奖、八项美国乡村音乐学院奖、34项公告牌音乐奖和一项全英音乐奖。她的作词,颇受纳什维尔词曲作家协会和作曲家名人堂的赞赏。截止2015年初,斯威夫特的专辑销量已超4000万,单曲下载量也逾1.3亿次,成为全球数字唱片销量最高的五位音乐人之一。
4. 该部门希望今年消费增长仍然能够强有力地带动经济增长。
5. Ben McLannahan is US banking editor
6. “这可是短期内的大幅跃升:当我还是内政部长时仅有30个案例,今天则是1400。”


1. 在进行融资时,约40%的创业者并未寻求任何外部帮助。他们中的半数完全依靠自己的积蓄及(或者)家人和朋友的资助,相比之下,只有40%的创业者向学校或校友网络寻求帮助。
2. 6.头戴式电脑出现
3. 3. Your boss received your résumé from a contact of a contact。
4. 答:这是我第一次去旧金山。非常美丽的城市。到那儿的第一天大家就去看了金门大桥。海湾的景色真是让人愉悦啊。我在日本每次看影片,这个城市和这个桥都要被毁一次。但我从不知道这个城市亲眼看的话居然有这么美。下次再来可能就没机会看这座桥了,所以我很高兴这次能看到。
5. 尽管这些物质都十分微小,但相关科研成果的意义却是巨大的。
6. It makes piggybacks more comfortable.


1. n. 家仆,
2. Domestically, an increasingly active middle class is generating pressure for more accountable governance. Mounting inequalities have nurtured a sense of injustice; 200m migrant workers remain second-class citizens and corruption is worsening. Tackling these problems is urgent, but Chinas economic successes have fostered an unwarranted self-confidence. Instead, motivated by the Arab spring, the system has moved aggressively to contain any social discontent that might spark more politically sensitive movements.
3. identical
4. To Anita Eerland and Rolf Zwaan [THE NETHERLANDS] and Tulio Guadalupe [PERU, RUSSIA, and THE NETHERLANDS] for their study "Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller."
5. In the meantime, here’s a fun song that’s been written by one of my readers, Libby Russell that all football widows will identify with. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing, Libby. It’s brilliant!
6. n. 综合症,典型表现


1. 《胡润百富榜》追踪逾2000名净财富在3亿美金或以上的民营企业家,今年的榜单新增了179位富豪。
2. A little bit in shock, said director Steve McQueen, before shrugging Roll, Jordan, roll-the lyrics to the old gospel song sung in the slavery epic.
3. 《王冠》
4. 《至暗时刻》
5. 根据中国海关总署(General Administration of Customs)发布的数据,12月份以美金计的出口额同比减少6.1%至2094.2亿美金。这一跌幅比经济学家预期的中数多了2.1个百分点,也大于11月份修正后1.6%的跌幅(修正前该数字为增长0.1%)。
6. 根据路透社(Reuters)基于中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)计算得到的加权平均值,10月份中国新建住宅平均价格同比上涨12.3%,


1. n. 紧张,拉紧,血统
2. 读:奔腾。奔腾的特长就是永远有一颗奔腾的芯。
3. I formerly had an Android device (even though I have had a MacBook since 2009 – weird, I know). After switching this summer, I quickly realized the power of 苹果 “Reminders.” Each time a reminder is due, your 苹果 buzzes and displays a pop-up. You can snooze it or mark as completed. In addition, you can set up recurring reminders, which are perfect for remembering to mail estimated quarterly tax payments, renewing subscriptions, running payroll and other things you tend to forget.



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