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1. Taylor Swift has been named the most charitable celebrity of 2012.
2. Sonneborn says hes been dismayed not only by what he sees as Trumps troubling decisions and juvenile moments but also by the presidents response after a counterprotester was killed during the August white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia — which is what cemented Sonneborns decision to seek office.
3. In global health, 2016 will be remembered as the year a little known virus made a major impact. It felt strangely familiar, but this time it wasnt Ebola making headlines around the world, it was Zika - a mosquito-borne virus being linked to a huge spike in the number of babies in Brazil born with brain defects.
4. 微博和微信等社交平台是网红扩大交流的重要平台,而广告、电商和粉丝的付费使网红经济成为可能。
5. 鉴于之前许多邦女郎在007影片中如昙花般一现,随后便星途黯淡,玛尔洛和经纪人正努力确保她与众多一流演员合作,正如邦德影片是用来为她的国际演艺生涯铺路一样。
6. 他补充称,在美国,在ETF兴起之际,市场上有很多注册投资顾问,他们有动力为客户选用成本较低的产品。


1. 6. Gene therapy comes good.
2. n. 按揭,抵押贷款
3. Ironically the list comes out the same day that Trump is meeting with Bill Gates, who is the worlds richest man for the fourth straight year.
4. 尽管必须找到方法整合公民的观点,但始终会有缺陷。
5. Soyabeans which are trading above $10 a bushel are expected to remain strong, while dairy prices are also expected to rise during 2017 as demand steadily increases, said the bank.
6. 中国人民银行(PBoC)干预外汇市场由来已久,目的是防止过度波动。不过,交易员们表示,自今年8月以来,这种干预已从国内即期市场(覆盖日常交易)扩大至包括香港的离岸人民币市场,以及在岸和离岸期货市场。


1. 单词inspection 联想记忆:
2. Paddington 2
3. n. 授予物,补助金; 同意,给予
4. ‘I Could Not Forget What Happened to Me That Night With Him’
5. 5. Caterpillar
6. 2012中国创新人物奖中国互联网行业常常被描述成冒牌王国,尤其是对在中国被禁的那些企业的仿冒。中国搜索巨头百度(Baidu Inc.)的网站外观很像GOOGLE。Tencent的旗舰产品、即时信息服务QQ于1999年以OICQ的名字发布,与当时流行的即时信息服务ICQ功能相似。新浪(Sina Corp.)广受欢迎的微博总是被西方媒体说成“与推特(Twitter)类似”。


1. Be Original
2. 大小:6364平方英尺(约591平方米)
3. 支撑:该片在多伦多国际影片节上获得人民选择奖,这个奖项通常是一个重要的风向标。
4. vt. 使成为可取,
5. As fall arrived and school began, DAloisio felt immense pressure to deliver for his backers. He needed to whip his algorithm into better shape, so he contracted a team of Israeli coders who specialize in natural language processing. Searching on 谷歌, he found and hired a retired professor living in Thailand whod written seminal books on the topic. He became our main scientist, says DAloisio. He now works at Yahoo! in the Sunnyvale office.
6. The surviving cat, since named Trooper, has recovered and found a new home.


1. 近日,某招聘行业网站发布《2016年应届毕业生就业力调研报告》。报告指出,2016年应届毕业生起薪为4765元,近三成毕业生进入互联网行业,同时互联网行业的平均月薪最高。
2. A separate Caixin PMI tracking growth in China’s services sector is slated for release on Tuesday.
3. Samsung’s comment was shorter: “Media reports of the acquisition are groundless.”



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