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1. 报告称,去年销售的手机大部分是预装安卓系统和支撑4G的智能手机。
2. 普华永道中国内地及香港市场负责人林怡仲表示,市场的波动导致了新股审批的节奏的加紧,从而维持资本市场的稳定。
3. n. 隧道,地道
4. The high-end model is an addition to Apple’s line-up, alongside more incremental updates to the 苹果 7 and 7 Plus released last year.
5. 10、《星球大战:侠盗一号》
6. 节目23 《直通春晚》①《山路十八弯》(表演者:阿普萨萨)②《我是一只小小鸟》(表演者:许艺娜)③《我爱你中国》(表演者:平安)


1. US schools are rebuilding their strength in this ranking, with their number increasing to 51. This had dropped below 50 for the first time in 2016, down to 47. Six of the eight new or returning schools are from the US.
2. 时间:2010-11-24 编辑:beck
3. 麦高恩早年的成功依靠于发行独立影片,当时她在酒店房间遇到哈维·韦恩斯坦,就是在那间房里遭受了性侵。
4. adj. 城市的,都市的
5. 鲜菜价格同比上涨13%,助推食品价格同比上涨3.7%,涨幅比上月扩大0.5个百分点。
6. 中国互联网金融行业继续保持快速增长的节奏。作为国内最大的个人对个人(P2P)网贷平台,陆金所(Lufax)正在寻求10亿美金的新融资,这将使其估值达到150亿至200亿美金。


1. 以美金值计,11月中国的出口总值同比上升12.3%,比10月的出口总值同比增速6.9%有所提高,高于路透社(Reuters)调查的经济学家给出的预测中值5%。
2. 3. "The Walking Dead" (3.6 million)
3. A spokeswoman for Harvard University declined to comment on the report. "We do not comment publicly on the admissions status of individual applicants," Rachael Dane wrote in an email.
4. For the government, the job is to create a good environment and the necessary conditions for our people to use their own wisdom and hard work to generate golden opportunities for themselves, rather than just relying on the government to hand them a job.
5. adj. 有限的,被限制的
6. Making the cut for the first time, Gigi, 22, and Bella Hadid, 21, are ranked at number five and number nine respectively, with the former making $9.5 million and the younger sibling taking in $6 million.


1. 威廉姆斯认为,这些影响也将波及到一些大宗商品净进口国,大宗商品价格上涨可能提高资源密集型制成品(如钢铁)的价格,提振韩国等国的出口产品价值。
2. The Queen would have been down the stairs like a shot as soon as the aircraft came to a final halt.
3. Though many people associate Porsche with pure performance cars, in recent years the brand has expanded their lineup to include the Panamera, a luxury large car shown here, as well as the Cayenne and Macan SUVs. According to most reviewers, the Panamera not only lives up to the performance heritage of the Porsche’s brand, but also coddles occupants with an opulent interior and the connectivity features today’s luxury buyer demands.
4. 鲁拉卡拉夫(Roula Khalaf)
5. The Divergent Star Shailene Woodley top the list of most beautiful women of 2015. The young Hollywood star found breakthrough success in The Descendants (2011). She was considered one of the “55 Faces of the Future” by Nylon Magazines Young Hollywood Issue.
6. The unprecedented declines have raised worries that the reserves could quickly evaporate if capital outflows continue and the central bank continues to defend the exchange rate. Most analysts believe the central bank will be forced to curtail its intervention in order to prevent further depletion of its reserves.


1. 深受大众喜爱的电视连续剧《仙剑奇侠传》的影片版本于今日在浙江正式开拍。
2. Given the Raptors existing personnel, the Ibaka/Tucker additions qualify as massive defensive upgrades, giving coach Dwane Casey the tools he will need to grind out postseason wins if Lowry and DeMar DeRozan see their scoring efficiency dip as it has in years past.
3. 从全国来看,上个月70个主要城市中62个城市的房价环比上涨,1个城市房价不变,还有7个城市出现下跌。



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    北京二手房成交价降至2016年水平 降温将持续
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    百城”松绑”公积金政策 二季度楼市劲吹暖风
    2020-12-29 23:07:12
  • 华润电力(常熟)有限企业防污闪涂料招标公告
    国家统计局:中国2017年全年GDP同比 6.9%
    2021-01-02 23:07:12
  • 社科院蓝皮书:租房市场价格是稳中有降的趋势
    2018年这七大民生目标已落地 看你受益多少?
    2020-12-30 23:07:12
  • 7月全国调控次数创新高 各地楼市预期持“稳”
    海鑫钢铁复受阻 政府力避“第二个联盛”
    2021-01-06 23:07:12
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    Of course, these same new forces may also trigger a backlash and a reversion to old command-and-control ways of leading. The politicians who dominate the world stage are, depressingly, mostly cut from the old cloth, and the leadership challenges they face, from Brexit to North Korea, are particularly complex.

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    1. “The Assassin” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” (tie) Hou Hsiao-Hsien and George Miller directed the year’s two best commercial movies, both of which should be seen on the biggest screen you can find.

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    Others who made the top ten include 亚马逊s Jeff Bezos at fifth on the list, Mark Zuckerberg of 脸书 at sixth, Oracles Larry Ellison at seventh, Michael Bloomberg at eighth, and tied for ninth are David and Charles Koch.

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    It was a confident, high-powered investment firm with credit lines at top financial institutions. It made big bets using borrowed money to buy assets and generate higher returns. But when the market for those assets went south, lenders demanded more collateral until the firm suddenly collapsed. Many frightened lenders clamped down on all borrowers, setting off an overall credit crunch.

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    On Nov. 24 and 25, Sotheby’s auctioned the collection of the fourth-generation Munich dealer Konrad Bernheimer, who owns the historic London gallery Colnaghi. Mr. Bernheimer, 65, has decided to scale down his operations. He is closing his Munich gallery, selling his grand Bavarian home, Marquartstein Castle, and is merging Colnaghi with a fellow London dealer, Coll & Cortes.



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