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1. 玛多问道:"特鲁多承诺在上任之后,内阁中将有50%是女性。如今他兑现了承诺。那么你也会做出类似承诺吗?"
2. 指数: 97.8
3. China’s foreign exchange reserves posted their third-largest monthly decline on record last month, central bank data showed yesterday, renewing worries about capital outflows after reserves had appeared to stabilise.
4. 测试采用闭卷形式,长达两个半小时。理论上说,妮诗的测试成绩以及由此推算出的162分智商比大名鼎鼎的物理学家爱因斯坦还要高2分。
5. 亲爱的妻子
6. One explanation could be that significantly more men than women work in the industry’s best-paying fields. A third of men work in private equity orventure capital, investment banking or mergers and acquisitions, andhedge funds compared with only 19 per cent of women.


1. At that time, the chief executive was also under pressure, given Apple’s lack of clear product direction beyond milking the 苹果. Sensing blood, activist investors began to circle the company; first David Einhorn, then Carl Icahn, have lobbied for changes to how Apple is run and manages its finances. Mr Icahn has pushed for Apple to raise huge debt to return up to $150bn to shareholders and urged it to release more products, including a television set.
2. US schools are rebuilding their strength in this ranking, with their number increasing to 51. This had dropped below 50 for the first time in 2016, down to 47. Six of the eight new or returning schools are from the US.
3. “We had to make Steve look like a blue-blooded man of great family wealth,” Mr. Corso said. “There’s a specific look, a definite visual that goes along with that.”
4. repertoire
5. 《南华早报》援引当地公安局李剑敏告诉新华社记者的消息:“整个加工车间里又腥又臭,人进去待一两分钟就受不了。”
6. 编者案:伦敦奥林匹克运动会开幕在即,让大家来看看本届奥林匹克运动会都有哪些比赛项目吧,同时在看看的同时也不要忘了学学比赛项目的词汇,一举两得何乐而不为呢?


1. 东京大学(全球排名22名)和京都大学(35名)仍然是亚洲最顶尖的两所高校。
2. 10月中国进口同比下降18.8%,降幅较9月的20.4%略有改善。石油和其他大宗商品价格大幅走低也帮助压低了进口总值。
3. You can read the full list of stories, but here are the top five:
4. 在不到一小时前,11月中国官方制造业PMI指数公布,为49.6,是连续第四个月收缩,也低于经济学家49.8的预期。在谈到这一PMI指数时,澳新银行(ANZ)分析师表示:“由于增长势头疲软和通缩压力加剧,大家预计当局会进一步放宽货币政策并继续实施扩张性财政政策,以阻止经济在2016年进一步放缓。”
5. The report said that technological innovations and balanced development were the keys to building "cities of opportunity".
6. [temptein]


1. 惊慌随之而来,不过这名少年很快镇定下来,他决定把控局面,寻找逃生出路。
2. Professor Kaufmann and a colleague, Gareth Harris, found that white Britons who lived in areas that are rapidly diversifying became more likely to vote for the right-wing British National Party. Daniel Hopkins, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, found a similar pattern of ethnic change leading to anti-immigrant politics in the United States.
3. 2015年,欧盟仅提起了12起反倾销案,较前一年减少了2起。
4. GDP reached 74.4 trillion yuan, representing 6.7-percent growth.
5. 加工食品、汽水和快餐商家将发展中国家市场视为他们最重要的发展机遇。与此同时,发展中国家的肥胖率以及与体重相关的疾病也在上升。一系列文章以巴西、加纳和哥伦比亚为例,研究了这两种趋势之间的相互作用。总的来说,这些故事揭示了“新的全球食品秩序和健康危机”。
6. 上周四公布的一项数据显示,两所中国顶尖大学跻身今年《泰晤士报高等教育专刊世界大学声誉排行榜》的前20名。


1. [silik?n]
2. 我打赌短期内这些力量——以及美国的首席实行官们——将继续缓和总统在贸易上的火气。不过眼下华盛顿有很多人叫嚣着要在贸易上惩罚中国。
3. Call Me By Your Name



  • 人口100万—300万大城市全面取消落户限制 推动1亿人落户取得决定性进展
    发改委回应李嘉诚撤资 前8月香港对内地投资增加
    2020-12-27 19:54:21
  • 京沪首套房贷现88折 楼市成交能否回暖还待观察
    北京通州一女子占房拒腾退 法院强制实行
    2021-01-10 19:54:21
  • 深圳龙岗大运地块239亿出让 打造深圳新地标
    2021-01-02 19:54:21
  • 不动产登记办理将压缩至5日内
    2020-12-30 19:54:21
  • 成都金牛区数百居民收到国庆大礼 262套安置新房交付使用
    2021-01-12 19:54:21
  • “网聚供应链”——涂料产业峰会开启电子商务2.0时代
    【民生调查局】2018年楼市坐“过山车” 调控要松绑?
    2021-01-14 19:54:21
  • 戴德梁行调低下半年香港楼价走势至平稳
    营改增年减税5千亿目标已实现六成 力度不断增加
    2021-01-15 19:54:21
  • 木门发展遇瓶颈,垂直电商缓解“抢时间”局面
    发改委:加快构建“一处失信 处处受限”信用惩戒格局
    2020-12-29 19:54:21
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    But what will politicians actually do While President Trump is focused on bringing back traditional manufacturing jobs to America, different US states are experimenting with other policies to help low-paid precarious workers. These range from sharply higher minimum wages to new rules to stop employers changing staff schedules at the last minute.

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    In the US, New York, California and Texas received the most investment. Chinese firms invested $5.4bn in New York, the top beneficiary, with most of the money spent on three big financial services and real estate deals.

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