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1. The top SUV maker and MPV maker last month are familiar to all: Great Wall Motor and SAIC General Motor Wuling stayed on their segment thrones. SAIC Volkswagen also maintained its crown in the sedans and hatchbacks segment.
2. Did you write The Lego Batman Movie off as kids-only? Biggest mistake ever. This movie is a witty feat of hilarity, full of dry humor and moments of comedy gold. Basically, if you like Will Arnett in Arrested Development, you will like this.
3. On 2 March, the Norths state-run website Uriminzokkiri warned that Pyongyang would respond to any balloon launches with "not just a few shots of gunfire but cannons or missiles".
4. Only three Hollywood productions, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World, made it into the top 10 at the Chinese box office in 2015.
5. 2013年,公开表示移民改革对大企业有利的企业高管并不是只有可口可乐CEO穆泰康一人。
6. 如果这届奥斯卡最佳影片的提名数有9或10部影片的话,那么《逃出绝命镇》能占一个。乔登?皮尔的剧本应该一定会被提名。


1. severe的人总是sever
2. 为期三天的"中国发展高层论坛2016"近日在北京开幕。
3. 特斯拉(Tesla)正处在蜜运中。这家电动汽车企业的财富以不可思议的速度积聚,而投资者仍在热烈地追捧它。
4. Ellen is a stand-up comedian and is best known for her self titled talk show, which shes hosted since 2003.
5. 这部由塞巴斯蒂安.马拉比(Sebastian Mallaby)所著的《知者:格林斯潘传》(The Man Who Knew),是这项奖金额为3万英镑的奖项的第12位获奖者。该奖项奖励的是年度“最令人瞩目和愉悦的”图书。
6. 一定要展现自己过人的智慧,努力地表现出心神不定的样子。把那些社交技巧抛到脑后吧!


1. Epic Games游戏工作室对包括迦勒·罗杰斯在内的两个人进行了法律诉讼,因为他们使用作弊App来玩《堡垒之夜》这个游戏。
2. Whatever happened to ‘Never complain; never explain – the unofficial motto of the House of Windsor?
3. 你的老板有望学会使用Twitter
4. Although she has already reached astonishing levels of success for her age, Maddie only gives herself a nine out of ten in terms of her career achievements.
5. Asli Erdogan, a novelist of the “dark, pessimistic,” is struggling to process her own grim experience: months in prison.
6. Agents and investment institutions are now flooding the sector, causing additional changes to the platforms in the worlds second-largest economy, the report said.


1. 4=true
2. 鹈鹕一直在费力的吸引并留下自由球员,他们必须在这个夏天留下朱-霍勒迪,考辛斯的家乡在附近的阿拉巴马,而且他和安东尼-戴维斯是密友,同时,多个令人沮丧和伤病困扰的赛季让鹈鹕一直在失败的循环中摇摆。
3. Technology
4. 美国总统奥巴马以每年40万美金的收入高居榜首,同时还拥有5万美金的免税账目。国会最近一次给美国总统加薪是在2001年。
5. 8. Flats are allowed on the red carpet – or are they?
6. 支撑:影片可能会凭借出色的票房表现从缓慢变革的奥斯卡投票人群上获益。


1. Hannah Kuchler is San Francisco correspondent
2. Gitanjali won a $25,000 prize for scooping the top award.
3. n. 监牢,监狱,拘留所



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