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1. Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the beloved talking bear. And to mark the occasion, Paul King, who directed 2014’s critical and commercial smash, simply titled Paddington, is back for this sequel. In a time where even children’s entertainments are suffused with darkness and violence, this quiet celebration of the everyday English is needed more than ever. The plot of this film? Well, not much really: following the events of the last film, Paddington is quite comfortably installed with the Brown family of Windsor Gardens. He wants to buy a pop-up book for his aunt from a local bookseller, but finding himself a few quid short he puts on his wellies and duffel coat and finds employment in various odd jobs – only to have the book stolen from the shop! A (not so serious) mystery begins. Expect many more jokes about Paddington’s love of marmalade. Released in the UK November 10, November 23 in Germany and November 30 in Cambodia and Malaysia. (Credit: StudioCanal)
2. 动物会根据美感做出选择。
3. “One guy hired a marching band to accompany his announcement.”
4. 巴黎是前十名中唯一的欧元区国家,而且下降了3个名次,报告指出这可能是由于对欧元的信心下降。
5. 斯卡曼德是个魔法生物研究学家。
6. n. 硅


1. n. 火
2. 8. 随着养老金抽干州市财政,就业前景疲弱
3. ‘The Mindy Project’ It doesn’t matter that Mindy Kaling’s comedy on Fox is in its third season and still not a hit, because it keeps improving with age. It has grown from a one-comedian showcase into a very funny ensemble effort, thanks in part to the addition of Adam Pally in Season 2 and jokes about Ms. Kaling’s alma mater, Dartmouth.
4. 舞厅上面有一个可以旋转,发出五颜六色的光的球-ballroom
5. The auction house says seven records in all were set at the Geneva auction including the highest amount ever paid for a yellow diamond - $16.3 million for the 100.09-carat Graff Vivid Yellow diamond ring.
6. Norway, which has twice rejected European Union membership, ranks No. 10 overall. The country takes the No. 1 spot in Citizenship and the No. 2 spot in Most Transparent.


1. 提供就业引导工作的北京新锦程研究院的实行院长张景岫表示,他并没看到高校学生的创业意向有降低的趋势,但是他承认学生的自主创业意向很低。
2. The unemployment rate probably wont fall quite as rapidly in 2015, according to economists, especially if more people enter the labor force because jobs are easier to find. Yet another large spate of hiring similar to the gain in 2014 would make the low unemployment rate more believable.
3. 网队我认为倒是可以轻松舒适地摆着烂,除非是想给那些没有融入球队学问,并且明年不会在队中地球员增加身价。对,我说的就是布鲁克-洛佩兹。他存在的交易价值很诡异,但是大家假设它存在的话,大家就该充分利用他身上的价值。
4. 上周,卢彦被任命为北京市推进京津冀协同发展领导小组办公室主任,该举措是为了加速京津冀一体化的协调工作。
5. 估计当高盛公布自己2009年的奖金规模时,美国国会和媒体又会气得抓狂。但这些怨气终将只是过眼云烟,改变不了什么。所谓“高盛招人恨”的故事实在是拖得太长了。
6. "My hair has turned white, half because of housing prices and half because of you reporters." JIANG WEIXIN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and minister of housing and urban-rural development, responding to media questions about government measures to curb housing prices


1. 舒尔茨在星巴克网站上发表了一封信,信中写道:“据我所知,一些企业领导人也对大家保持相对沉默以及大家代表民众要求政府首脑采取行动所产生的影响感到担心。”
2. 1999年中国航空工业第一、第二集团企业(之后两者合并为中国航空工业集团企业)的成立标志着中国开始进军商业航天领域,显示了中国迈向这一行业的绝心与意志。但实现这一雄心的脚步并不那么平坦。20年之后毫无疑问中国已经成为了大型商用航天领域的成熟玩家,将其他几国远远甩在身后,并有望打破空客和波音的长期垄断。
3. Mr Lam predicts that any recovery in the market will rely on appetite from cash-rich companies from mainland China, with foreign investors restricting their investments to real estate investment trusts or stocks exposed to developers, rather than actual property.
4. "Investing in improving innovation quality is essential for closing the innovation divide," said Soumitra Dutta, dean of Cornell College of Business and co-editor of the report.
5. 这家总部位于亚特兰大的集团预测,经并购、资产剥离和汇率波动调整,今年销售额将增长3%,而之前的预期为4%至5%。
6. Two arrests have been made in connection to the shooting death of 14-year-old Lecent Ross, police said Thursday.


1. Adriana Lima, 35, slipped into a figure-hugging white strapless number. The Brazilian model went for a simple and chic look, tying her locks up and wearing a statement necklace, which was dripping with diamonds.
2. 4. 学业没有学好
3. 如果你觉得现在的阿杜骨瘦如柴,那你得瞧瞧他在蒙特罗斯基督教会学校时的瘦弱身板。



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    22批次抽查结果不达标 卫浴等家居建材质量问题“伤痕累累”
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