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1. In the tweet, Obama quoted Nelson Mandela, "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..."
2. 3The United Kingdom
3. Pink, LeBron James, Selena Gomez, Ian Somerhalder, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ben Affleckalso made the list.
4. "The rate of college students who have had sexual experiences using condoms is less than 40 percent," said Han Mengjie, director of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
5. Dershowitz said this guidance was too vague to provide students with any real understanding of the schools expectations. "When you punish a student seriously without articulating standards, I think it raises questions," he said.
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1. As for bitcoin in the mainstream banking system? “We are still a good year away, in our estimation, from where you can imagine a known financial services company using this,” Ludwin says. “But it’s not 10 years. And when it happens, people will be surprised by how quickly it spreads.”
2. The three-day China Development Forum 2016 kicked off in Beijing.
3. 获奖者:哈里王子殿下
4. 在开放课程排行榜顶端,赛德商学院(Sa?d Business School)排名上升幅度最大,跃升5位至第4名。这是这所位于牛津大学(University of Oxford)的商学院首次进入前五。赛德商学院在所有10项受学员评分影响的指标上的排名都有所提升。
5. Despite it being not that different from the typical bottle opener, the BOx does have a nice design made with stainless steel and solid wood.
6. 比蒂在后台说:“这真是我遇到的最离奇的一糟事。感谢上帝!幸好是大家两个人在那里!”


1. So what forces will shape the questions asked next year? It depends on who (and where) you are. While buyers should brace for another year of high-stakes bidding wars, residents of the city’s far-flung neighborhoods (I’m talking about you, Grand Concourse) should be ready for an onslaught of prospective residents seeking bargains — bargains, that is, relative to the gilded ZIP codes that are out of the reach of most mortals.
2. 你的消费者信任你吗?他们知道你都拿他们的个人信息干嘛去了吗?你这么做他们高兴吗?这不仅仅是美国国家安全局、MicroSoft和GOOGLE的问题。GOOGLE眼镜也不会是唯一一个引发争论的产品。如果你和你的顾客之间有足够的信任,这会降低你做生意的成本;反之,那些不重视与合伙人、供应商和消费者建立信任关系的企业则会为之所累。
3. 我是否徘徊过去?回顾过去,沉迷于大家遗憾或者错过的事情是非常诱人和几乎令人不由自主的。学会放手,只专注于当前发生的事和你今日将要面临的选择吧。
4. 6.杰克·谢帕德差点在第一集中死去
5. 苹果推出一款更大屏幕苹果手机的迫切性部分来自于亚洲市场——SAMSUNG平板手机声势浩大地占领了这个市场。假设苹果和中国移动签订的协议包括上述即将推出的新品,那么新款苹果推出时通常会出现的价格调整将使苹果 5C对中国市场而言更为便宜且更具吸引力。而这对5C来说也是正确的方向——目前为止,苹果企业对该款产品的销售额颇为失望。或许关于5C重要的一点是,它不是5S,所以将来它可以在不对苹果旗舰产品价格造成压力的情况下进行打折。
6. 新年已至,让大家在此总结一下石油市场形势。实际情况表明,2014年对石油市场来说非常重要——油价在短短六个月内下降了一半。


1. 7.Do not ask a policeman the best way to get to the West End or how to use an Oyster card. He wants to help, but hes from the West Midlands.
2. 北京一家旅行社向英国《金融时报》展示了一份疑似由中国国家旅游局发出的书面指示。该文件要求旅行社取消预订在3月15日之后成行的组团游,并表示不遵守该指示的企业会被罚款或吊销执照。中国国家旅游局未能马上置评此事。
3. 《中国日报》(China Daily)援引中国旅游研究院(China Tourism Academy)和北京市旅游发展委员会(Beijing Commission of Tourism Development)的一篇报告称,污染状况加剧以及人民币升值,使得北京去年1月至11月间的外国游客数量从2012年同期的501万人下降至420万人。此前一份基于对国内旅行社的调查的报告显示,去年前三个季度赴北京旅游的游客数量较上年同期下降约50%。
4. 据防止虐待动物协会录制的视频显示,那间房间里满是垃圾杂物胡乱不堪,还有动物粪便。
5. circulation
6. 不要在月薪上撒谎。即使你的上任老板没告诉大家(大多数情况都是这样),大家还是会弄清楚的。我还因此解雇掉两名员工。


1. The block chain has such rich potential that there is an initiative underway to create additional “side chains,” though there is controversy around that idea. “We don’t really want to mess with the main block chain right now,” says Adam Ludwin, CEO of Chain, a block chain API that makes it easier to create bitcoin applications. “It works, we don’t want to break it.”
2. Unlicensed drivers who engage in the services will face a fine ranging from 10 thousand yuan ($1,500) to 30 thousand yuan ($4,500).
3. chann管道+el表名词,“人或物”→航道



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