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1. Goldie Blox is a toy company on a mission to redefine the “pink aisle” in toy stores. Men dramatically outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and careers, with girls largely losing interest in these topics by age 8. Goldie Blox toys are designed to inspire future engineers by engaging girls in a way that draws on their strong verbal and storytelling skills — while still offering opportunities to build the skills that can later translate into an interest in engineering. And speaking of opportunity, how does a start-up toy company stand out against the big names that have been dominating the toy space since the beginning of time? In a savvy move, Goldie Blox recently released a video that went viral with their take on the Beastie Boys song “Girls.” Though the video was ultimately taken down, Goldie Blox did an excellent job raising awareness of the need to get more women and girls interested in STEM … and of the Goldie Blox toys.
2. Did I mention that LeBron James is a free agent this summer?
3. Manohla Dargis
4. So far this year, companies have announced 376 share-repurchase initiatives for a total of $261 billion, according to data from Birinyi Associates. Thats nearly 72% higher than 2012, though slightly lower when compared to the same period in 2013, which was a record year for buybacks.
5. The expansion would be considered impressive in most markets, but it represents an ongoing slowdown for China, the worlds second-largest film territory and a continual source of growth for Hollywood for the better part of a decade.
6. The tension between Paramores high-intensity hooks and withering lyrics explodes into fluorescent colors on After Laughter.


1. 在主张对华强硬的史蒂夫?班农(Steve Bannon)出局之后,人们就忍不住想要宣布川普政府的经济民族主义已死。但这忽视了唐纳德?川普(Donald Trump)是怎样一个人——他是一个本能的保护主义者。正如大家近来所了解到的,对于中国,他更想要的是“关税”而不是交易。他还认为打击中国是向其基础选民履行他的“美国优先”承诺的关键。
2. 8.表达感激之情
3. 该学校校友的总体满意度为95%,比伦敦商学院(London Business School)和德国WHU奥拓贝森管理研究院(WHU Beisheim)高出两个百分点。
4. 诺贝尔化学奖颁给了一位尝试制作世界上最小的分子机器的科学家。
5. Another slowdown in food prices pulled Chinese inflation lower in October, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
6. “If lenders are too optimistic during market booms and too pessimistic in downturns, that could be a good reason for authorities to set conservative capital requirements,” he suggests. “Higher haircuts might dampen the initial run-ups, but they could also dampen the subsequent fallouts when tides turn.”


1. 74个重点城市细颗粒物(PM2.5)年均浓度下降9.1%;
2. 鉴于这些企业都从未有过女性掌门人,整个咨询行业的领导层变动将尤其引起女性咨询专业人员的兴趣。咨询企业在口头上支撑大企业改善领导层性别多元化的商业理由。让大家拭目以待,看看这些企业会不会践行自己推崇的观念。
3. This elegant, informative and borderline beautiful sentence is a reminder that despite the horrific nature of the entries below, clarity remains attainable.
4. 根据弗雷斯特研究企业(Forrester Research)的预测,今年美国网络商店的销售额将达到2,940亿美金,约为全国零售总额的9%。据弗雷斯特预计,到2018年,电子商务将占到全美零售总额的11%,约4,140亿美金,其中通过平板电脑和智能手机进行的交易约占线上销售额的20%。
5. 7、Bad body language habits
6. 人类活动造成的这些气体及其他气体的增加,导致地球温度与前工业化时代相比,上升了大约1.5华氏度(约合0.8摄氏度),造成全球陆冰融化。海平面上升的速度似乎正在加快,热浪和暴雨天气越来越多。


1. While many young children try and avoid school work at all costs, the star professes to be a keen student because she wants to avoid the trap of becoming a stupid dancer.
2. One of the challenges of writing the book was that attitude that a heterosexual man can change a womans life and make her go weak at the knees.
3. 近年来,大多数发达国家的排放量一直在逐步下降,这部分是因为不景气的经济形势,同时也是因为日益加强的气候政策。2013年,由28个国家组成的欧洲联盟(European Union)的排放量下降了1.8%,虽然德国和波兰等几个国家的耗煤量出现增加。英国、意大利和西班牙的排放量显著下降。
4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
5. 据一家行业报道,中国的网红预计能在2016年创造出高达580亿元(87亿美金)的市场,远超去年的440亿元的票房。
6. The "Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology" published a study in early 2016 entitled, "The drawing effect: Evidence for reliable and robust memory benefits in free recall." While the title seems a bit long and complex, the study actually demonstrated a very simple idea. Drawing words in picture form helps people make better and stronger memories. The authors of the study created simple tasks where a participant would first draw a simple word, like a common piece of fruit. Later, the authors of the study would ask the participants to recall the words they drew. Other participants in the study were given different tasks like repeating the given word aloud a certain number of times or actually writing the word down. The researchers found that participants who drew doodles of the words they needed to recall fared much better than other participants.


1. 最佳电视影片:《神探夏洛克:可恶的新娘》(Sherlock: The Abominable Bride [Masterpiece], PBS)
2. Besides, Japan and the United States are still innovation hot spots and chemical, semiconductor and electronic components and autos are the top innovative industries, according to the report.
3. 科派斯塔克说,人们对经济紧缩和欧元稳定的忧虑使得过去一年欧元区城市的生活成本指数降低了,而加拉加斯能跻身前20则是由于人为的高汇率管制。



  • 楼市调整牵动下游 专家:四季度经济冲击或更强
    2021-01-02 16:08:28
  • 7月59城新房成交面积下滑 三四线城市跌幅最大
    行业集中度持续提升 龙头地产股有望强者恒强
    2021-01-02 16:08:28
  • LED推广压力大 东莞一季度室内改造仅完成4%
    业内看好国内家居产业 精装修提供市场空间
    2021-01-10 16:08:28
  • 北京市规土委回应“欧尚欧花园”违建
    2021-01-19 16:08:28
  • 广东省住建厅:各地市至少建成 1家国有住房租赁企业
    2021-01-18 16:08:28
  • 房地产规划变更监管将加强
    2021-01-12 16:08:28
  • 金砖会晤将给石材行业带来什么?
    2021-01-17 16:08:28
  • 北京今年43个预售商品房住宅项目供应16544套 网签成交量占10.7%
    2021-01-01 16:08:28
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