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1. 奥巴马赢得了第二场辩论挽回颓势。虽然他也赢得了第三场,外交政策并不是选民关注的主要问题,这不大可能导致较大的选票波动。
2. Thor: Ragnarok
3. People were busy launching businesses or making innovations.
4. That comes in spite of official figures released on Tuesday showing China’s exports had contracted for a second straight month in October, suggesting domestic demand is the main driver of price gains for producers.
5. It was billed as the year in which female film-makers and womens issues would be in the spotlight. The festival opened with a film by a female director for the first time in 28 years, Isabella Rossellini chaired the Un Certain Regard jury and Salma Hayek convened a high-profile panel to discuss the role of women in cinema. There was plenty to talk about – but had anything really changed? The numbers seemed to speak for themselves: of the 19 films in competition, only two were directed by women. And then came Heelgate – of which, more later… Faced with suggestions that the festival is sexist, artistic director Thierry Frémaux was having none of it. Cannes was being held to an unfairly high standard, he claimed, one not applied to other festivals like Venice or Berlin. His suggestion? Instead, people should “attack the Oscars”.
6. element


1. 事实上,你要毅然坚决地将工作和找工作划清界限。也就是说,你不能偷偷溜出去接听电话面试。不要浏览找工作的平台。不要用你的工作邮件地址申请和联络。“你不要在工作时看色情照片,同样不要在工作的时候看你的简历,”凯说:“你千万不要。”
2. 没有什么比老板所说和所做不一样更糟糕了,也没有什么比守信用更重要了。就像经理们一定要相信他们的团队,员工一定要相信他们的老板心中会为他们带来最佳利益。
3. Do you tend to hide your feelings from others?
4. "Its not sustainable growth because theyre not being rented out and theyre pricing people in the local market out of buying."
5. Since 1983 the annual Spring Festival Gala hosted by China Central Television has always been an important part of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration - no wonder every move organizers make becomes the center of attention.
6. 分析师和评论员们对石油市场的解读着重于供应端,以及沙特或其他地方的产量和出口量。供给很重要,但成本更重要。


1. The Chinese comedy Never Say Die has brought in an impressive $326 million worldwide to date.
2. 随着发展中国家消费者继续转向以肉为主的饮食,预计用作牲畜饲料的粮食和油籽将找到支撑。
3. Company: Everyone Counts
4. 4.Candice Swanepoel
5. 201107/145539.shtml
6. Still relevant


1. The worlds first flying bicycle flew on November 9, 1961, when Derek Pigott of the University of Southampton flew in a bicycle with an airplane-like body. It was called the Southampton University Man Powered Aircraft (sumpac). Derek furiously pedaled the air-bike to get it off the ground. It then flew 1.8 meters (about 6 ft) above the ground over a distance of 64 meters (210 ft). While the flight was short and slow, it still does not change the fact that it was the first bicycle to fly and at the same time, the first human-powered flight.
2. 网友“Xuelili”说:“作为一个土生土长的陕西人,我认为孙俪演得很好。她上蹿下跳的感觉,和典型的陕西妹子一模一样。”
3. Haruhiko Kuroday, the Japanese central bank governor said: “I think we can be cautiously optimistic about the global outlook.
4. 赢家:猛龙
5. 你觉得《乐高蝙蝠侠大影片》是一部儿童片吗?那你就大错特错了。这部影片充满了冷幽默和好笑的段子,欢乐中带着机智。总的来说,如果你喜欢《发展受阻》里的威尔?阿奈特,那你也会喜欢这部影片。
6. Baby Driver


1. 该数据显示10月份下半月北京、天津、上海、深圳、厦门和郑州新建住宅价格出现了环比下滑。
2. Besides Edhec and HEC, Essec Business School, ESCP Europe and Skema Business School are in third, fourth and sixth places respectively.
3. a不+dama征服+ant→不可征服的→坚定的,坚固的



  • 中山市家居市场持续低迷 部分建材商家被迫退出
    工作居住分离推高生活成本 多地出台产城融合方案
    2021-01-20 15:29:15
  • 经济工作会议前瞻:高质量发展或将成大会主题词
    热点城市楼市面临量价回调 两类城市最具潜力
    2021-01-10 15:29:15
  • 阿里飞利浦联手抢占智能家居市场 未来可用语音操控空调?
    2021-01-05 15:29:15
  • 贝壳研究院评中介20年:从野蛮生长到合作共生
    二线城市房企“抢地战” 苏州南京现天量成交
    2021-01-13 15:29:15
  • 2019年全球LED工商业照明市场预计达860亿美金
    LED荧光粉重要专利将到期 引发激烈价格战
    2021-01-16 15:29:15
  • 燕郊二手房单价普降万元
    宁夏鼓励本土企业挂牌上市 最高奖励1000万元
    2021-01-05 15:29:15
  • 杭州房租同比去年上涨13% 散租仍是市场主流
    LED照明高增长模式启动 政府扶持政策与订单频出
    2021-01-02 15:29:15
  • 楼市打响去库存歼灭战 区域差异需定向发力
    2021-01-10 15:29:15
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