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1. Though the 60-year-old 微软 head is 4.2 billion dollars poorer than 2015, his net worth of 75 billion dollars has put him in the top spot of the spot on Forbes World Billionaires list for the third year in a row, after overcoming Mexicos Carlos Slim Helu in 2014.
2. “候选人的能力并不能用他们的年龄来衡量”,桑尼伯恩告诉《人物》(美国杂志)说,”尽管唐纳德·川普是当选美国总统的人中最年长的,但是“他的推文就像幼儿园小朋友一样”。“
3. 然而一般情况下,你只需注意洗衣机是否停止发出噪声就能来判断洗衣服是否结束。另外你也只要抬头一看外面的天气或者看一下天气预报app,就能知道是否会下雨了。因此,这个产品基本上只是一种黑客进入你家的方式。
4. 1. Apple. Brand love: 57% / Rank: 32
5. n. 权力,权威,职权,官方,当局
6. The film critics of The New York Times — Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott — share their picks for the best movies of the year.


1. Red ones mean passion and romance, yellow ones speak of friendship, and pink can express your thanks.红玫瑰代表热情和浪漫,黄玫瑰象征友谊,粉玫瑰则表达谢意。If
2. 单词check 联想记忆:
3. 9.The Bling Ring
4. 单词circulation 联想记忆:
5. 就业增长超出预期;
6. [inspekn]


1. 香港科技大学(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)和凯洛格管理学院(Kellogg School of Management)合办的中美EMBA项目重新夺回英国《金融时报》100个最佳EMBA项目排行榜的冠军宝座。
2. Strong in many categories, but without quite managing to be a front runner in any. Perhaps Timothee Chalamets performance is its best chance of awards success.
3. plane
4. 在考辛斯被交易后,接近一半国王队名单上的球员都应被清洗,然而并没有。很好。带上Buddy Mania,球馆里还有很多空座位可以挑选。
5. 达奇斯说:三菱每况愈下。低销售量使得企业作出决定,退出欧洲市场。如果负面的讨论可以看成是失败的迹象,那么企业在2013年看上去也不会有多好。
6. “Selling out!” “Pandering to the Americans!” The cries went up immediately when the official selection was announced. The list of directors crossing over to make films in English was a long one including the Italians Matteo Garrone and Paolo Sorrentino, Yorgos Lanthimos of Greece, Norways Joachim Trier and even Guillaume Nicloux of France, a country whose cultural establishment is highly sensitive to the creeping Anglophone menace. The argument goes that Cannes is supposed to be a haven for world cinema; for English, there is Hollywood. But does it really matter? Films at Cannes in languages other than French or English play with subtitles in both languages – and thats a lot of text to deal with.


1. Its a tall order, but if you want to go after one of the thousands of supply-chain jobs that are going begging, a solid start would be logistics training, available at many colleges and universities. Some programs, like Penn States graduate certificate in supply chain management, are offered online.
2. 新年已至,让大家在此总结一下石油市场形势。实际情况表明,2014年对石油市场来说非常重要——油价在短短六个月内下降了一半。
3. 5. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之化学奖
4. 自该学校的国际管理学硕士(International Master in Management)项目首次被纳入榜单以来,该学校的排名在过去两年上升31个位置。
5. 英国《金融时报》EMBA项目排行榜在对商学院和2011年毕业生进行调查的基础上编制,可以让人们大致了解学员在读EMBA前后的变化。
6. 但是Gitanjali的便携发明,可以通过一个与手机app连接的传感器,就得出一个确切、及时的分析。


1. Six regions recorded GDP growth less than 7 percent, with Chinas north-eastern rust belt Liaoning province at the bottom with negative growth.
2. 克雷·汤普森贡献19分,博古特也贡献了13分。勇士队也创下了自2002-03赛季小牛队14连胜之后的最佳开局。只需再有三场比赛的胜利,金州勇士就会追平1948-1949赛季华盛顿子弹和1993-94赛季休斯敦火箭共同创下的开局15连胜的记录。
3. 杜阿·里帕《杜阿·里帕》



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