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1. 2013年排名:2
2. 国家卫生健康委员会在上周五的一场资讯发布会上表示,2017年中国各高校共出现3077例新增艾滋病毒感染病例。
3. 日本
4. Native social media ads -- the ones that appear right in your Twitter and 脸书 streams -- exploded in 2013. Love em or hate em, theyre only getting bigger in 2014. This year, expect some significant, if slightly creepy, advances in location-specific targeting. Twitter, for instance, just unveiled a feature enabling paid Tweets to be targeted by zip code. You walk into a neighborhood, for instance, and suddenly Promoted Tweets for the local watering hole, dry cleaner, and McDonalds (MCD) pop up in your Twitter stream. This kind of "geo-fencing," which 脸书 has had since 2011, enables businesses to court nearby customers who might actually want to get ads offering special deals, in-store specials, etc. The upside: more relevant ads and promos you can actually use. The downside: more ads.
5. 林怡仲预测道,下半年A股IPO的数量或将维持与上半年相当,预计2016年全年A股IPO为120宗左右,融资规模在600-800亿元人民币左右。
6. She’s No. 1: Chancellor Merkel has made the list eight times out of the past ten years — seven times as No. 1.


1. 马丁沃尔夫(Martin Wolf)
2. ex出,tend伸-伸出-延长;扩大
3. The Bulls get the Kings pick if it falls outside the top 10, so its better for the Kings to be a bottom-10 team than to just miss the playoffs in terms of team-building.
4. Gross National Happiness
5. 节目15 歌曲《甲板上的马头琴》,王宏伟
6. 3. Will Guo Jingjing, Chinas diving queen, get married in 2010?


1. 根据WTO的数据撰写该报告的反倾销专家克利夫?斯蒂文森(Cliff Stevenson)称,美国反倾销案件激增主要是因为钢铁行业。这一增长也表明,美国企业热衷提起反倾销诉讼的对象从中国一直延伸到澳大利亚、英国和荷兰等国。
2. 奥巴马赢得了第二场辩论挽回颓势。虽然他也赢得了第三场,外交政策并不是选民关注的主要问题,这不大可能导致较大的选票波动。
3. The magazine also notes that he gave $66 million to his presidential campaign and paid $25 million to settle a lawsuit related to Trump University.
4. The annual national civil service exam kicked off last Sunday, and some recent hot topics - such as college graduates starting their own businesses and the Yutu (Jade Rabbit) lunar rover - appeared in the exam questions.
5. 根据FlightAware网站为福布斯编制的数据显示,总部位于落基山脉以西的航空企业在节假日期间的航班晚点率最低。
6. 8. The 2012 Ig Nobel Fluid Dynamics Prize


1. Interestingly, BRICS bloc has reduced their exposure to these securities at a time when Americas economic activity is expanding at a moderate rate.
2. 高盛将大派红包,饱受各方抨击一个月,然后静悄悄地干回自己的老本行--挣钱。
3. 英国气象办公室哈德莱中心(UK Met Offices Hadley Centre)气候监测与分析的负责人彼得斯托特(Peter Stott)表示,人为造成的气候变化是升温的罪魁祸首,导致世界进入“未知领域”。哈德莱中心发布的研究报告也印证了美国研究人员的分析结果。
4. Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, a proponent of a “feminist foreign policy,” opened up to Ellen Barry about her abuse at the hands of an old boyfriend when she was a young woman, something she had never said publicly before.
5. TAXES: Approximately $16,866 in 2014
6. Morgan Stanley’s Jonas believes the Model X will sell more based on features like its upgraded infotainment system unique “falcon-wing” back-seat doors than fuel economy and he will be disappointed if the Model X doesn’t win every major car of the year award. He isn’t alone. So will Elon Musk and a whole lot of Tesla investors who pray that the momentum behind this amazing stock keeps building.


1. 与此同时,国内互联网用户已经养成了手机支付的习惯,去年用手机支付的用户数量飙升到了4.69亿,同比前一年增长了31.2%。
2. Song of the year: "Over you," Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
3. 6. 减少饱和脂肪摄入可以帮助保持记忆力



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    广东四地楼市调控新政满月 楼市“烧”退了吗?
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  • 2020年后湖北建材市场销售涂料等100%明码标价
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  • 智能家居市场鱼龙混杂 缺乏统一标准致山寨频发
    百安居深陷“奖金门” 或将关停装潢业务
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  • 2月70城房价66城环比下降 北京房价连跌8个月
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  • 建材B2B行业向2.0转变 多采多宜的差异化破局
    合肥澄清衡阳撤文 地方楼市政策延续“房住不炒”
    2021-01-13 18:10:41
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