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1. May the bright and festive glow of New Year candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying New Year that is happy in every way.愿明亮喜庆的新年烛光温暖一年中的每个日日夜夜,祝你欢欢喜喜度新年!
2. con全部,tain拿-全部拿住-包含
3. Few years in recent decades dawned with as much of a sense of pessimism as 2014. One consistent theme in the predictions for the year was that 2014 looked eerily similar to 1914. Most pundits predicted doom and gloom, especially in east Asia. Yet, while there were many horrific events — from thedowning of flight MH17 over Ukraine, to the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria and the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — we have avoided outright world war. Now that the year is closed, with no repetition of 1914, it may be wise to investigate why the pundits were wrong, particularly on their ideas around the potential for conflict in Asia.
4. Meanwhile, exports are expected to continue falling due to the combination of weak global demand and higher prices, as well as China’s decision to effectively re-peg the renminbi to the strengthening dollar.
5. 7. Political wars guarantee intense volatility through 2014-2016 elections
6. Comparing regions within specific categories of costs, the EIU notes that Asian cities are the most expensive for grocery shopping, with Seoul in South Korea the priciest for food. European cities are the most expensive in terms of recreation and entertainment.


1. More than an hour into Apple’s annual shareholder meeting in February, Tim Cook had patiently fielded questions ranging from its plans for the television market to what he thought of 谷歌 Glass. But when one audience member tried to push Apple’s chief executive on the profitability of Apple’s various environmental initiatives, such as its solar-powered data centre, Mr Cook snapped.
2. 7.摩洛哥
3. 尽管金融行业整体趋势向上,但相较于男性,女老板执掌的企业筹得的资金历来处于落后状态。例如,2013年上半年,寻求融资的企业中,老板是女性的企业仅占16%,而其中又仅有24%的女性接受了天使资金。Plum Alley是一家为女性创业者提供在线商务服务的平台,最近该企业推出了一个专注于帮助女性创新者推进到下一个事业阶段的众筹平台。作为呈现爆炸式增长趋势的众筹领域(预计明年规模将达到39.8亿美金)中的首个此类平台,大家应该能看到Plum Alley在未来一年中在女性创业领域扮演重要角色。
4. 5. 生活就像一个茶几,上面摆满了杯具和餐具。(杯具是“悲剧”的同音词,餐具是“惨剧”的同音词。)
5. But some people might just remember the mustaches.
6. 我认为这篇文章是上篇文章“成为一个足球寡妇”的完美续篇,在这篇文章里面我分享了八大规则,其中我觉得第六条最重要。


1. Most Catholics (60 percent) and white non-evangelical Protestants (65 percent) say they believe disasters like hurricanes and floods are the result of climate change.
2. Summly和雅虎拒绝对交易的条款置评。
3. n. 非法移民
4. 差不多人人都知道GOOGLE的分析工具谷歌 Analytics,但是你是否用过GOOGLE的网站管理员工具(谷歌 Webmaster Tools)?作为一名营销人员,我认为GOOGLE的网站管理工具是我用过的最重要的免费工具之一。你肯定想让自己企业的名字出现在GOOGLE搜索结果之中,对吧?那么为什么不听听GOOGLE网站管理员工具教给你的诀窍呢?
5. “An employee bragged to all his colleagues that it was his last day, but failed to let his boss or the HR manager know.”
6. Despite the reported success of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges official visit to Canada back in September, timekeeping needs to be looked at for future trips.


1. “大家正努力留住并吸引更多的年轻专业人士和创业者,大家感谢每一个在大家国家工作和投资的年轻人。”
2. “大家为最佳影片奖颁奖通告期间出现的失误,向《月光男孩》、《爱乐之城》、沃伦?比蒂、费?唐纳薇、以及奥斯卡奖观众表示诚挚地道歉。颁奖嘉宾收到的是错误奖项的信封,这个失误一经发现立即得到了纠正。”
3. 乌拉圭之所以取得成功,不仅仅是因为它对足球的激情,还因为其早期学问的包容性。在1950年国际足联世界杯上,当时其邻国巴西仍然对黑人球员心存怀疑,乌拉圭队却以拥有一位黑人队长、杰出的巴雷拉而感到自豪。此外,乌拉圭在国际足联世界杯成型期的胜利造就了延续至今的血统,它的很多球员如今都在海外的一些世界豪门俱乐部踢球,如利物浦的苏亚雷斯和巴黎圣日耳曼的卡瓦尼。
4. 反对:《请以你的名字呼唤我》在很多方面的表现都很不错,但却没有哪一方面是最突出的。也许“甜茶”蒂莫西克莱门特的表演是该片冲奥的最大可能。
5. The various mustaches were conceived by the designer Frances Hannon, who has built a number of facial hair styles for Bill Murray in Anderson films (“Rushmore,” “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”). Here, she asked many of the actors to grow out their facial hair so she would have the option to cut it in any shape she wanted.
6. [?uv?r?:l]


1. Swipe them free and theyll soar into the sky.
2. 菲律宾警察总长表示,新总统罗德里戈?杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)上台后,不断升级的禁毒战争已造成近1800人死亡。
3. Trium’s alumni value studying alongside senior and international classmates. “It allowed us to exchange [ideas] among ourselves and derive as much additional knowledge as [we gained] from the course itself,” says one.



  • 5月份北京二手房成交量14个月最高 未来新房房源将大增
    2021-01-11 15:47:37
  • 未来楼市政策料重在刺激需求 调控将走向市场化
    国家统计局:8月CPI同比上涨2.3% 居住价格同比上涨2.5%
    2021-01-10 15:47:37
  • “棚改”之后 用“新区”来讲三四线城市的房价故事
    2021-01-03 15:47:37
  • 进口家具高仿假货 原设计师也难辨真假
    国常会:抓紧研究适当降低社保费率 科技企业孵化器免征房产税
    2021-01-16 15:47:37
  • 大型购物中心年底集中入市 “场景革命”推动实体零售复苏
    统计局:房地产开发已投资8.7万亿 同比增1.3%
    2021-01-05 15:47:37
  • 11月份京沪深房价止涨 三线城市楼市开始转暖
    2021-01-16 15:47:37
  • 刚刚,李总理总理重磅发声!4月减增值税,5月降社保费,还派发了这些“红包”→
    东丽湖加大生态环境建设 将吸引更多京企落户
    2021-01-03 15:47:37
  • 长沙违法建筑才起过火 小区又冒出新违建
    房企扎堆一线城市抢地 去库存仍是今年大势
    2021-01-03 15:47:37
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    Payouts also varied substantially between industries and cities. The average bonus at financial institutions was over Rmb17,200, while those in the education sector got less than half of that on average at less than Rmb7,500.

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