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1. The very best bosses I’ve seen are passionate about their work; they live and breathe their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. Yet at the same time, they have lives outside of work. They understand the need to balance family and work or play and work. And they set a good example of how to do that for their employees。
2. 岁数最小的富豪是来自挪威的企业继承人亚历山大·安德森,她今年只有19岁。亚历山大20岁的姐姐是岁数第二小的上榜富豪。
3. 5. Sunset
4. 根据研究机构Millward Brown编制的BrandZ最新排行榜,全球100个最具价值品牌的品牌价值仍远远领先于其他品牌,今年它们的总价值上升3%,至3.4万亿美金。
5. (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)以及两部小规模影片,加起来在全球的票房收入总计13亿美金。
6. Of the 6,527 new rentals scheduled to hit the market in Brooklyn next year, 1,442 are in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick and Clinton Hill, all considered off the beaten path not that long ago, according to data provided by Citi Habitats.


1. The cemetery was found in the city of Kucha, which is located in present-day northwest China. Ten tombs were excavated, seven of which turned out to be large brick structures.
2. On Turkey, which recently shot down a Russian warplane, Putin said he sees no possibility of overcoming the strained ties with the current Turkish leadership. He said he was shocked to see that Turkey hadnt tried to explain its action but turned to help from NATO instead.
3. 2. Mila Kunis
4. Most observers would think the single-aisle Comac C919’s first flight last May (pictured) is illustrative of this, but while it is a key milestone, it does not represent the whole story about what is happening in the industry. Two other events are much more telling.
5. Gross shifts, makes no sense: Just four months ago he warned the Fed is blowing a Credit Supernova, a new monetary bubble that would implode Bernankes arrogant risky experiment putting Americas future at great risk by bankrolling a Wall Street Ponzi Scheme and blowing a huge financial bubble.
6. Scott Brooks gets leeway as he learns his roster, and injuries continue to play too big a role. But I just cant fathom why this team is so much worse than the playoff team from a couple years back. The other piece is that its unlikely the Wizards can conceivably be bad enough to get a top-five pick.


1. 7、Bad body language habits
2. China does not want to see a trade war between the US and China. That would not make our trade fairer and cause loss for the both sides.
3. 艾瑞咨询集团和中国最火的微博平台——新浪微博在上海的一个论坛上发布了该报道。该论坛由微博和通信巨头HUAWEI联合举办。
4. Chinese imports fell 18.8 per cent in October from the same month a year earlier, a slight improvement from the 20.4 per cent year-on-year fall in September. Sharply lower prices of oil and other commodities also helped scythe the bill.
5. n. 码,密码,法规,准则
6. congratulate


1. 随着新款苹果不断刷新自己的发售纪录,库克推出了Apple Watch和Apple Pay等产品,引领苹果进入时尚界和金融界,让这家企业再度焕发出许多人担心已和乔布斯一同逝去的创新精神。苹果今年一年市值的增长,就接近GOOGLE(谷歌)的整体市值。
2. 今年上榜的十亿美金级富豪为1810名,低于去年1826人的记录。上榜富豪净资产总计为64800亿美金,比去年减少了5700亿美金。
3. The US and European steel industries have accused China’s heavily subsidised sector of flooding the global market with steel, “dumping” it by selling below production costs and driving down international prices. The collapse in steel prices in recent years has caused the closure of mills across the world from Australia to the UK and parts of the US industrial heartland.
4. The company realised that "it was all a mistake and that he did it without thinking," a 谷歌 spokeswoman said last Wednesday.
5. JM Family Enterprises
6. 8.文盲


1. 中国人民银行(PBoC)干预外汇市场由来已久,目的是防止过度波动。不过,交易员们表示,自今年8月以来,这种干预已从国内即期市场(覆盖日常交易)扩大至包括香港的离岸人民币市场,以及在岸和离岸期货市场。
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3. Thats a fraction of their earning power -- Hillary and Bill Clinton banked $10.6 million mostly from speaking fees and royalties in 2015, while Trump said he made almost $560 million.



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