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1. [k?mf?t]
2. Hurricane Irma
3. The regulator said that although this years growth will be slightly lower than 35 percent due to the Chinese currencys depreciation, the film market will still see robust growth.
4. n. 飞行员,领航员,引航员
5. This slide in the dollar value of exports has entirely been a price effect, driven by lower commodity prices. In volume terms, emerging market exports have continued to rise since 2014, even if volume growth in year-on-year terms has moderated to around 2 per cent, a fraction of the double-digit rates witnessed either side of the global financial crisis, as the second chart shows.
6. Golden State equaled the 1957-58 Celtics as the only defending champions to win their initial 14 games. The Warriors are one of five teams in NBA history to begin 14-0, and will travel to Denver looking to keep it going Sunday.


1. The refugees have streamed into Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Malta and Cyprus during 2015, with a huge majority -- over 800,000 -- arriving by sea in Greece. About 3,600 died or disappeared trying to make the perilous Mediterranean Sea crossing between North Africa and Italy.
2. vigor(n 精力;活力)
3. [impru:vm?nt]
4. Red ones mean passion and romance, yellow ones speak of friendship, and pink can express your thanks.红玫瑰代表热情和浪漫,黄玫瑰象征友谊,粉玫瑰则表达谢意。If
5. Set in 1950s London, Reynolds Woodcock is a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover.
6. 不过,时间不等人,川普总统也正通过威胁退出谈判而极力增添一些戏剧性的紧张感。


1. Movies in 2016 are going to be huge and theres going to be a lot of them. Some of the best movies coming in 2016 include,Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Finding Dory, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, WarCraft and Suicide Squad.
2. 该排行榜为有工作经验的高级管理人员评出全球最优秀的100个EMBA项目。
3. WASHINGTON: Indiahas trimmed its holdings of US government securities to $77.5 billion at the end of October even as the worlds largest economyis expanding at a moderate pace.
4. 会计和咨询机构德勤(Deloitte)英国分企业的企业责任主管克莱尔?伯顿(Claire Burton)表示,Teach First出来的人很受招聘人员的欢迎,因为他们擅长团队合作,有很强的领导能力。
5. 除了众多受过教育的劳动力可供选择,企业也被亚利桑那州的亲商监管环境所吸引,在莫卡特斯中心(Mercatus Center)发布的美国50个州商业自由度排行榜上,亚利桑那州排名第13位。这项研究援引亚利桑那州的劳动权利法、责任法和土地征用权改革作为有利条件。
6. charitable


1. Among the major U.S. airlines, US Airways had the best holiday on-time performance, coming in fifth with 15.57 percent of its flights arriving late during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Meanwhile, American Airlines, with which US Airways plans to merge, was the fourth worst, with 19.7 percent of flights arriving late, according to FlightAware.
2. 虽然仿生腿对截肢者来说是巨大的福音,但是它们与人体缺乏真正的神经联系,导致依靠仿生腿走路十分麻烦和劳累。但是去年,西雅图的居民Zac Vawter 安装了世界上第一支思想控制的腿,一种直接接受从他大脑发出信号的仿生肢体。
3. 200911/88512.shtmlThe price of Chinese zodiac stamps commemorating the 1980 Year of the Monkey have rocketed to a historical high for a number of reasons, according to National Business Daily.
4. 4.《欲望都市》掀起纸杯蛋糕热
5. There are two ways of doing natural language processing: statistical or semantic, DAloisio explains. A semantic system attempts to figure out the actual meaning of a text and translate it succinctly. A statistical system-the type DAloisio used for Summly-doesnt bother with that; it keeps phrases and sentences intact and figures out how to pick a few that best encapsulate the entire work. It ranks and classifies each sentence, or phrase, as a candidate for inclusion in the summary. Its very mathematical. It looks at frequencies and distributions, but not at what the words mean.
6. Many years before Bryan played "Walter White" on Breaking Bad, he and his brother worked in a restaurant in Florida. The head chef was a very mean man. In a 2011 podcast for Marc Maron, Cranston described him saying "No matter how nice you may have been to him, he hated you." Not surprisingly, all the wait staff routinely discussed how they wanted to kill him. Cranston says it was "all they talked about!"


1. "How to tie a tie" was the No. 1 question in 2010, followed by "how to lose weight", "how to kiss" and "how to write a resume."
2. The 500 brands come from 28 different countries, among which nearly half, 227, are from the US.
3. Remembering the World’s Oldest Person, in the Objects She Left Behind



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    众声评点:油退水进? 新法下涂料行业巨变在即
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    When it was set up in 2002, Teach First’s aim was to encourage more graduates to try teach-ing. Amid worries that the best brains in the country were being lured into the City of London, accountancy and law, the idea was to tap some of their brain power for state schools, in an attempt to tackle educational inequality.

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    The joint programme delivered by IQS of Spain, Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan and the University of San Francisco saw the biggest rise. Its Master in Global Entrepreneurship Management jumps 34 places to 43rd, making up for a drop of 19 places the previous year. The only programme to be delivered on three continents, it is ranked top for international course experience.

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