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1. Jiang Yiyi, deputy director of the Institute of International Tourism at the China Tourism Academy, attributed part of the dropoff in foreign tourists to the strengthening yuan.
2. 他参照美国脱口秀节目主持人的话说:“我一直想和Jay Leno见面,”说这话之前他自己就笑了起来。达拉斯买家俱乐部明星Jared不以为然回应道:“对不起,你又叫什么名字?但观众们似乎意识到了两人之间尴尬的气氛,一位观众开玩笑说:“认为Jared Leto妄想Grinder看着他。”
3. The Bulls get the Kings pick if it falls outside the top 10, so its better for the Kings to be a bottom-10 team than to just miss the playoffs in terms of team-building.
4. Average age: 33 in Philadelphia, 36 in San Francisco
5. 提问
6. 据德国工商总会的统计数据显示,中国于2016年超越美国,首次成为德国的最大贸易市场。


1. President Donald Trump is the nations first billionaire president -- but hes not as rich as he used to be, according to the Forbes 2017 Billionaires List published last Monday.
2. 2. The new one childplus policy will substantially raise the birth rate, contributing up to 2million new children to the 2014 economy, a 15 percent one-year lift that willonly further boost consumer morale and spirit.
3. 网上的撤稿公告共列出了107篇论文及524位编辑,他们几乎都是中国临床肿瘤专家。所涉及的医院都是顶级公立机构。
4. 在完成作业不久之后,孙轶萧就听到外面嘈杂的响声。
5. [spu:n]
6. When I am creating a light novel, Iam creating it mostly alone. When I am working on anime there is a director andthe staff with a point of view on my works. There usually are several revisionsregarding the storyboard. What is interesting is what will come back. Its avery interesting part of the work.


1. adj. 有营养的,滋养的
2. 如果答案是“是”,那么也许你是D型人格的人。
3. 想知道2013年的最差工作是哪些吗?报社记者以其令人尴尬的特质,取代伐木工人成为今年的最差工作。
4. 教育部还表示,公费留学学生的归国率达到了98%。公费留学生一般选择中国急需的专业,包括工程学、纯科学、农业和医学科学等。
5. "We hope the mother will come to us and verify the facts. If its true that the user is a 13-year-old who spent the money without consent, we can negotiate a refund," the Tencent employee said.
6. Transport Ministry spokesman Xu Chengguang told a news conference that no further signs of life had been found and the chance of finding anyone else alive was "very slim."


1. 泡沫气球是泡泡和气球的混合体。
2. Stand: 脸书 CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a stand for immigration reform
3. 节目28 歌曲《留声2012》①《滴答》(表演者:侃侃、李晨)②《我的歌声里》(表演者:曲婉婷、杜淳)
4. Alfonso Cuaron won best director for the space odyssey Gravity, a world-wide hit and critical favorite. The film will likely join American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave as an Oscar front-runner on Thursday, when Academy Awards nominations are announced. (The academy honors technical categories that the Globes dont.)
5. 4.Autonomous Cars
6. The spread of HIV through drug injections has been effectively controlled. In 2017, the number of people infected through drug abuse was 44.5 percent lower than that in 2012.


1. Its corporate customers value the school’s flexibility and ability to innovate. “We have developed a programme which is co-delivered with an experimental learning provider,” commented one client responding to the FT survey. “Iese has been a true partner in this process and our business has benefited with an energised and prepared executive bench.”
2. Sliced into eight pieces, the pizza works out to $250 per slice, meaning it costs roughly $50 per bite.
3. 然而,北方高等商学院毕业生的国际化流动程度最高,2014届毕业生有85%曾在国外工作。



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