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1. 依然年轻
2. It was there in Rossella Jardini’s Moschino, from the bows and bouffants of spring-summer 2009 to the Mary Quant-inspired spring 2013 collection.
3. 7. Love is like two people holding two ends of a rubber band: it’s always the one who doesn’t let go who gets hurt more.
4. 7. 《教师》(The Kindergarten Teacher)。在这部严酷、怪异的轰动之作中,以色列导演那达夫·拉皮德(Nadav Lapid)讲述一个教师对一个儿童诗人的迷恋,为狂热及其代价绘制了一幅残忍的肖像。
5. ICBC said net profits increased 0.5 per cent for the year to December 31 2015 — the smallest increase since it listed. Returns on average total assets declined 0.1 percentage points to 1.30 per cent.
6. 会。莫迪一夜之间废除大面额纸币的做法令人震惊,严重扰乱了印度经济。但此举带来了丰厚的政治回报,支撑了莫迪作为愿意采取严厉措施打击腐败的果决领导人的形象。面临2019年的下一届大选,莫迪很有可能想拿出另一项轰动性措施来博取选民的支撑。当心,他可能会对那些为了隐藏资产而以他人名义持有房产的富人采取重大行动。


1. 曾发明Chapul蟋蟀蛋白棒的创业家帕特o克劳雷通过Bigcommerce来验证产品的早期市场兴趣,积攒市场人气,并且与健康食品商店和超市协商达成交易。虽然该团队有机会能以低得多的价格转至Shopify平台,但最近选择又一次与Bigcommerce续签。“大家认为,短期内大家的增长速度不会超过Bigcommerce,”他说。
2. 死亡可能隐藏在评论人的十大清单这一仪式之后,也包括实体媒体的死亡:清单在手机上更容易读,就算娱乐媒体的泛滥,已经令深刻的阅读近乎不可能实现。截止到年底,纽约今年一共上映了900多部影片,很多影片都在影院内匆匆来去,由于缺乏观众而被遗忘。尽管如此,这一年里,我看了几百部影片,喜欢其中的一部分;不出所料,大制片企业和独立企业都有垃圾制作,但和往常一样,也不乏有价值的作品。下面是我在2015年最喜欢的影片,以及今年的十则杂记。
3. Belizes proximity to Mexico and the Caribbean ensures the street-food scene, providing an abundance of budget meal options.
4. [m?s]
5. 《老友记》中没有露骨的内容、不干净的台词或是黄段子,但它的幽默感却丝毫不减,为这个电视剧总喜欢裹挟着露骨内容的年代带来一阵清新之风。
6. Exports from China to Brazil of everything from cars to textiles shipped in containers fell 60 per cent in January from a year earlier while the total volume of imports via containers into Latin America’s biggest economy halved, according to Maersk Line, the world’s largest shipping company.


1. 当银行打电话给哈维尔的父母,告诉他们有关收费的事情的时候,他们才知道发生了这样的事情。
2. 一名11岁的女学生因发明了一个快速、低价测试铅污染水的方法,而被誉为“美国顶尖青年科学家”。
3. 中国旅游研究院国际旅游研究所(Institute of International Tourism)副所长蒋依依认为,外国游客数量下降的部分原因在于人民币的升值。
5. Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj “Flawless (Remix)” (Parkwood/Columbia)
6. Todays and tomorrows technology sits on top of multiple layers, every one of which is changing and has to inter-operate with others. This makes our gadgets, the internet of things, phones and laptops unstable. And it makes consumers irritated. How many of your apps actually work--and actually make life easier, faster or more fun? Id expect to see consumer cynicism grow, as delight is overtaken by disappointment. This will put pressure on hardware and software developers to deliver that most boring of qualities: reliability.


1. 是的,你想知道怎么去做好你的工作。但是仍然有一些你想要学的东西;否则,你就没有职业发展。如果你在工作中不能学到新的东西,那么已经是时候去找一个能够学到新常识并且有职业发展的工作了。
2. Darkest Hour
3. It was billed as the year in which female film-makers and womens issues would be in the spotlight. The festival opened with a film by a female director for the first time in 28 years, Isabella Rossellini chaired the Un Certain Regard jury and Salma Hayek convened a high-profile panel to discuss the role of women in cinema. There was plenty to talk about – but had anything really changed? The numbers seemed to speak for themselves: of the 19 films in competition, only two were directed by women. And then came Heelgate – of which, more later… Faced with suggestions that the festival is sexist, artistic director Thierry Frémaux was having none of it. Cannes was being held to an unfairly high standard, he claimed, one not applied to other festivals like Venice or Berlin. His suggestion? Instead, people should “attack the Oscars”.
4. 从事房地产业的中国女富豪最多,占23%,金融投资业占18%,制造业占14%。
5. It is not unusual for the documented wealth of China’s richest people to surge suddenly — or even for previously unknown tycoons to burst into prominence — as stock exchange listings and other public investments thrust them into the spotlight.
6. 此类知名大家还包括美国大热导演大卫·林奇以及台湾鬼才影片制片人张艾嘉,他们的作品也在推荐放映列表里。


1. Until a couple of games ago, Stephen Curry really hadnt thought much about making more NBA history.
2. 输家:国王
3. “Today you have to shop by image,” Mr. Nathan said. “But if you are brave and don’t follow fashion, there are opportunities.”



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    8月BHI反弹 建材家居市场积极备战“金九银十”
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    下半年楼市料延续量升价稳态势 购房信贷成本降低
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