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1. The number of candidates for the 2016 national civil service exam has surpassed last years numbers, with more than 132,000 applicants on Tuesday-the most in a single day-deemed qualified for the exam.
2. 在对入围的六本图书展开激烈辩论时,一名评委形容福特的书对该问题做出了“沉着而全面”的分析。英国《金融时报》主编兼此次评选委员会主席莱昂内尔巴伯(Lionel Barber)称《机器人的崛起:大规模失业的威胁与科技》“行文紧凑、研究深入,是公共政策辩论领域的又一佳作。”
3. 5. Hong Kong, China-A junk boat set against the famous skyline might be the iconic shot of Hong Kong, but Lonely Planet picked the territory for its natural heritage miles away from Victoria Harbor.
4. 上周一晚间,在MSNBC的一档节目中,主持人雷切尔·玛多询问前国务卿希拉里,她是否会做出和加拿大新总理贾斯汀·特鲁多今年早些时候类似的承诺?
5. Some 695 million netizens used mobile phones to access the Internet in 2016, with a growth rate exceeding 10 percent for the third straight year, the report said. Smartphone-based Internet use accounted for 95.1 percent of all Internet users, up from 90.1 percent in 2015.
6. n. 休息寓所,撤退,隐居


1. 中国为包括棉花、糖和玉米在内的大宗商品设置的最低价格过高,当这些价格偏离市场价格时,政府鼓励了过度生产以及强劲的进口。
2. n. 流通,循环,发行量,消息传播
3. 与此同时,居住在近百万套租金管制型公寓里的纽约人应该准备好,于明年(2015年——译注)6月在奥尔巴尼放手一搏,那个时候,租金管制法就要到期了。保障房的倡导者们希翼看到这样一项规定的撤销——该规定允许业主在租金达到每月2500美金(约合人民币1.6万元)的情况下,取消对空置单元的租金管制。
4. DiCaprio received a pat on the back from producer Harvey Weinstein and a standing ovation from the crowd as he collected the award for best actor in a drama for The Revenant.
5. Format: Alternating Friday-Saturday classes, with an initial week-long meeting and a week-long international study seminar
6. In July, the government made the first stab at regulating internet finance when 10 agencies, including the central bank, the banking regulator and the securities regulator jointly issued guidelines that provide an official definition of “internet finance” and specify which agencies are responsible for regulating which types of internet financial institutions.


1. Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence on Tuesday topped a Forbes magazine list of the world’s highest-paid actress for the second straight year, earning some $46 million, followed by Melissa McCarthy.
2. Last question: a lot of thework youve donebrings out a lot of strong emotions in a way that it kind of questions themorality of heroism and justice. Is there anything related to you that makes us think of ourselves being a hero or yourself as one?
3. [?fekn]
4. 4. Con Dao Isalsnd, Vietnam-Once the site of the infamous Con Dao prison, Vietnams isolated archipelago of 16 islands known as the Con Dao Islands is starting to become known for its scenery and fresh seafood.
5. Scarlett Johansson of Captain America: Civil War was third at $25 million, down nearly 30 percent from 2015.
6. 2. Marc Fabers Doomsday warning on Bernankes disastrous QE scheme


1. This has happened elsewhere.
2. Dachis says: Strong financial performance combined with a slew of new features made LinkedIn a magnet for positivity in 2012. Positivity like this could help the company move from stern business network to lively communications platform in 2013.
3. 单词movement 联想记忆:
4. 新兴市场需求减弱使2015年成为全球金融危机爆发以来世界贸易最糟糕的一年,凸显出对于全球经济健康的担忧加深。
5. adj. 笨拙的,尴尬的,(设计)别扭的
6. 201109/155435.shtmlIn August, Jose Javier - from the city of Torrevieja - created an account with AdWords, a 谷歌 pay-per-click service.


1. 什么?他的企业利用贝南克印刷的低息钞票还没赚够?于是他将“增长速度降低”归咎于“财政紧缩”?就在贝南克错以为国会失灵、他才是美国的救星,所以继续以数万亿的规模吹胀美联储资产负债表泡沫的时候?
2. 9. “Creed”(Ryan Coogler)
3. 2. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之和平奖



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    做低房价逃税遭重罚 法院认定中介与房东共担责
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  • 二线楼市地王频出 股市恶化巨量热钱无地可去
    楼市调控加码力度不减 多地成交量明显下滑
    2021-01-05 22:41:21
  • 央行降息高收入者更买账 超两成计划提前置业
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  • 索菲亚家居上半年盈利1.35亿 同比增长四成
    家装展面临“审美疲劳” 设计师变成销售员
    2021-01-14 22:41:21
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    内容来自:可可英语 http://www.kekenet.com/read/201303/232075.shtmlThose looking for greater happiness and satisfaction in life should head to northern Europe, but steer clear of Egypt and countries worst hit by the eurozone crisis, according to the 2013 World Happiness Report released Monday by Columbia Universitys Earth Institute.

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