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1. 全世界的目光都在聚焦巴西,因为这个国度将举办最令人期待的两大体育盛事——2014年国际足联世界杯足球赛和2016年夏季奥林匹克运动会。在巴西,你不仅可以观看精彩赛事,为你最喜欢的队伍及运动员欢呼,还可以前往“地球之肺”——AMAZON雨林旅行,体验“与世隔绝,拥抱自然”。不管你如何安排行程,巴西之行必定是一次难忘之旅。
2. But closing the deal on RCEP less than a year after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the TPP would be a big win for Beijing.
3. 确实有人有近乎完美的记性,可以从过去经历中检索出大量信息。只是,即使很多人认为这样的记忆已经很完美,他们有的时候也不能准确清晰地记起一些特定的细节。虽然真正完美的记忆并不存在,但你还是可以拥有近乎完美的记忆力,超越这些记忆达人,去抵抗岁月给你带来的疾病和健忘。
4. I was asked by one CEO to hire the long-legged girl with the long dark hair even though she didnt have the right skills. Another time, I was instructed not to hire anyone with children because the company had too many people leaving for soccer games. That kind of thing happens all the time.
5. 单词infinite 联想记忆:
6. China is trying to attract more students with an international background because of the countrys involvement in global cooperation, said Miao Lü, secretary general of the Center for China and Globalization.


1. 据国家质量监督检验检疫总局发言人韩云平称,去年该局对1013批此类商品进行了随机检查--包括玩具、纸尿布、服装和厨具在内的消费品,其中415批商品不合格,占全部抽样产品的40.9%。
2. 如果陆金所成功完成此轮融资,将可凸显出该行业今年以来增长有多快。该企业刚在4月融资5亿美金,企业估值在当时达到100亿美金。
3. Andersl?v, Sweden was plagued by residents with green hair. Johan Pettersson discovered that there was too much copper in their water.
4. debut
5. One key thing the best bosses seem to have in common is that they are all consummate problem solvers. They can not only spot them, but brainstorm successful and innovative ways to fix them。
6. n. [计]定序;排序;订购 v. 命令;指挥;订购(o


1. 我发现自己经常担心一些事情
2. 报告发现,艺术学、农学、工学专业的学生创业意愿最高,而历史学和理科专业的学生创业兴趣相对较低。
3. n. 病毒,病原体
4. Enrollment: 503
5. productive
6. This is the second time that both enterprises and institutions have adjusted basic pension, since the first simultaneous adjustment in 2016.


1. 与2013-2014赛季的世界各大足球联赛相比,本届国际足联世界杯的场均进球确实更多。荷甲以场均进球3.2个高居欧洲各大联赛之首,德国足球甲级联赛则以3.16个紧随其后。上个赛季,其他联赛的场均进球都没有超过2.8个。目前,美国职业足球大联盟的场均进球为2.89个。
2. 她曾为Glitzy Girl、Sally Miller和Purple Pixies等服装企业担任模特,也为《Teen Vogue》《Cosmopolitan》《Elle》和《Seventeen》等杂志拍摄照片。
3. 9. Never trust the polls
4. 凯文·史派西、摩根·弗里曼这样的明星也难逃一劫,被指控性侵演员,积极的网友在网上用标签分享各自的心路历程。
5. The fastest-rising sector is apparel, driven by Nike in sportswear as people pay more attention to health and fitness, and Zara, whose fast fashion is becoming increasingly popular in China.
6. The appointment of Inga Beale to run Lloyds of London and of Mary Barra to run General Motors marked an encouraging end to 2013. Progress for women in the coming year will continue to be too little and too slow, but you should expect to see women in positions of power and influence everywhere. Even Japan is starting to try to get women into work.


1. A lack of capital and experience is the biggest obstacle for college entrepreneurs, the report suggested, stating that 40 percent of such young entrepreneurs rely on external capital such as loans from banks, investment organizations, schools and the government.
2. 上周,卢彦被任命为北京市推进京津冀协同发展领导小组办公室主任,该举措是为了加速京津冀一体化的协调工作。
3. The fact is, Hon Lik is not the first person to invent the e-cigarette. Way back in 1963, Herbert Gilbert made the worlds first device that could be used to inhale tobacco-flavored air. In Gilberts original version, there was no form of combustion and it was free of nicotine. He later designed a prototype that used a battery to create heat. He also used different flavors of water to create steam. He presented his prototypes to different chemical, pharmaceutical, and tobacco companies, but they simply turned down his prototypes.



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    In some ways, Life Is Strange couldn’t be more different than Dontnod Entertainment’s sci-fi action game Remember Me, but in other ways, the episodic adventure game is similar. Both games use Unreal Engine 3 technology to create beautiful worlds to explore. And both titles also feature a strong female protagonist. Set in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, players take control of teenager Max Caulfield and embark on an adventure that will span five interactive episodes.

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