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1. 不过,如果把10月份看做一个整体,则只有深圳房价真正出现了环比下滑。
2. 这是伦敦商学院(London Business School)和哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)合办的EMBA-Global项目首次跌出前5名。
3. Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful New Year season.
4. 里尔宁援引了荷兰经济政策分析局(CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)的最新数据,数据显示,9月至10月经季节性调整的全球贸易量下降了1.1%,他表示,去年将被证明是世界贸易自2009年以来表现最糟糕的一年。
5. deprivation
6. May happiness follow you wherever you go!愿您幸福快乐,直到永远永远。


1. “When I look at the data, I keep coming back to this issue that it’s really about identity politics,” said Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, a professor at Norway’s University of Bergen who studies Europe’s far-right parties. “This is the most powerful predictor of support for the populists.”
2. The wealth and depth of knowledge from around the world adds tremendous value to the course, wrote another graduate from the US, adding that “with so many cultures and experiences represented, a classroom ethics discussion about bribery is not your typical boring USA version”.
3. 荷兰危机牵涉到成熟的金融专业人士,那些惯于分析金融和经济趋势的人们。但是,他们过于看重个人经验。
4. But the economic base for these capabilities is steadily declining.
5. Upgrades to the countrys industrial structure in which labor-intensive industries are being moved out of metropolitan areas contributed greatly to the demographic change, Peng Xizhe, dean of the School of Social Development and Public Policy at Shanghai-based Fudan University, told the Global Times on Tuesday.
6. The gig economy


1. [d?mestik]
2. Debrecen is Hungarys second largest city after Budapest, and the heart of low-cost Hungary.
3. I think the situation will somewhat moderate in future as society becomes more diverse. But it will take quite a bit of time until we get there, he told the reporters.
4. 但是她的成功也来之不易。精美的舞台装和参赛的全程费用已经让她母亲花费了5000英镑的费用。
5. Feud: Bette and Joan
6. Consumers in many parts of the world have a preference for buying local which has helped boost the value of local brands.


1. Payne, a former lottery pick, missed time with a foot injury and hasnt shown any major progress as a shooter or a defender in year two.
2. 在20世纪90年代,罗斯把它应用到如何把美国医学生分配到医院。他开发了一种新的算法被全国驻地医师匹配程序所采用,这有助于把驻院医师分配到合适的医院。
3. Company: Nation Waste, Inc.
4. A total of 3,077 new cases of HIV infection took place in colleges and universities across China in 2017, according to the National Health Commission (NHC) at a press conference on Friday.
5. 13. 苹果 Reminders
6. “…started swearing during the interview.”


1. 交通运输部科学研究院近日发布的报告显示,北京位居全国十大最拥堵城市排行榜第三,排在济南、哈尔滨之后。
2. It also said 98 percent of government-sponsored students returned to China. Government-sponsored students who study abroad have chosen to pursue disciplines most needed in China, including engineering, the pure sciences, agriculture and medical science.
3. The very best bosses I’ve seen are passionate about their work; they live and breathe their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. Yet at the same time, they have lives outside of work. They understand the need to balance family and work or play and work. And they set a good example of how to do that for their employees。



  • 宽松货币政策难改楼市走向 去库存仍是关键
    2021-01-17 03:51:23
  • 中国百城11月新房推盘量创历史新高 住宅库存连增3月
    资产荒致信贷大增流向房产市场 为去库存留隐患
    2021-01-11 03:51:23
  • 甘肃房地产新开工和销售面积出现下降
    170万买的房 一部分面积竟在邻居家!业主崩溃了!
    2021-01-27 03:51:23
  • 水泥行情分化:西北上涨华东下跌 今年能赚得盆满钵满
    LED厂都在逃避“客诉” 到底该由谁来买单?
    2021-01-23 03:51:23
  • LED芯片企业加紧发力 蓄力提高市场渗透率
    深圳家具企业接连倒闭 发展模式急需变革
    2021-01-17 03:51:23
  • 中办、国办:稳定完善小农户土地政策
    2021-01-21 03:51:23
  • 养老机构降门槛提服务 让老年人住得上住得好
    2021-01-26 03:51:23
  • 雷士照明内乱背后的“合伙人困境”
    2021-01-24 03:51:23
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    About 60 per cent have not yet worked and a further 30 per cent have less than two years’ experience.

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    Still, the optimistic view is that several roadblocks to recovery -- an over-indebted consumer, a moribund housing market and shellshocked banks -- are no longer holding back hiring. Barring an unforeseen shock to the economy, this could mean 2013 will be another year of slow but steady growth.[qh]

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    With an increase of 7 percent over 2013,total spending on medicines will amount to $1.06trillion in 2014, says the report"The Global Use of Medicines: Outlook through2018" from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, releasedThursday.

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    Wang Ki-young, a director at South Korea’s culture ministry, said on Friday that Chinese authorities had ordered tourism agencies in Beijing to halt tours to South Korea from mid-March. Mr Wang said the move would be expanded to other provinces.

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    Jack Ma and his familys total wealth in IT industry was 195 billion yuan, followed by Tencent Holdings founder Pony Ma, whose wealth increased by 30% year-on-year to 134 billion yuan.

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    Followers are also getting younger and better educated, with 77.8 percent in the 17-to-33 age group and 75 percent with a higher education.



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