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1. 几名爱尔兰球迷停下来帮一对法国老夫妇换轮胎。
2. Also important to EMBA entrepreneurs was the support of their school and alumni network. About three-quarters of entrepreneurs thought that both the school and their alumni network were helpful or very helpful when setting up their company. “Alumni support was key to getting the idea vetted and getting the right contacts needed for the business”, said one.
3. 读:炸-震动
4. 该报告还指出,在这方面一马当先的是律师事务所,明年有30%的律所有望扩员。该行业最紧缺的是拥有4~6年工作经验的律师助理,此外,熟悉“诉讼、医疗保健、破产以及止赎等细分法律领域的律师也将炙手可热。”
5. If you are working your butt off and not getting paid enough to pay your bills, you might be overqualified and underpaid for your position. Go find a job that pays what you deserve.
6. [m?dist]


1. 宾夕法尼亚州圣约瑟夫大学(Saint Joseph’s University)的Haub商学院(Haub School of Business)是唯一一所首次上榜的学院,排在第98位。
2. 正如这届美国政府中一切与贸易有关的事项一样,韩美贸易协定(Korus)的未来也不可避免地引发了激烈辩论。本届政府内部强烈反对退出该协议的是川普安全团队,他们认为在一场地缘政治危机期间切断与重要盟友的贸易纽带很可能不是个好主意。美国企业也不支撑退出。这两股力量都可能意味着美国政府至少在短期内不会发出任何威胁。但是话又说回来,首尔方面的政治局势也不稳定。韩国新政府是否可能行使自己退出协定的权利呢?
3. 二年级的佩恩,作为一个乐透秀,因为脚伤很多时间不能上场,并且没有表现出作为投手或者防守球员的一点点进步。
4. According to the report, students from prestigious universities were less willing to start businesses, likely because of high opportunity cost.
5. 专家表示,2016年对中国影片业来说是非凡的一年,因为它实现增长的同时面临着多种挑战,包括互联网的快速发展、中国观众日益高雅的品味和国家的经济衰退。
6. It is interpreted that in general, college education facilitates a long-term income advantage.


1. [slu:]
2. 据西藏扶贫办公室透露,位于中国西南部的西藏自治区,去年共有15万农村居民脱贫。
3. AdWords事实上是一个竞价排名系统,在支付费用之后,它会把客户的广告列在GOOGLE搜索结果和其他网站的靠前位置。只有当有人点击这些广告链接的时候,客户才需要支付费用。
4. 3. oDesk&Elance
5. “能够有这些天赋异禀的艺术家为影片的音乐进行神助攻,大家非常能高兴。”这场秀的制作人Michael De Luca 和Jennifer Todd周五发表申明时如是说。“能邀请到他们登上第90届奥斯卡也是一种荣幸。”
6. Housing advocates worry that if rezoning is not done carefully, communities could quickly gentrify. “Look at what happened in Williamsburg,” said Harvey Epstein, the director of the community development project at the Urban Justice Center, referring to price escalations. “I don’t know why it wouldn’t happen in East New York or the Bronx or in Flushing.”


1. 但是白人身份认同的斗争不仅仅是个政治问题,它也是一个“深藏的”故事,一个看到别人都在向前,自己却感觉困在原地的故事。
2. Juckes warns that were now trapped in the fourth megabubble fueled by the Federal Reserve in the last 30 years, since the rise of conservative economics. He calls this one, the Bubble With No Name Yet. OK, we invite you to send in your nomination to name the new bubble. But whatever you call it, do it fast, its close to popping, like the Asian, Dot-com and Credit crashes the last 30 years.
3. Most of the cellphones sold in 2016 are smart phones installed with the Android system and 4G ready, according to the report.
4. fig做,制作+ure →做出的状态→形象,人物
5. 3.《初恋50次》
6. Song “Taste of China” (Phoenix Legend)


1. The reading represented a fall of 0.4 points from September and a sub-index on output for the gauge, which primarily tracks larger and state-owned enterprises, fell 1.3 points to 53.4. That for new orders dipped 1.9 points to 52.9.
2. For almost everyone else, it was a year of frustration against a backdrop of better-than-average returns for the most popular index in the land.
3. 《请以你的名字呼唤我》



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