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1. Job history
2. 《深红报》称,此次被取消入学资格的学生所在的私人FaceBook群组名为“哈佛饥渴猥琐资产阶级少年”。
3. Most of the cellphones sold in 2016 are smart phones installed with the Android system and 4G ready, according to the report.
4. Last week, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said that the former first ladys shortlist of potential running mates will include women, quickly leading to speculation that Clinton will consider Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a popular progressive, for an all-female ticket.
5. 游戏平台:Xbox One, Xbox 360
6. Aaron Hernandez


1. Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been working for a while on a drama about the 1967 police raid in Detroit, which led to one of the largest citizen uprisings in US history. Kaitlyn Dever, John Krasinski, Will Poulter, John Boyega and Jack Reynor star.
2. 时报影评人曼诺拉·达吉斯(Manohla Dargis)与A·O·斯科特(A. O. Scott)分享他们挑选的年度最佳影片。
3. Total net profit for China’s commercial banks grew by 2.4 per cent last year, according to data from China’s bank regulator. Smaller banks saw increases in profit growth, while bigger banks slowed down.
4. 英国国家电网(National Grid)的教育和技能主管托尼?莫洛尼(Tony Moloney)表示,参与该项目是国家电网旨在鼓励学校学生学习STEM科目(科学,技术、工程和数学)以及熟悉本领域工作的总体计划的一部分。
5. In Pakistani Fray, Maryam Sharif Is on the Edge of Power, or Prison
6. Uruguay represents a more curious case, in that its players are footballing aristocracy disguised as minnows. Like Belgium, it is a relatively young nation, yet on the field of play the Uruguayans are old hands. They have won the World Cup twice, first at the inaugural event in 1930, and then in 1950, when Brazil hosted the tournament. The latter occasion, when Brazil succumbed in front of a world-record 200,000 fans or more, is referred to there as the "Maracanazo", a national tragedy still felt today.


1. capacity
2. The tension between Paramores high-intensity hooks and withering lyrics explodes into fluorescent colors on After Laughter.
3. HUAWEI的品牌价值增长22%,至190亿美金,其排名上升20个位次,至第50位。
4. 单词comfort 联想记忆:
5. Net interest margins — the difference between interest paid on deposits and interest gained from loans — suffered as China lifted its remaining controls on the interest rates paid on deposits. The average margin declined by about 46 basis points to 2.54 per cent in 2015.
6. Usually sober-minded analysts, accustomed to the auto industry’s slow growth, seem to shed their inhibitions when it comes to Tesla. Rod Lache of Deutsche Bank has attached a $310 price target on the stock. Not to be out-done, Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley established a $320 price target and calls Tesla it the “most important car company in the world”.


1. 这家瑞士学校在2016年全球90个最佳管理学硕士项目中荣登榜首,连续6年夺冠。
2. A tender love story between a teenager and an academic, set in Italy.
3. Work that requires German language skills also grew significantly during the third quarter of 2016. Those who wish to work as German translators might be in luck these days.
4. 创新对于推动竞争激烈的全球化世界的增长至关重要,2016年全球创新指数根据82个创新指标的表现对超过100个国家进行排名。中国从去年的第29名攀升至第25名,这也是第一次有中等收入国家进入前25强。
5. 朱克斯提醒,大家目前正处于第四次超级大泡沫之中,它是美联储在保守经济学兴起以来的30年时间里吹起来的。他将这个泡沫称为“暂时没有名字的泡沫”(Bubble With No Name Yet)。好,大家来给这个新泡沫命名吧。但不管你叫它什么,都要快点起名,因为它马上就要爆了,就像过去30年相继破灭的亚洲泡沫、互联网泡沫和信贷泡沫一样。
6. 继脸书前员工肖恩帕克(Sean Parker)和查马斯帕里哈皮蒂亚(Chamath Palihapitiya)——二人谴责了社交媒体的成瘾性——之后,新的一年将有更多的科技行业工编辑发声。


1. A disturbing and often bleak analysis of the automated future of work has been named 2015’s business book of the year.
2. Besides, Japan and the United States are still innovation hot spots and chemical, semiconductor and electronic components and autos are the top innovative industries, according to the report.
3. The report didnt comment on potential factors influencing the numbers, but many – including members of the opposing political party – are laying the blame squarely at the feet of government cost-cutting.



  • 机构:中国高净值个人境外资产五年后增量13万亿
    追逐绿色建筑之梦 新型环保建材瓜分万亿市场
    2021-01-13 20:44:49
  • 建材上下游整合提速 建材家居一体化大势所趋
    长租公寓真的爆仓了 杭州鼎家破产4000户租客受损
    2021-01-12 20:44:49
  • “房地产去库存”攻坚战如火如荼  对LED行业影响几何?
    2021-01-18 20:44:49
  • “金九银十”开局不利 开发商迎偿债高峰期
    北漂追房记:从320万涨到420万 父母亲自督战
    2021-01-07 20:44:49
  • 互联网时代 门窗企业如何实现“品效合一”?
    红星美凯龙上市 家居建材市场整合提速
    2021-01-18 20:44:49
  • 促销、营销助力家居卖场“跑过”上半年
    2021-01-23 20:44:49
  • LED照明:三四线城市房地产逼近崩盘 危机OR商机?
    华夏幸福2015年二季度业绩稳步提升 成长潜力巨大
    2021-01-12 20:44:49
  • “互联网+”将重构涂料化工行业
    2021-01-16 20:44:49
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