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1. adj. 投影的,投射 v. 投射(project的过去
2. And regarding Ukraine, the Russian president again denied that there are Russian troops operating inside eastern Ukraine where a pro-Russian separatist movement is fighting Ukrainian government troops. But he said Moscow never denied that "certain people" were there carrying out tasks "in the military sphere." He said Russia plans no sanctions against Ukraine, but will not extend preferential trade to Kyiv.
3. Rose Wang
4. [sindr?um]
5. Among the amenities spread through its three terminals are two 24-hour movie theaters screening the latest blockbusters for free, a rooftop swimming pool and a butterfly garden.
6. 牌类游戏等休闲类游戏在10大热门游戏中占据了三席,仅次于大型多人在线角色扮演游戏;而腾迅QQ游戏等网页游戏正逐渐成为一个新的增长领域。报告说,截至2009年10月底,排名前5位的网页游戏玩家总数达到154万人,玩家平均在线时长为30分钟。


1. 一个由BuzzFeed News(译者注:类似今日头条的资讯搜集网站)所做的分析揭示了本年度脸书上流传最广的50条假资讯。他们加起来大约有2150万次的点赞、评论及分享。在这些资讯里,23条和美国政治相关,2条关于女人用她们的阴道作为谋杀用的凶器,还有1条关于一个小丑娃娃其实一直都是个真人。
2. Released in 2013, The Bling Ring is a satirical crime drama that chronicles the adventures of Hollywood Hills high schoolers who burgle the homes of local celebrities. The teens break into homes of icons like Megan Fox and Paris Hilton, stealing cash, clothes, handbags, and jewelry to help them emulate the excessive lifestyles they admire in magazines. The students are eventually caught and sent to jail after posting pictures of their hauls on social media.
3. adj. 精美的,微妙的,美
4. Mayweather Jnr - who is capable of demanding pound 70 million a fight - fell to 16th. He pocketed pound 20 million in ring fees with an additional pound 5 million coming mostly from his clothing brand TMT, The Money Team.
5. Around 10 gigabytes of photos have allegedly been released. Jiedaibao, a popular online peer-to-peer lending platform, is involved in the incident, the Beijing Times reported on Dec. 1.
6. The appointment was announced by Steven Ciobo, the Australian minister for trade, tourism and investment, on Feb 21. The Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, Li Jinzao, was present.


1. 审校:赵倩 来源:前十网
2. 近日公布的一份调查结果显示,清华大学毕业生的平均薪酬在全国高校毕业生中最高。
3. Format: Alternating Friday-Saturday classes, with an initial week-long meeting and a week-long international study seminar
4. 时间:2012-02-02 编辑:Jasmine
5. Others are Ouyeel, a unit of Shanghai Baosteel Group that provides financing for steel traders; and Small Entrepreneur, part of China Merchants Bank — the country’s sixth-largest lender — which focuses on wealth management.
6. James Bond Themes 9. "The Man with the Golden Gun" by Lulu


1. pro在前面+tect盖上+ion→保护
2. That was in line with last month’s manufacturing PMIs, which showed an uptick in sector activity,
3. Industrial production rose 6.1 per cent year on year in October, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, unchanged from September’s level and just below a median forecast from economists of 6.2 per cent.
4. Russia regards itself as a great power - it is not in question anywhere inside the country.
5. 据Birinyi Associates的数据,今年迄今为止,各家企业已经宣布了376项股票回购计划,总额高达2,610亿美金。这个数字与2012年相比增长了近72%,但与回购创下纪录的2013年相比,略微有所回落。


1. 今年登榜的还有“starwars”(星球大战),排名第16。
2. Sarah Collins
3. 首尔坚称这些活动分子有派发单张的民主权利,但要求他们不要过度激怒北韩。



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    家居业进入“上市爆发期” 业内质疑“为圈钱”
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    公积金新政助涨北京小户型成交 业内:作用难持续
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