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1. adj. 民主的,大众的,平等的
2. Portugals achievement gives governments and energy companies a tangible example of how it can and does work, and why they should be investing in solar, wind, wave and other renewable technologies now.
3. Chinese state media reported that box office revenue growth was 13.5 percent in 2017, with this year marking only a modest decline.
4. n. 潜力,潜能
5. Meanwhile, figures such as Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, have raised concerns about Chinese state-owned enterprises’ investments in Europe, arguing that they lack international management standards.
6. 2. Marc Fabers Doomsday warning on Bernankes disastrous QE scheme


1. 单词approval 联想记忆:
2. As inevitably happens with all things trade in this White House a vigorous debate has erupted over the future of Korus, as the pact is known in Washington. Among the biggest opponents within the administration are the Trump security team, which thinks breaking commercial ties with an important ally in the middle of a geopolitical crisis is probably not a great idea. US business doesn’t like the idea either. Both are likely to mean at least some short-term delays in Washington carrying out any threats. But then again the politics are also volatile in Seoul. Might the new government there exercise its own right to pull out?
3. 3) I am often irritated 0 1 2 3 4
4. Lufax is the largest, a subsidiary of China’s Ping An Insurance, which is Lufax’s largest shareholder.
5. Concerns about China’s economy have recently dragged down global financial markets, affecting prospects for the eurozone and many others. Such worries are one reason why the European Central Bank is expected on Thursday to unleash a new round of economic stimulus.
6. But as Western manufacturing and industry have declined, taking many working-class towns with them, parents and grandparents have found that the opportunities they once had are unavailable to the next generation.


1. 《皮囊之下》就是如此的直观如此的自由不羁,抛开欢快,离奇的剧情和影片本身的情色——一切都处于黑暗中,摧毁性的性爱中。它是一种力量,在你的皮囊之下。
2. 而其他的队伍还有在尝试赢球的。小牛队,在3-13的战绩面前,骄傲地说他们不会垫底。但是,明年被认为是近年来最好的NBA选秀,有Markelle Fultz, Jayson Tatum, Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Harry Gile, OG Anumoby, Ivan Rabb……等等优质球员。
3. n. 飞行员,领航员,引航员
4. [.reidiein]
5. 1号 what the fuck: “职场辣妈”的新境界
6. 2年前中国股市突破6000点,而2010年股市能否重拾失地呢?当初中国股市行情十分被看好,但今天,如果你问同样的问题,有的人会拿全球经济说事儿——因为全球经济仍旧步履艰难。


1. GOOGLE研究员发现,用安全性问题作为恢复账号登录的唯一方式,并不是那么有效。
2. 9.The Discovery of a New Planet
3. 我可能会说:“我辞退你是因为你工作不达标。”实际上,我并不会说是因为你实在让人受不了,每次和人沟通都会得罪人。
4. 这项技术曾经运用于武器,但是运用在仿生腿上会更复杂。误读信号可能导致安装者跳下桥或站在开动的车辆前,依靠思想控制的仿生腿需要比武器更为复杂的程序。正如研究者指出的那样:如果你使用仿生胳膊,而胳膊动作做错了,可能只是手肘偏移预订位置。而如果仿生腿动作做错了,那可能就是生命安全问题了。
5. “I thought it would be impossible to replace Steve, and to some extent that’s true,” says Professor Michael Cusumano of MIT’s Sloan School of Management. “But internally the spirit is still alive and the company is organising around a less confrontational culture. We have to give Tim credit for that.”
6. 新年英文祝福语大全Best wishes for the year to come! 恭贺新禧! Good luck in the year ahead! 祝吉星高照! May you come into a good fortune! 恭喜发财! Live long


1. Here is a silver lining: Market-rate rents are so high that they probably will not climb much higher next year. “The good news is rents aren’t rising anymore,” Mr. Miller said. “The bad news is they are probably not going to fall.”
2. As institutions are brought under dictatorial control, the opposition is driven into rebellion or acquiescence.
3. v. 擦亮,磨



  • “跨越四十年盛典”——中国墙纸墙布行业标准颁布活动在京举办
    2021-01-22 22:20:06
  • 上海:忻康里550多户居民告别老房
    尚品宅配拟创业板上市 募资约25亿元
    2021-01-18 22:20:06
  • 智能门入驻市场 “以人为本”是核心
    北京房贷利率仍以上浮10%为主 业内认为未来还有上升空间
    2021-01-08 22:20:06
  • 广州二手楼成交明显回升
    新版个人征信报告将上线 “上午离婚下午买房”成过去
    2021-01-11 22:20:06
  • 报告称近8成毕业生希望房租低于2000元/月 你呢?
    2月以来楼市成交分化明显 限购进一步扩围
    2021-01-09 22:20:06
  • 2014年房地产稳健趋势利好玻璃市场
    建材“金九不金” 九月份建材市场继续盘整
    2021-01-15 22:20:06
  • 揭秘家居建材价格欺诈惯用伎俩
    广州出让五宗住宅地 全部未达最高限价
    2021-01-07 22:20:06
  • 呼和浩特楼市新政震惊全国 “抢人大战”格局生变
    “夺命柜”案和解 美三家庭获赔5千万
    2021-01-18 22:20:06
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    This year, several professions geared toward serving the financial and health needs of an aging population made the top ten, says Lee, including audiologist, financial planner, and physical therapist.

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    When asked if the central bank would do more, Dario Perkins, chief European economist at Lombard Street Research, said: “I don’t think so, unless something goes wrong in the wider global economy.”

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    If a sitcom that lasts for 10 years is considered popular, then surely one that still stirs up emotions after 20 must be considered a classic. Friends first aired in the US in 1994, featuring a cast of six young men and women in New York. In the time since, it’s become one of the most famous titles in the sitcom genre, aired in over 100 countries and regions in the world.


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