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1. Hurricane Irma
2. 5)我支撑你:大家都犯过大错误。此时,不要回避,要对对方说一些肯定的话语:“我不是在说你不行。你会度过这个难关的。你不是一个人在战斗。大家将一起解决此事。一切都会没事的。”
3. The Shanghai Stock Exchange saw 26 IPOs, while its Shenzhen counterpart saw 15 IPOs of small-and-medium-sized enterprises and 20 start-up companies.
4. v. 弄短,变短
5. The most encouraging news may be that 88% of the 4,000 executives in a new survey by staffing firm Robert Half International expect business to pick up in the coming 12 months.
6. n. 会议记录,(复数)分钟


1. 2016年的欧洲杯足球赛,俄罗斯与英国球迷因其粗鲁及流氓行为一直占据资讯头条。
2. 12. 《教师》,导演:那达夫·拉皮德。
3. Local educational authorities have since revoked Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training Schools license and launched an investigation into its record. Hauntingly, the schools website remains online, replete with photos of students in camouflage uniforms performing drills and attending what the site labels "wonderful lectures."
4. From the beginning, social networks have been effectively walled off from the Internet. The treasure trove of content on 脸书, for instance, doesnt generally show up on 谷歌 (GOOG). But does it have to be that way? Wouldnt it be convenient to see Twitter search results automatically displayed alongside a standard 谷歌 search, for example? And why, for instance, dont the latest tweets about a restaurant pop up when youre searching Yelp (YELP)? The competing interests of different networks sends this content behind proprietary walls, but a number of tools offer creative ways to bridge the gulf. (Full disclosure: My company has developed one such tool.)
5. May the season\s joy fill you all the year round.
6. Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister whose People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is slightly ahead of the PVV, has seen his poll numbers rise in recent days because of his hardline stance with Ankara. On Tuesday he called Mr Erdogan’s comments “a disgusting distortion of history”, adding: “We will not lower ourselves to this level. It is totally unacceptable.”


1. 6. Miranda Kerr
2. 沃尔玛美国企业总裁兼首席实行官比尔西蒙
3. 这些银行将钱返还给股东的能力有所下降。中央财经大学中国金融业研究中心主任郭田勇表示,缓慢的盈利增长和高额的不良贷款以及存款准备金给银行的资本金补充带来了压力。
4. All told, Ujiri parted with Terrence Ross, Jared Sullinger, and a total of three picks to acquire the two veterans.
5. 9. Jessica Pare
6. HOW MUCH: $1,975,000


1. Maddie is so well recognised these days that a trip to Topshop results in her being mobbed by screaming tween fans who all want a selfie with their idol - something that has been tough to adjust to.
2. Based on a new estimate provided by the government of Dubai, its visitor spending of $31.3 billion this year far exceeds Londons estimated $19.8 billion, which comes second.
3. 2012年春运期间,12306网站系统约售出110万张车票。去年,该系统售出的车票数量同比增加1100万张。
4. The board is frequently covered in equations. Have you ever wondered what those equations mean? Well, we may never know what they mean, but they are all real, accurate equations. Very impressive, Big Bang. Very impressive indeed.
5. 2.SpaceX demonstrates a big step towards fully reusable space craft
6. plane


1. 葡萄牙完全使用可再生能源供电四天
2. Mayweather vs McGregor Fight
3. Technology is hardly a brand new phenomenon in the legal world — many firms now have partnerships with AI and machine-learning businesses, while some have set up their own “incubators” or invested in lawtech start-ups. But the trend has reached critical mass and will accelerate sharply in 2018.



  • 基建投资规划再加码 稳增长带动水泥需求
    2021-01-14 18:39:07
  • 中国家具业出口连续两季度同比下滑 需拓内销渠道
    前7月主要城市房地产调控次数涨八成 下半年调控预计加码
    2021-01-07 18:39:07
  • 成都市“十二五”期间关闭或调迁55家建材企业
    2021-01-19 18:39:07
  • 郑州“房九条”今起实行:违规企业从重处罚
    喜临门众高管离职 代工宜家高毛利惹争议
    2021-01-20 18:39:07
  • 2018年北京GDP首破3万亿
    2021-01-09 18:39:07
  • 二线城市频“放风”稳控楼市 接棒一线领涨全国
    2021-01-24 18:39:07
  • 首批老人入住共有产权养老社区
    中天金融开启金融扶贫 成立集体平台助力乡村致富
    2021-01-18 18:39:07
  • 深圳新房10月成交量环比增54% 价格无明显上涨
    2021-01-21 18:39:07
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    White anxiety has fueled this year’s political tumult in the West: Britain’s surprising vote to exit the European Union, Donald J. Trump’s unexpected capture of the Republican presidential nomination in the United States, the rise of right-wing nationalism in Norway, Hungary, Austria and Greece.

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    首先,大家来回顾一下这些南美国家吧。东道主巴西队肯定是第一个要提到的。时间倒流18个月,巴西在这段时间一直在努力,但是对人称“大菲尔”(Big Phil)的斯科拉里(Scolari)的任命起到了作用。他让球队重新拾回失去的信念。在2013年联合会杯决赛中,3:0大胜西班牙的战果让诸多专业人士震惊,也在突然之间,巴西让人们对他们寄予了厚望。虽然你无法驳斥这样的比分,但是大家依旧想知道巴西是否有实力赢得此次国际足联世界杯。人们预计,内马尔(Neymar)也将放出“魔法”大招,但是他们还是想依靠弗雷德来进球。这不是对弗雷德无礼,不过,在1994以及2002年,巴西之所以能够赢得国际足联世界杯还是依靠于罗纳尔多和罗马里奥领衔前线的成功,而这两位也被誉为国际足联世界杯的传奇人物。

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    THE SLAP (NBC, Feb. 12) Jon Robin Baitz and Lisa Cholodenko are producers of this adaptation of an Australian mini-series about the fallout from a momentary loss of control at a backyard birthday party. The impressive cast includes Peter Sarsgaard, Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton, Brian Cox and Melissa George (who also appeared in the original).



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