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1. 大多数人对瑞典的印象是“一个阴冷而美丽的国度”。但这并非概括瑞典的全部。作为斯堪的纳维亚半岛上面积最大的国家,瑞典人口却十分稀少,对于那些厌倦嘈杂、喜爱静谧生活的人来说,瑞典可以说是人间天堂。在这样舒适的环境中,品尝新鲜海鲜、浆果以及特色奶酪等当地美食,是再合适不过了。
2. Kobe Bryant really hasnt changed that much since high school, even though its been 16 years since hes walked the halls of Lower Merion High School.
3. According to the National Business Daily, the 16 listed banks plan to return 356.2 billion yuan to shareholders as cash dividends in 2015, a decrease of 8.3 billion yuan from the previous year.
4. 3.你必须支撑我所支撑的队伍。
5. a朝向,void空-空城计-避开
6. 6. Smart refrigerator


1. 3.2 深化重要领域和关键环节改革
2. 你或许要很长时间才能实现工作与生活的平衡,但努力遵守这个清单,并将其作为创业的目标,将会产生不一样的效果。创业者如何看待所取得的进步?以及一家企业多快才能实现正常运营和实现收支平衡?遵循这些建议,你很快就能找到答案。
3. 你要去里约看奥林匹克运动会吗?你会在安卓或者iOS上装GOOGLE地图这个应用App吗?我想你已经有了答案了。
4. 许多人认为韩国流行音乐产业的崛起是这个整容热潮背后的原因,许多人带着明星的照片来到整形医院,要求仿照明星的鼻型或眼睛来整容。
5. Chinas National Bureau of Statistics said its property prices index for November showed that new home prices fell 3.7 per cent from a year ago, the third straight annual decline following readings of -2.6 per cent in October and -1.3 per cent in September.
6. 在今年的榜单上,美国学校恢复了自己的优势,上榜的美国学校数量增至51所。2016年,这一数据首次跌破50,降至47所。在8所新上榜或重新上榜的学校中,有6所来自美国。


1. A recent example: When Gwen Stefani launched her new album Spark the Fire, Swyft created a free sticker pack and distributed it on several of its messaging apps. It was downloaded almost a million times and sent between users seven million times, resulting in 41 million impressions in 10 days. Such campaigns cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 for brands, Wray says.
2. cap容纳+acity表名词,“有…倾向”→容量;能力
3. Czech model Petra Nemcova went for a dress in white, which featured an extremely plunging neckline and thigh-high split. Ensuring that both her lithe legs were highlighted to the max, the stunning blonde made sure all eyes were on her as she sashayed down the red carpet.
4. but the rate of growth appeared to slow noticeably in a number of top cities.
5. The former Miss Israel, Gal Gadot spot 6th in the list of 10 most beautiful women of 2015. She is the leading fashion model for the clothing company Castro. Gadot is known for her role as Gisele Yashar in The Fast and the Furious film series.
6. 目前,中国15座城市允许对某些国家的公民实行72小时免签证入境。上海、江苏和浙江则为来自某些国家的国际过境旅客提供144小时免签证停留。


1. It is the first time I have been toSan Francisco. It is a very beautiful city. On the first day of our visit wewent to the Golden Gate Bridge. Seeing the bay view was really pleasant.Every time I am watching movies inJapan, the city and the bridge always seem to get destroyed. I didnt know thecity was so beautiful in person.The bridge might not be around nexttime I visit so Im glad I got to see it.
2. The regulator said that “faced with a complex and volatile market environment,” funds had realised gains of only Rmb294.5bn in the first half, a drop of 42.3 per cent.
3. 单词effective 联想记忆:
4. 但曼谷的吸引力也显而易见:充满生机、食物美味、毗邻一些世界上最美的海滩和岛屿。
5. More recently, however, General Motors made a self-driving car in 1958 that adjusted its steering wheel based on the alternating currents given off by a wire placed inside the road. While the vehicle did actually drive itself, it does not qualify as the first autonomous vehicle because it depended on wires placed inside the ground. The worlds first autonomous vehicle was made by S. Tsugawa and several of his colleagues at Japans Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. However, German engineer Ernst Dickinson is regarded as the pioneer of the autonomous car. In 1987, he developed the VaMoRs which was capable of traveling more than 90 kilometers per hour (55 mph) for about 20 kilometers (12 mi). Seven years later, he made the VaMP, which could recognize road signs, know its own position in a lane, detect other vehicles, and even decide when to change lanes. And a year after that, he and his team made another autonomous vehicle which traveled from Germany to Denmark. The vehicle had a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour (111 mph) and was controlled by a human for about 5 percent of the journey.
6. 美国太空探索技术企业取得了一项令人难以置信的成就。“猎鹰9号”发射器的一级火箭在成功将货物运送到国际空间站后,能够自主转向,释放了主发动机燃烧提供的巨大动能,飞回地球并垂直降落在漂浮在大西洋上的一艘相当小的自动驳船上,极其精准。


1. 国有控股投资增速下滑1.1个百分点至20.5%,这使得国有控股投资在今年1至10月份全国固定资产投资总额中所占的比例小幅下滑至36.6%,但这仍是2011年以来的最高占比之一,反映出今年政府开支在支撑经济增长方面发挥着巨大作用。
2. 该报告还指出,在这方面一马当先的是律师事务所,明年有30%的律所有望扩员。该行业最紧缺的是拥有4~6年工作经验的律师助理,此外,熟悉“诉讼、医疗保健、破产以及止赎等细分法律领域的律师也将炙手可热。”
3. In other words, we’ve just had a false dawn on the climate change front.



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