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1. 国家统计局在发布最新数据的同时进行了解读,它将PPI连续上涨部分归因于煤炭开采和洗选业价格同比上涨15.4%,这一涨幅比上月扩大11.3个百分点。
2. Collins grew up in rural, apartheid-era South Africa in the 1970s. Her childhood inspired her to focus on empowering women living below the poverty line through grassroots efforts. The Wonderbag, which was inspired by watching her grandmother cook with cushions, uses heat retention technology to cook food for 8-12 hours without the need for additional fuel. Collins witnessed the benefits African women received from using Wonderbags, reducing the amount of time they spent collecting firewood. For every bag sold, another is donated to a household in Africa, and in the past four years, the Wonderbags have found themselves in 600,000 African homes. Collins has launched the Wonderbag in the U.S. on 亚马逊, and hopes to sell the products via other retailers by 2014.
3. 3.人工胰腺
4. 斯卡曼德是个魔法生物研究学家。
5. 物理学界这一开拓性的发现已经点燃科学研究的星星之火,而他们的这项研究发展为前沿科技,也不过是时间早晚的事罢了,就像100年前大家无法想象今天的激光和电脑芯片那样,美国物理学会候选会长劳拉?H?格林在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示。
6. 你有D型人格特征吗?有测试表明,拥有这种鲜为人知的性格的人非常善于隐藏情感,甚至他们自己都没有意识到自己很孤单、很焦虑。


1. 节目19 歌曲《一辈子朋友》,杨坤 张靓颖
2. They come mostly from 50 different industries including food and beverage, automobiles and auto components, media, retail, energy and the Internet.
3. 勉强会。民主党将在11月中期选举中重新赢得对众议院的控制权。尽管他们要到2019年1月才能掌控众议院,但他们将马上开始为众议院司法委员会(House Judiciary)启动弹劾做文书方面的准备。川普将称此举为“政治迫害”。但在川普怪诞的总统任期又持续了一年之后,民主党将几乎不可避免地展开造势活动,誓要让川普承担责任。在此之前,无论罗伯特米勒(Robert Mueller)的调查发现了什么,都不可能让足够多的共和党人倒戈反对川普。
4. 7.Make Practice Tests
5. Rogers, unhappy with the turn of events, decided to leave the show after the first three seasons. The breach of contract led to a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Ironically, Wayne Rogers had never signed his contract to begin with (he had a problem with a morals clause). The lawsuit was thrown out. You could say Rogers got the last laugh, but since M·A·S·H went on for eight more seasons and Rogers never reached the same career success again, the last laugh might be a relative concept.
6. add增加,ition名词后缀


1. 15. 《旅行终点》(The End of the Tour) ,导演:詹皇·庞索特(James Ponsoldt)。
2. James Gorman, a Times reporter, accompanied scientists who are trying to understand the genes that distinguish dogs from wolves. Humans who raise wolf puppies must spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with them in order to socialize these puppies for scientific study. And while the pups may seem cute, they will grow to be predatory wolves, not humanity’s faithful companions. The researchers hope their work will help reveal the trigger that made some ancient wolves into the dogs we know today.
3. The blocks of flats which were up to 12 storeys high in the city of Wuhan are making way for a huge new business district including a 707-metre tall skyscraper.
4. White people’s officially privileged status waned over the latter half of the 20th century with the demise of discriminatory practices in, say, university admissions. But rising wages, an expanding social safety net and new educational opportunities helped offset that. Most white adults were wealthier and more successful than their parents, and confident that their children would do better still.
5. In 2016, Chinas box-office experienced a shock correction, with growth plummeting to just 3.7 percent from a roaring 48 percent rate in 2015.
6. LONDON — Since its inception in 2002, the Saturday Profile has aimed to bring to readers of The New York Times people around the world they probably have never heard of, but who have led interesting lives and done extraordinary things, or perhaps recently gone through a remarkable experience.


1. Wuxi, in coastal Jiangsu province, retained the top spot for a second month with growth of 4.9 per cent,
2. An investigation is continuing into how La La Land was wrongly named Best Picture rather than the triumphant Moonlight.
3. 塞舌尔
4. pollution
5. 11月中国外汇储备下降872.23亿美金,接近8月下降940亿美金的纪录——该月中国央行出乎全球市场意料地允许人民币在三天里贬值4.6%。
6. 大家就是要用政府的“痛”换来企业的“顺”,让企业轻装上阵,提高竞争力。


1. 11. Am I dwelling on the past? It is very tempting and almost involuntary to look back on the past and obsess over something we regret or something we miss. Learn to let go and only focus on what’s happening right now, and on the choices you will make today.
2. This is Us
3. But the impact of corporate stinginess can go beyond simply ruining employees’ lunar new year holiday, possibly coming back to bite employers: 39 per cent of respondents said they would look for work elsewhere if their year-end bonus was not up to snuff, an increase of 2.3 percentage points from 2015.



  • 2015年年度家居“大片”榜单出炉!
    多城市住房租赁市场启动 需警惕“租赁泡沫”
    2021-01-07 20:36:11
  • 国务院督查组暗访:房产交易中心有群众四时排队等号
    一二线城市购房标准不断升级 大面积渐受青睐
    2021-01-20 20:36:11
  • 渝深再出楼市政策 多地调控注重“查漏补缺”
    买房半价、800万元安家补助 各地为了招人拼了 房价会怎样?
    2021-01-13 20:36:11
  • 青岛海尔成立3.2亿产业基金 谋求智能家居市场化
    红木行业回暖 市场投资仍需谨慎
    2021-01-16 20:36:11
  • “副中心”语境下的通州楼市:外地租客正在出走
    2021-01-01 20:36:11
  • 政策推动自住购房 改善性置业迎好时机
    国家税务总局:深化增值税改革运行平稳 减税效应逐步显现
    2021-01-17 20:36:11
  • 2013中国国际低碳产业博览会在京结“硕果”
    9月全国期货市场交易规模“缩水” 钢铁建材和化工板块成交下滑明显
    2021-01-16 20:36:11
  • 2015年家居市场惨淡收官 全国规模以上卖场销售额降9.98%
    2021-01-09 20:36:11
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