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1. Congress will authorize billions more in stimulus that wont be called stimulus and wont actually create jobs. And Congress will convene a bi-partisan deficit cutting commission that wont do much either. Until investors stop buying US Treasurys, why should Congress change its ways?
2. Cross talk (Guo Degang and Yu Qian)
3. She then turns back and pecks the man on the cheek, as the crowd erupts in cheers around them.
4. 最佳电视影片:《神探夏洛克:可恶的新娘》(Sherlock: The Abominable Bride [Masterpiece], PBS)
5. The future is always bright if you are an entrepreneur, and the opportunities to create new ventures based on the digitisation of age-old services has a long way to run.
6. Mr Cook’s decision to expand its cash return programme of dividends and share buybacks helped to defuse the situation with the activists, returning $94bn to date. In the end, he stared down the challenge just long enough for the next wave of 苹果 growth to hit and new products to emerge from Sir Jonathan Ive’s workshop.


1. ●"Man shoots off his own penis taking selfies with gun"
2. 理想化地描述并粉饰往昔,把往昔置于想象中的玫瑰色光环中,这是人类的天性。
3. 汉森表示,美国原油增产意味着现货油价对地缘政治事件的反应不如以往那样大了。他说,目前的原油供应足够多,油价受威胁的程度不如以往,2014年将是首个出现一段时间原油供应增量超过需求增量的年头。
4. 一份调查报告称,2014届中国大学毕业生的就业满意度为61%。
5. The report didnt comment on potential factors influencing the numbers, but many – including members of the opposing political party – are laying the blame squarely at the feet of government cost-cutting.
6. 该学院还在国际课程体验方面排名第二。在最新的毕业生当中,逾五分之四的人有过国外实习经历,逾一半学员有过在另一个国家学习超过一个月的经历。


1. HSBC economist Hongbin Qu said the survey pointed to lost momentum in Chinas manufacturing sector: He expects Beijing to respond with measures to counteract the slowdown.
2. 6. A brand new human organ has been classified. Researchers have given the nod to the mesentery - an organ thats been hiding in plain sight in our digestive system this whole time. But thats only half the story, because were still not sure exactly what it does.
3. 李亦表示:“贫困阻碍了网民数量的进一步增加,使得网民数量占全部人口的比例只在50%左右。”
4. Politics also color perceptions of the weather, the survey found. More than three-quarters of Democrats and six in 10 independents believe that the weather has become more extreme over the last few years, while less than half of Republicans say they have perceived such a shift.
5. I think it’s a perfect continuation of my last post of being a football widow and I simply had to share the rules here. I LOVE rule no.6.
6. But, when the skeletal remains were analyzed, the researchers found that the tombs had been reused multiple times. Some of the tombs contain more than 10 occupants, and the"repeated multiple burials warrant further study," the researcherswrote.


1. 报道称,这些公共FaceBook群组的名字包括,“哈佛前1%精英少年表情包群”、“UCLA超变态青少年表情包群”、“USC被宠坏的小少年表情包群”等。
2. “一个12岁的小男孩可不想在自己事业刚刚开始的时候就背负10万欧元的账单。”
3. Job history
4. There were multiple instances of the glamourous royalty keeping Canadians waiting, including the arrival, where the family took a whole 20 minutes to disembark in order to be greeted by the Canadian welcome party.
5. 7. “飞翔莲花”(Flying Lotus),《你死了》(You’re Dead), Warp。新融合乐绝不会对旧融合乐说抱歉,这只是升级而已。身为制作人的“飞翔莲花”既注重延续性,也注重破坏、模糊之美与跳跃剪辑的喧闹。他对死亡的组曲式沉思为不虔敬的智慧留出空间,《永远不能抓住我》(Never Catch Me)这首歌的歌词由肯德里克·拉玛(Kendrick Lamar)创作,堪称年度最佳。
6. 1 February


1. 报告称,名校学生的创业意愿较低,或许因为创业机会成本高。
2. Fast & Furious 6 helped place two other actors high on our list: Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. Diesel lands in fourth place with $887 million. Fast & Furious 6 earned $789 million at the box office worldwide. The third movie in his Riddick franchise hit theaters just a few months after. It only pulled in $98 million, but that was enough to put Diesel ahead of his co-star Walker on our list.
3. 剑桥大学佳奇管理学院也以优异表现结束今年,它首次出现在开放招生和定制高管教育榜单上,而且在MBA榜单上的排名上升3位,在EMBA榜单上的排名上升12位。



  • 李总理主持召开部分省(区)政府主要负责人经济形势座谈会
    2020-12-25 18:56:39
  • 机构:北京高端别墅市场销量环比下降62.4%
    富士康LED南阳合作项目一期投资1.5亿 年销售收入20亿
    2021-01-02 18:56:39
  • 国务院:限制房地产等行业境外投资
    2021-01-04 18:56:39
  • 整合大幕开启 厨卫电器行业洗牌渐行渐近
    品牌沙发、床垫出大问题 软体家具陷质次价高怪圈
    2020-12-31 18:56:39
  • 房地产税收改革加快涂料行业洗牌进程
    9个月“三次调控” 楼市透出哪些新的走势?
    2021-01-03 18:56:39
  • 自住房销售冰火两重天 提高性价比或是出路
    智能家居曲高和寡 万亿级钱景尚远
    2021-01-06 18:56:39
  • 打造现代都市圈 推进新型城镇化
    “王吴”抢做O2O 雷士传统渠道现危机
    2021-01-09 18:56:39
  • 三四线城市建房停不下来 业内称为保证资金链不断裂
    六月首周高端市场发力 二手房网签量环比下降
    2021-01-10 18:56:39
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    Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, a proponent of a “feminist foreign policy,” opened up to Ellen Barry about her abuse at the hands of an old boyfriend when she was a young woman, something she had never said publicly before.

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    Annual shipments by Chinese smartphone manufacturers Huawei, OPPO and vivo rocketed all three companies into the worlds top 5 smartphone manufacturers last year, according to the latest data released by third-party market intelligence firm IDC.



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