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1. Much joy to you in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through.
2. About 980 million yuan of illicit assets were recovered, according to the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.
3. The residents of the Hankou Binjiang estate had been moved out weeks before.
4. Box office sales in the worlds second largest film market have posted average growth of 35 percent year on year since 2003. In 2015 alone, it grew a whopping 48.7 percent, according to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).
5. 伦敦商学院在所有这5项排名上表现强劲。其所有课程都跻身欧洲前十,包括全日制MBA课程排名第二,合办EMBA(与美国哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)合办)和定制高管教育课程均排名第四。
6. 面对竞争时,与A型人格的对手相比,B型人格的人可能不怎么关注输赢,而是尽情享受比赛。


1. adj. 永久的,永恒的
3. Adding pictures of family or objects that are close to you will remind you of what you’ve accomplished and why you work so hard. Keep them on your desk or on a shelf nearby to help you when you need encouragement and motivation. We love the Set of Ten Gold Frames, $28, at UrbanOutfitters.com.
4. I only want you for New year!我只要你作为我的新年礼物!
5. 根据《中国社会保险发展年度报告2015》显示,全国城镇职工与城乡居民养老保险累计结余近4万亿元。
6. 让爱情多姿多彩:荷兰培育出彩虹玫瑰(图)


1. 感情破裂搜索排行居首的是贾斯汀?比伯和赛琳娜?戈麦斯分手的消息,此外维多利亚?彭德尔顿打败了乔治亚?索帕,成为搜索次数最多的真人秀选手。
2. Newly launched Eleven James is bringing collaborative consumption to men’s watches. With a membership program offering access to a curated collection of high-end watches, Eleven James is extending the membership model that has previously been associated with private jets, luxury cars and vacation homes. Beyond the watches, members are enrolled in a dedicated loyalty program which includes a concierge service, access to partner benefits and unique experiences like watch-themed events. Sounds a little bit like men’s watches meet a Net Jets experience? Founder Randy Brandoff has deep experience in luxury marketing, having previously served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Net Jets and the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Marquis Jets. Combining his expertise with a watch industry that’s grown year over year and a business model that’s proven successful in other markets, it looks like Eleven James could be hitting the market at just the right time.
3. NBS senior statistician Sheng Guoqing attributed the slowdown mainly due to a 1.4-percent decline in food prices, which were down for the first time in 15 years.
4. Brands with the most incentive to coast in 2015:Jeep, which must be exhausted after lifting sales an astonishing 44% on the back of the new Cherokee, and Subaru, now the 10th most popular brand in America after improving its sales by 21% in its usual fashion: quietly.
5. Anxiety about addiction to screen time gave rise to a dubious new line of businesses: boot camps, often run by ex-military personnel, promising to help wayward youth kick the habit. But investigative reports p ublished in recent days by Beijing News and the Mirror reveal abusive conditions, leading to the death of at least one student, at the Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School, which billed itself a s an Internet-addiction recovery camp in eastern Henan province.
6. In the best possible way.


1. Since its launch in 2010, the 12306 ticketing system has been upgraded many times to fix bugs and provide better service during the Spring Festival travel rush, or Chunyun.
2. 然而,澳大利亚和西班牙学校表现不错。这两个国家分别有3所学校上榜,且排名均有上升。悉尼的麦考瑞大学管理学院(Macquarie Graduate School of Management)是澳大利亚排名最高的学府,排在第49位,而西班牙IE商学院(IE Business School)的排名上升4个位次,排在第8位,这是这所位于马德里的学校自2012年以来首次回到前10名。
3. This one didnt come easy, though. Toronto fought back from an 18-point deficit and trailed by one late in the game with the ball. But guard Kyle Lowry was called for an offensive foul, and Curry hit two free throws to help seal the win.
4. [distr?kt]
5. 《哈利·波特》粉们,福利来啦!该片是《哈利·波特》前传,讲述了纽特·斯卡曼德在老纽约的冒险经历。该片根据《哈利·波特》中霍格沃兹学院的同名教科书改编而成。
6. 随着我国对稳定经济的新驱动力的投资增加,2016年我国的科技研究与试验发展经费达1.57万亿元,增长10.6%,是2014年以来最快的年增速。


1. Yes, it is that obvious when youre interviewing elsewhere and go MIA, with or without a flimsy excuse. Schedule phone interviews for personal hours, like a lunch break, and take vacation or PTO days for lengthy in-person interviews. "That way, youre not feeling pressured during the interview to get back to work – which can affect how you handle the interview – and youre not stealing time from your employers," Kay says。
2. 2. Worldwide Murders
3. adv. 真诚地,真心地



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    According to the report, some lenders have been using the platform to offer female college students high-interest loans on the condition that the borrowers hand over nude photos of themselves holding their ID cards as collateral.

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    While heavily dominated by French and English schools, accounting for 44 per cent of the table, the ranking is more diverse than ever with schools from 25 countries.

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    200911/88512.shtmlDuring NATO’s 1999 air war over Yugoslavia the Atlantic alliance struck hundreds of targets over Serbia and Kosovo. Most were uncontroversial: air-defense sites army headquarters and other military targets. The destruction of one target in particular however set off a wave of anti-Western—and anti-American in particular—protests half a world away. That target was the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

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    Mila Kunis placed second on the list, followed by Kate Upton, pop star Rihanna and Emma Stone.



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