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1. 基因疗法发展良好。
2. Still, there are bulls in the market.
3. state站,立+ment→站着说话→声明;陈述
4. If all this comes to pass, Huberty estimates that Apples addressable smartphone market in China, which had dwindled to 10%, could triple to nearly 30%.
5. Australia is the No. 8 Best Country overall. The Land Down Under – No. 4 in Quality of Life and No. 9 in Adventure – also ranks in the top 10 in terms of education.
6. The parallels between Snapchat, the upstart "sexting" service, and social media behemoth 脸书 (FB) in its early days are uncanny. We all know how well Zuckerbergs long bet paid off (not to mention how thoroughly he vanquished those dastardly Winklevoss twins). Could Snapchats future be just as bright?


1. 排行榜上前7所院校还是老面孔。澳大利亚新南威尔士大学商学院(UNSW Business School of Australia)澳大利亚管理研究生院(AGSM)首次上榜,排在第八位。
2. ‘Episodes’ This comedy on Showtime, too often overlooked, follows the bewilderment of two British TV writers stuck in Hollywood creating a series for Matt LeBlanc, who plays a diva version of himself very convincingly. Not many shows set in the entertainment industry can sustain the conceit, but this is one that got even better in its third year.
3. This year, online storefronts will generate an estimated $294 billion, or approximately 9% of all U.S. retail sales, according to forecasts by Forrester Research. By 2018, e-commerce will account for more than 11% of the total, or approximately $414 billion, with transactions made with tablets and smartphones accounting for about 20% of the online total, Forrester projects.
4. 推进健康中国建设。
5. No one in Detroit has forgotten the snowstorm of 1999, when airplanes were mired for hours on the tarmac at Detroit Metropolitan International Airport. Likewise, US Airways encountered its own holiday mishap in 2004-05, when more than 72, 000 bags were lost or damaged.
6. Shanghai is the most popular destination for new job seekers, followed by Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing. Provincial capitals cities in central and western regions are also among the top choices for the new graduates.


1. 日历一页一页地翻到了12月,一些球队是时候考虑垫底的不可避免性了。那么,哪些球队应该开始着手垫底,哪些球队还需要观望,而哪些球队应该放弃这种打算呢。Flanns 和Zillz将会就这一问题展开讨论。
2. 年龄:44岁
3. Promoting employment should be prioritized, said Premier Li Keqiang at a meeting organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on last Friday.
4. That is changing. One big 2013 move for benchmark Brent crude came in August, when international intervention in Syria seemed increasingly likely. But while the price of Brent, which is traded on Londons IntercontinentalExchange, did rise by 5% on the threat of U.S.-led airstrikes, it didnt come close to the 2013 high.
5. 1950年巴西首次承办国际足联世界杯,由于要在家照顾卧病在床的母亲,巴西球迷朱蒂尔·桑乔·贝尔蒙特错过了巴西与乌拉圭的决赛。六十四年过后,贝尔蒙特用原版未曾使用的决赛门票换取了三张本届国际足联世界杯决赛的入场券。
6. 在主要的美国航空企业中,全美航空企业拥有最高的假日航班准点率,在榜单上排名第五,去年感恩节和圣诞节期间的航班延误率为15.57%。与此同时,计划和全美航空企业合并的美国航空企业(American Airlines)排名倒数第四,FlightAware网站的数据显示,该企业航班延误率达到19.7%。


1. 公关行业胜在连基本的发邮件、说话和开会都能玩出无穷的花样。入围作品有:“我想跳上你的雷达”(别,你要跳上来雷达就完了)还有“大家找时间联系,相互更新一下情况”。我最喜欢的是这个,一位名叫迈克尔的这样写道:“希翼你别介意这次广推(outreach)。”哎吗,我很介意。主动凑上去(reach out)已经够让人腻歪的了,就算你把它当名词使,还颠倒了词序,也并没啥用好吗。迈克尔,“沟通杯”(Communications cup)归你了。
2. I formerly had an Android device (even though I have had a MacBook since 2009 – weird, I know). After switching this summer, I quickly realized the power of 苹果 “Reminders.” Each time a reminder is due, your 苹果 buzzes and displays a pop-up. You can snooze it or mark as completed. In addition, you can set up recurring reminders, which are perfect for remembering to mail estimated quarterly tax payments, renewing subscriptions, running payroll and other things you tend to forget.
3. 与2013-2014赛季的世界各大足球联赛相比,本届国际足联世界杯的场均进球确实更多。荷甲以场均进球3.2个高居欧洲各大联赛之首,德国足球甲级联赛则以3.16个紧随其后。上个赛季,其他联赛的场均进球都没有超过2.8个。目前,美国职业足球大联盟的场均进球为2.89个。
4. But the developments also point to the vast gap in the use of such cases between the US and EU, where a debate is under way over whether to grant China “market economy” status in the World Trade Organisation, a concession that would make it even harder to bring anti-dumping cases.
5. [?d?m?nt]
6. 该书编辑马丁輠祹(Martin Ford)周二在纽约的颁奖典礼上获得了英国《金融时报》和麦肯锡(McKinsey & Company)颁发的3万英镑奖金。


1. The various mustaches were conceived by the designer Frances Hannon, who has built a number of facial hair styles for Bill Murray in Anderson films (“Rushmore,” “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”). Here, she asked many of the actors to grow out their facial hair so she would have the option to cut it in any shape she wanted.
2. 说到这一点,你要注意的是,不要影响其他的人。没有人想每隔十分钟就听到你提问一次。如果你实在是不懂的话,可以在课后约上老师再讨论。
3. Remembering the World’s Oldest Person, in the Objects She Left Behind



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