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1. 报告还显示,2012年以来,企业养老保险累计结余虽不断扩大,但可支付月数由2012年的19.7个月下降至2015年的17.7个月。
2. The need to rebuild supersedes the desire to not give Boston another great pick. That hole has already been dug. Time to crawl out the only way you can: slowly, through smart draft picks, trades, and signings.
3. Most of Friends was shot before cellular phones and 谷歌 were ubiquitous. The clothes and gadgets seem a bit outdated these days. Despite this, the show’s key elements still hold up remarkably well in the eyes of young viewers.
4. We think of the passage of NBA time in seasons, for obvious reasons. Theres connection, a continuum. Its how we remember things that happen, in the course of a season of play. But theres some benefit to looking back at a calendar year, January 1 to December 31, and what weve learned in that process. After all, many say the "unofficial start" to the NBA season is Christmas, with the new year starting soon after. So here are the lessons we learned about the NBA in the year 2017.
5. In dollar terms, imports plunged 18.8 per cent last month to $114.19, from a 7.6 per cent drop in January and versus an expected drop of 3.6 per cent.
6. “The Fed was much more aggressive than expected,” Mr Koepke says. “Taking markets by surprise was clearly not the way to go.” (This was before the Fed began making regular public statements after its monetary policy meetings.)


1. Trium’s alumni value studying alongside senior and international classmates. “It allowed us to exchange [ideas] among ourselves and derive as much additional knowledge as [we gained] from the course itself,” says one.
2. The film version of the popular television series "Legend of Sword and Fairy", also known as Chinese Paladin starts shooting in Zhejiang Province today.
3. Statistics showed that Tibet had around 590,000 rural poor by the end of 2015.
4. 这个触动人心的成长故事完美捕捉了一个人从青少年初长为成年人的甜蜜又苦涩的阶段。
5. 除了作为微信核心的私聊和群卿功能之外,用户还可以通过“漂流瓶”功能寻找新的好友,具体方法是录制一段信息装在虚拟的“瓶子”里扔出去,等陌生人捡起来回复。“查看附近的人”功能与一些手机交友应用相似,用户通过它可以浏览附近其他用户的资料。另外还有一个名叫“朋友圈”的功能,用户通过它可以将相册公开分享给好友群,跟照片分享应用Instagram很像。
6. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood right now, so its no surprise that a lot of men find her to be irresistible.


1. o Tesla is a car for rich people. With an average price of $85,000, it is safe to say that few Tesla owners are buying one to save money on fuel, and the car’s range limitations mean that a Tesla is never the only car in an owner’s garage. At some point, these same people will stop viewing Tesla as the flavor of the month, its order backlog will shrink, and Tesla will have to scrap for sales like other manufacturers.
2. productive
3. 3 . 《歌剧魅影》( T h e Phantom of the Opera )是 由安德鲁·韦伯(Andrew Webber)作曲的著名音乐剧,剧中的男主人公“魅影”(Phantom)的右脸上戴着一副面具。
4. 拉娜·德雷《渴望生活》
5. May the bright and festive glow of New Year candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying New Year that is happy in every way.
6. "某时,世界呈现给大家是相互分隔的,但是这些影片和电视作品让大家感觉世界是相通的,"美国影片学院的总裁兼首席实行官Bob Gazzale如是说。"美国影片学院奖表彰这些影片艺术家们,勇于挑战,让大家受到鼓舞,娱乐,又励志,最后让大家意识到,大家都有着同样的心跳,"


1. Inflation for consumers, meanwhile, ticked up slightly to 1.5 per cent, versus a five-year low of 1.4 per cent in November.
2. 几乎所有的创业者(93%)都将获得新技能列为自己决定读EMBA的重要或非常重要的因素。“我知道自身技能的价值,而不必‘担心’没有工作,”其中一位创业者说。
3. 8.鲜花往往不属于赏花人,而属于牛粪。
4. 织密扎牢民生保障网。
5. adj. 全国流行的 n. (全国或全世界范围流行的)疾
6. 成功的创业者需要付出努力和毅力,因为非常不幸的是,世上并没有创业小精灵,能够神奇般地将成功赐予小企业和他们的老板。


1. The parallels between Snapchat, the upstart "sexting" service, and social media behemoth 脸书 (FB) in its early days are uncanny. We all know how well Zuckerbergs long bet paid off (not to mention how thoroughly he vanquished those dastardly Winklevoss twins). Could Snapchats future be just as bright?
2. 它们的计算方法着重于学校的研究成果和声誉而非特定的本科或研究生课程。这不同于该报在编纂最佳学院排名和最佳研究生院排名时所用的方法。
3. fMyMcOap+fQw~Mwi)uNa



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    国家统计局:2017年国内生产总值827122亿元 比上年增长6.9%
    2021-01-18 03:22:00
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    She also said that in the longer-term the other “R” was “reset”, by which she explained that monetary and fiscal policies around the world still had a long way to go before they could be classed as normal. “The final reset is those structural reforms that are necessary in all corners of the world,” she added.

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