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1. 与官方PMI指数相比,财新赞助的系列调查的样本是数目少得多的民营企业,其结果的波动性往往更大。而官方PMI指数则主要关注规模更大的国有企业。
2. courage(n 勇气)
3. 日历一页一页地翻到了12月,一些球队是时候考虑垫底的不可避免性了。那么,哪些球队应该开始着手垫底,哪些球队还需要观望,而哪些球队应该放弃这种打算呢。Flanns 和Zillz将会就这一问题展开讨论。
4. [p?li?]
5. The Divergent Star Shailene Woodley top the list of most beautiful women of 2015. The young Hollywood star found breakthrough success in The Descendants (2011). She was considered one of the “55 Faces of the Future” by Nylon Magazines Young Hollywood Issue.
6. Investigators have arrested one youth and one 18-year-old in connection to the July 9th shooting death, which occurred inside a Jamestown Cres. home.


1. “It’s horrible,” he said. “Whenever I see someone with a gun, I take it away and report it to police.”
2. 9.Touchscreens
3. Sam Smith is a fluid soul man, with style channeling Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles alongside modern icons like Amy Winehouse and Adele.
4. 被氦气顶起来的泡沫穿过图形模板。
5. pro前面,to头,col=coll-前面的头要酷一点儿-礼节
6. “One person said he was going to the men’s room and didn’t return.”


1. 13. 苹果 Reminders
2. 虽然有17%的毕业生将创业列为同等最重要的原因,但他们中只有2%的人将此视为自己唯一主要的目标。然而,学员身上的创业精神明显在增强,超过四分之一的毕业生(26%)称在就读EMBA期间或毕业后创办了自己的企业。
3. A few people took advantage of technology:
4. 星巴克的品牌价值增长49%,排名第21位,该企业已从咖啡馆发展到人们可以逗留一整天的地方,它现在供应早餐、午餐和晚餐,一些地方还供应酒水。
5. Based on a new estimate provided by the government of Dubai, its visitor spending of $31.3 billion this year far exceeds Londons estimated $19.8 billion, which comes second.
6. 价格:197.5万元(约合人民币1264万元)


1. 拉娜·德雷《渴望生活》
2. v. 拥抱,包含,包围,接受,信奉
3. This elegant, informative and borderline beautiful sentence is a reminder that despite the horrific nature of the entries below, clarity remains attainable.
4. 每平方英尺单价:667美金(每平方米约合人民币4.6万元)
5. 美国时间上周日,乡村音乐界的大牌们齐聚拉斯维加斯,出席2013年乡村音乐学院奖颁奖典礼。
6. 5、毕福剑违纪


1. 慈善组织DoSomething.org本周发布了最慈善明星前20的名单,这位23岁的乡村歌手因给美国国家名人堂博物馆捐款400万美金被授予此称号。
2. 单词impresario 联想记忆:
3. 中国会很快宣布一系列的关于房价调控和医疗保险的措施。在2014年,中国仍然需要建造7500万间超过7万5千美金的房产。这方面的投资,特别是医疗方面,使得普通中国消费者开始进入少存钱多花钱的消费习惯,进而促进内需,最终促进长期的就业增加。



  • 二手房业主心态逐渐转强 多数不肯让价卖楼
    2021-01-04 19:38:03
  • 一二三线城市房价稳中有涨 租赁市场成调控重点
    评论:中国楼市将现短期调整 深度调整城市集中
    2021-01-08 19:38:03
  • 倒闭潮汹涌来袭,家具企业要小心注意!
    华灿、木林森开启强强合作 签订15亿元协议
    2021-01-19 19:38:03
  • 北京南城最大建材物流仓储基地被拆
    2021-01-06 19:38:03
  • 智能家居续获资本青睐 联电国际喜拔新年头筹
    2021-01-10 19:38:03
  • 赣州1-2月家具出口大增 出口货值超过1亿美金
    房地产投资增幅回落 珠三角三地现负增长
    2021-01-03 19:38:03
  • 任志强称大部分城市房价涨不了 网友:该出手了
    2021-01-06 19:38:03
  • 北大荒看好PPP 跨界收购照明工程企业
    2021-01-12 19:38:03
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    But with Jrue Holiday back and Anthony Davis putting up historic numbers, they arent going to be bad enough to get a Fultz or Jackson. Why couldnt last years draft class be this good?

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    《小可爱与拳击手》(Cutie and the Boxer)几乎没有受到观影公众的注意,但好影片名单并非票房大片的罗列。这部达到正片长度的纪录片是扎克利?海因策林(Zachary Heinzerling)的处女作,其影响与感悟同样出色。表面上它只是讲述了一段勉力维持了40年的问题婚姻。然而在表面之下,又惊人地暴露出来的是一段有关竞争(夫妻双方都是艺术家)、怨恨、不情愿的奉献以及持久的爱(这是最让人震惊的)的历史。

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    11. Our gut bacteria are messing with us in ways we could never have imagined. New research has revealed that neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinsons might actually start out in the gut, rather than the brain, and theres mounting evidence that the human microbiome could be to blame for chronic fatigue syndrome. With gut bacteria showing signs of controlling our appetite, changing our brain structure, and triggering brain lesions that could lead to strokes, our tiny passengers are a force to be reckoned with.

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    Exports had risen in renminbi terms last month as well, up 5.9 per cent. But when valued in dollars they grew only 0.1 per cent year on year to $196.8bn. Still, that was well above expectations of a 5 per cent fall after contraction had softened somewhat in October to 7.3 per cent.

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    Consumer and producer prices are still either muted or in deflationary territory in China – but last month marked something of an uptick for each.



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