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1. "All of these lists together speak a lot about 2010, and the revolutions in politics and technology of the year," Chan said.
2. Actress in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”
3. 1. 热爱自己的事业。
4. 据《21世纪经济报道》称,广东去年的GDP增速为7.5%。
5. No.2: Another Reason for Staying in Bed
6. 单词muscular 联想记忆:


1. Demagogues are the Achilles heel of democracy.
2. A recent example: When Gwen Stefani launched her new album Spark the Fire, Swyft created a free sticker pack and distributed it on several of its messaging apps. It was downloaded almost a million times and sent between users seven million times, resulting in 41 million impressions in 10 days. Such campaigns cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 for brands, Wray says.
3. The valuation that all this good news is creating for Tesla is truly astonishing. A Tesla watcher named Zoltan Ban, writing in Seeking Alpha, figures that Tesla is already priced as if it sells several hundred thousand cars a year when in reality it will sell only about 35,000 in 2014. Another way of looking at this: At current prices, each car the company sells this year is valued at $1 million.
4. DAloisio himself strives to maintain a bubble of normalcy. He dates the same girl he did before the whirlwind hit. And though hes stopped attending school-hes too busy to sit in class while overseeing Summlys development-he still gets his work from his teachers and meets with them regularly. He cherishes the fact that his circle of friends knows little of his life as a budding industrialist. When I met him, he was about to head to Greece for a weeklong vacation with a pack of high school pals.
5. With both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq returning over 14% while the Dow and MidCap 400 each kicking in close to 10%, you would assume that passive investors would have an awful lot to celebrate this year. And indeed, they would have, if it weren’t for those pesky overseas stocks that did nothing but drag on the performance of any diversified portfolio.
6. 8.Suicide Squad


1. adj. 准确的,精确的
2. "If reform implemented 30 years ago solved the problem of ideology, then, at present, reform is to solve the problem of interests. Reform at present is actually like cutting our own with a knife, and we all need to be determined and must strengthen our confidence." WANG YANG, NPC deputy and member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee
3. 去年影片市场的一个亮点是,共有七部高质量的国产影片在票房前10名的榜单中。其中就包括真人与动画结合的《捉妖记》、以及基于经典古代故事的3D动画影片《大圣归来》。
4. 我曾经看到经理们因为工作环境大都是男性所以没有雇佣一位女性。他们不会在乎那个女人有多聪明,多利害。她就是不合适。
5. Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California in this March 2, 2011,
6. 办公室总有一两个让人让大多数人都无法容忍的人,但是如果你不喜欢大多数的同事,那么你的工作就会变得不愉快因为你不得不整天和他们在一起工作。如果你再也不能容忍他们,试试找一个你能够和里面的职员和平相处的企业了。


1. [stik]
2. BrandZ表示,这些品牌靠近国内市场,这帮助它们从全球品牌手中夺取市场份额,它们还在新地区赢得市场份额。
3. 圣文森特(St. Vincent),《数码证人》(Digital Witness), Loma Vista/Republic
4. 4) I often feel inhibited in social interactions 0 1 2 3 4
5. 在大型科技企业内部,女性雇员将希翼看到加薪和升职方面发生变化的迹象——但是,随着男性权利在硅谷某些角落开始酝酿反击,她们也会保持警惕。
6. 《每日经济资讯》引用一位专家的话称,银行业已经经历了一个低利润增长期,并且将持续很长一段时间。该专家表示,在过去的十几年里,银行业每年净利润增长达到35%至40%。但现在每年都不到1%,甚至有的银行都进入亏损状态。


2. 2. Shanghai, China-The enormous metropolis of Shanghai—Chinas most populous city—has an historic urban core which sits alongside its status as a contemporary, global financial hub.
3. Song “The Spring Blossom” (Na Ying)



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    Obama enters his second four-year term faced with a difficult task of tackling $1 trillion annual deficits, reducing a $16 trillion national debt, overhauling expensive social programs and dealing with a gridlocked U.S. Congress that looked likely to maintain the same partisan makeup。

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