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1. 你要去里约看奥林匹克运动会吗?你会在安卓或者iOS上装GOOGLE地图这个应用App吗?我想你已经有了答案了。
2. The theory that exercise boosts your intelligence might have some basis in fact according to a study conducted at Georgia Tech. Even if you dont like lifting weights, and the inside of a gym makes you want to run for the nearest doughnut shop, it might take just 20 minutes to enhance your memory, according to the 2014 study. Researchers asked participants to work out for 20 minutes in an intense manner and found that just 20 minutes of activity could help improve "episodic memory" by as much as 10% in young adults.
3. 这家瑞士学校在2016年全球90个最佳管理学硕士项目中荣登榜首,连续6年夺冠。
4. "According to our survey last year, only 0.6 to 0.7 percent of students at universities were thinking about starting their own companies. The number among vocational school students was as high as 2.2 percent. However, the idea of vocational students starting businesses is related more to creating jobs for themselves, and the majority of them have chosen to have online shops."
5. A $20 billion number would make any investor salivate, but when divided between buybacks and dividends, its pocket change compared to the share repurchase announcements other companies have made in 2014.
6. I can well imagine that in 2016 the oil price will bounce back from its current sub $40 level. The Saudis may try to cut production, there could be more conflict in Iraq, terrorists could attack some of the prize targets such as the oil terminals at Ras Tanura and Abqaiq. Anything is possible, something is likely. But the question is how far the bounce will go.


1. NeXT 电脑企业总裁兼CEO史蒂夫乔布斯在向公众展示他的新一代NeXT 工作站(此时乔布斯已经离开苹果创办了皮克斯动画和NeXT 电脑企业),1990年9月18日,旧金山
2. 这把小伞保护您的狗狗免受日晒雨淋。
3. 荷兰合作银行表示,预计大豆价格将保持强劲,目前在1蒲式耳10美金上方,同时由于需求稳定上升,预计奶制品价格明年也将上涨。
4. 但是,租金稳定政策的反对者怀疑,在共和党人把持州议会的情况下,2015年将不会是租户运动的分水岭。舍温·贝尔金(Sherwin Belkin)是一名代表业主利益的律师,他说:“业主们认为可以借此机会对租金管制政策做一些亟需的改变。”
5. Experts say that 2016 was a remarkable year for the Chinese film industry as it realized growth while facing multiple challenges including the rapid development of the internet, the increasingly sophisticated tastes of Chinese audiences, and the economic downturn in the country.
6. Over 11 million new urban jobs, and a registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent.


1. Although the average punctuality rate of the surveyed airports rose 7% year-on-year to 70.4% in 2016, the average delay time was 33 minutes.
2. n. 史诗,叙事诗 adj. 史诗的,叙事诗的,宏大的,
3. 英国统计学家不愿纠正RPI服装价格部分的已知错误,每年把巨额资金从学生、新毕业生、纳税人和铁路通勤者重新分配给了与该指数挂钩的英国政府债券持有人、领着与RPI挂钩的退休金的富裕退休金领取人、以及铁路企业。
4. “我才17岁——我想留在家人和朋友身边,继续上学,”他说,“在可以预见的未来里,我将留在伦敦。”
5. The American share in the total drugspending is about one third. IMS experts estimate that in 2014 it will rise11.7 percent. The UShas particularly high prices, according to the report, but drug makers defendthis by citing the soaring cost of new medicine development.
6. [vai?r?s]


1. Gender diversity is increasing among graduates working in the financial industry, according to data collected for the 2017 edition of the Financial Times ranking of masters in finance programmes.
2. 本文列举了16种我本人几乎每天都会使用的应用App,我还将在本文中讨论为什么你也应该使用它们。
3. “An employee packed up her belongings and walked out without a word.”
4. Condos and co-ops have been laying down the law, writing warning memos and fining wayward residents. For renters, breaking the rules could jeopardize a lease. Condos are tightening security, asking doormen to scrutinize visitors and requiring residents to sign authorization forms for guests. The practice has also raised insurance concerns.
5. Structural challenges in the market, which is dominated by large property developers, have generally acted as disincentives to large European and US asset managers.
6. archery;shooting;triathlon;Modern Pentathlon.


1. 权且称之为“白”的危机。
2. 据中国在线招聘服务平台智联招聘发布的一项调查显示,2017年应届大学毕业生平均签约月薪为4014元(582美金),签约在一线城市的应届毕业生约占三成。
3. 根据两位了解相关计划的人士的说法,中国政府正在禁止中国旅游团体赴韩国旅游,这是对韩国拟部署美制萨德(Thaad)反导系统的最新报复手段。



  • 建材产品遭质监部门曝光岂是“小事儿”
    2021-01-04 04:43:08
  • 雷士照明董事会称接管重庆总部 吴长江否认
    湖北城建大提速、大变局 改革开放40年 百强房企70强入武汉
    2020-12-30 04:43:08
  • 国家统计局:前5月中国家具零售总额达763亿元
    2021-01-16 04:43:08
  • 楼市密集调控一年 2018开启“租赁时代”
    四部门:改革社会保险费征收体制 总体上不增加企业负担
    2021-01-01 04:43:08
  • 郭安:2020年南昌光谷LED照明将完成1000亿目标
    2021-01-08 04:43:08
  • 财政部、税务总局、国务院扶贫办发布公告: 企业扶贫捐赠准予 所得税税前据实扣除
    马桶节水新国标定量5升 将于今年年底实施
    2021-01-07 04:43:08
  • 中国成最大木材进口国 美国木材在中国畅销
    今年前两月 个税专项附加扣除政策已惠及4400多万人
    2021-01-11 04:43:08
  • 长租公寓,“存量房”时代的管理困境的出路
    2021-01-13 04:43:08
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    Asia and Australia account for 11 of the worlds top 20 most expensive cities, with eight from Europe and one from South America, the Economist Intelligence Units (EIU) worldwide cost of living index found. No North American cities featured in the top 20.

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    Airlines with operations based west of the Rockies boast the fewest flights that arrive late during the holidays, according to data compiled for Forbes.com by FlightAware.

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    Burgeoning crude supply is liable to drive prices lower in 2014 after a run of years when emerging markets supported demand, as shifting dynamics continue to change the oil landscape.

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