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1. The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain sound, the capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage of commercial bans remain high, and we have many financial tools and instruments that can be used. We have the confidence, the ability, and the means to forestall systemic risks.
2. 读:炸-震动
3. In a bid to curb capital outflows and ease downward pressure on the renminbi, Chinese regulators have imposed a series of new restrictions on outbound dealmaking in recent months. The new curbs came after outbound investment in non-financial assets surged by 44 per cent in 2016 to a record $170bn.
4. n. 好客,殷勤,酒店管理
5. Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Louie Anderson, “Baskets”
6. 它轻便易折叠,适合携带出行。


1. 还有哪对系列影片的荧幕情侣可以像《暮光之城》的克里斯汀?斯图尔特和罗伯特?帕丁森这样成功开创戏路呢?两个人都成为了影坛名角。帕丁森在最新作品《好时光》中延续了他近年来这种让人几乎认不出的造型风格。在《迷失Z城》中,他把自己打扮成胡子蓬乱的眼镜男,如今他又把头发染成亚麻色,变身为一个试图在纽约完美做案,结果却让患有发育性残疾的弟弟(本?萨弗迪饰)被捕的银行抢劫犯。他试图用盗取的钱来给弟弟交保释金,结果麻烦接踵而至。很多的麻烦。除了饰演弟弟一角外,本?萨弗迪还和自己的哥哥约书亚?萨弗迪共同执导了这部影片。《好时光》入围了今年戛纳影片节的主竞赛单元,参与角逐金棕榈奖。该片于11月3日在日本上映,11月17日在英国和爱尔兰上映,11月23日在希腊上映。(资料来源:A24制片企业)
2. 这把小伞保护您的狗狗免受日晒雨淋。
3. Wang Chunfa, executive secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology, has expressed deep concern over the retraction, which came just days after he met in Beijing with Arnout Jacobs, the head of Springer Nature for Greater China.
4. 课程安排:伊利诺州埃文斯顿校区授课时间为每隔一周的周五至周日;佛罗里达州迈阿密校区每月上一次课,授课时间为周四下午至周日中午
5. Tracey and Viv Williams, a British couple, dressed as the green cartoon ogres from Shrek at their wedding held recently. Tracy, 33, made a lovely Princess Fion
6. Additional reporting from Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin


1. The quickest growth in executive pay on average came from the hotel and catering sectors, at 47.58%.
2. 当小李子上台领取奖杯时,制片人哈维·韦恩斯坦兴奋地拍拍他的背,全场观众起立为他喝彩。
3. 《X战警:天启》据悉将于2016年5月27日上映。
4. 当你在求职布告栏比如Monster或者Indeed发布你的简历时,你现在的雇主是可有机会看到你的简历的。Foss说很多人事和经理经常在求职栏搜索职工的名字看他们是不是在找工作。
5. adj. 不合法的,非法的
6. What’s more, in recognition of their working on the bizarre properties of matter in extreme states and taking their research all the way down to an atomic scale, the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three British-born scientists who currently work in the US.


1. 自2005年以来,年度最佳商业图书奖的评奖标准一直是“对现代商业问题提供了最令人叹服且最有趣味的深刻见解”。2014年的获奖者是托马斯皮凯蒂(Thomas Piketty)的《21世纪的资本》(Capital in the Twenty-First Century)。
2. 住房市场在去年年初表现抢眼,但到年末时则受到不断加重的担忧情绪困扰,这其中包括利率上升、供给制约、信贷收紧及一系列其他问题。
3. 改革就是要解放和发展生产力,调动广大人民的积极性,让群众得到实惠,为政之要就是要舍小利、顾大义、顺民心。
4. Airbnb的紧要关头
5. On Tuesday Saarland became the first German region to ban campaigning by foreign politicians. Several German local councils had called off planned Turkish ministers’ campaign meetings on technical grounds, such as fire safety.
6. 这封信件在十天以前神奇般的被寄到了加利福尼亚大学的宾夕法尼亚州分校,这所大学位于宾州的东北部。寄给Moore先生的这封信是1958年2月20日的信件,上面还写着“永远爱你的Vonnie”。


1. n. 声明,陈述
2. Wade was probably a little easier to stop back in high school before he had filled into his 64 frame that makes him so unstoppable today.
3. Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden are the worlds happiest countries, according to the survey of 156 countries. Rwanda, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Benin and Togo -- all nations in Sub-Saharan Africa -- are the least satisfied with their lives, the report said. China ranks 93rd in the list.



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