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1. Recipient: Kim Kardashian
2. 从该剧2007年首播至今,大家似乎患上了哈德利·弗里曼(Hadley Freeman)在《卫报》(The Guardian)上所称的“广告狂人狂热症”(madmenalaria)。
3. My Sunshine
4. Since the establishment of Avic 1 and Avic 2 in 1999, which really marked the beginning of China’s push into the commercial aerospace market, there has been no doubt about China’s intent and the direction it wants its industry to take. But the pace at which it would achieve this ambition was less uncertain. Almost 20 years on, things have become much more clear, and there is now little doubt that China is well on its way to succeeding where several other countries have failed in becoming a full-fledged player in the large commercial aircraft manufacturing sector, with the potential to disrupt the long-standing duopoly of Airbus and Boeing.
5. China denies any wrongdoing and says it is working to tackle problems of industrial overcapacity that have become more acute as its economy has slowed.
6. "I have school tomorrow, so I cant stay up late," she told the paper.


1. STEP 8: PRACTICE the method of loci or roman room, or at least pretend to
2. 201401/271211.shtmlThe worst password of 2013 is 123456 according to new research.
3. “I am so overwhelmed and elated that fur has been banned from London Fashion Week! Progress!” Faith wrote.
4. Mr Erdogan, who has also benefited domestically from the row with Mr Rutte, has sought to broaden his diplomatic dispute to take on all of the EU, particularly Germany, which has had similar run-ins with Ankara over campaigning in Germany’s large Turkish community.
5. Meanwhile the services PMI reading for the month was 51.2. It had been 52 in October. The manufacturing PMI, reported earlier this week, came in at 48.6 in November, versus expectations of 48.3. It had been 48.3 in October
6. 马特·劳拉


1. China has fully complied with UN resolutions on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and is a staunch supporter of upholding the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.
2. 立场:承诺聘用老兵
3. THE BRIDGE (Hulu, Friday) The second season of this Danish-Swedish crime drama (the source for FX’s recently canceled series of the same name) once again involves the Oresund Bridge connecting the two countries.
4. The bigger Tesla gets, the more complex its operations become. Since it sells directly to customers and eschews franchised dealers, it will have to develop a network of service centers to handle repairs on the cars it sells. Its unusually generous warranty, which obligates it to buy back used cars for 50% of their original base price after three years, could create a second channel of used Teslas. “Tesla will be eating a lot of three-year-old cars that aren’t as sexy or rare as they were a year ago,” wrote one Seeking Alpha blogger. ‘To me, it sounds like a potential mess.”
5. 以下是五个脱颖而出的、值得在2014年加以关注的初创企业。
6. For Maddie Ziegler, from Pennsylvania, life couldnt be more different.


1. Teach First自成立以来将5000名毕业生送入学校任教,与低收入地区的逾100万学生合作,帮助提高了教学质量,尤其是伦敦地区的教学质量。
2. Umbrellas for dogs are having a moment. They’re cute and funny, but also practical.
3. "绝望主妇"伊娃与老公的性感广告宣传照
4. st站,立+able→能站的→稳定的
5. Fiddle with items, your hair, flick your fingers, rub your leg, pace, rock, and bite your lips.(Well, most of that could just be on the "how to cumberbatch" list)
6. Comic skit “I Want To Be In Spring Festival Gala” (Various artistes)


1. Some 88 Chinese universities are included in the Global 400 subjects in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject, which was released Tuesday by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a higher education research firm.
2. Several car names were among the top 50, from ‘ferrari’ to ‘mercedes.’
3. Jiang Yiyi at the China Tourism Academy suggests China adopt a long-term national plan to improve the countrys image and investment in inbound tourism to attract more visitors.



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