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1. [steitm?nt]
2. Former Disney star-turned-wild child singer Miley Cyrus followed as the number two celeb gone good, according to the website. Father-to-be Channing Tatum came in third.
3. 9.在培养皿中跳动的心脏
4. 第三步 练习古怪表情
5. WhatsApp had been particularly ad-averse before its sale to 脸书. CEO Jan Koum kept a note from co-founder Brian Acton taped to his desk to remind him of the company’s core values. It read: “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!”
6. 学会控制自己的情绪,控制自己的想法,克服对被拒绝的恐惧,学会向别人敞开心扉。


1. 这是乔布斯从2000年6月到2008年9月的照片合集,显示了他健康状况的巨大变化。
2. [k?:n]
3. The Shape of Water
4. 企业:技术服务企业Binary Group
5. 年龄:31岁
6. 埃尔多安在国内也受益于与吕特的争执,他寻求将外交争端扩大至针对所有欧盟国家,尤其是德国,后者同样因土耳其在德国的大型土耳其社区拉票而与安卡拉发生争执。


1. Other top ten foreign pictures were Transformers: The Last Knight, Dangal, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Kong: Skull Island.
2. 他说,“油价将波动上行。”
3. On Tuesday Saarland became the first German region to ban campaigning by foreign politicians. Several German local councils had called off planned Turkish ministers’ campaign meetings on technical grounds, such as fire safety.
4. 平壤称Park为“人渣”,一直在谴责气球投放,最近几个月甚至要求首尔禁止这一行动。
5. 单词impresario 联想记忆:
6. affected


1. When did winter become the season of television’s most distinguished content? The fall season, with its organized and heavily publicized broadcast-network premieres, still gets the attention, but a greater number of interesting shows now arrive on cable, broadcast and online in the first quarter of the year.
2. ‘Episodes’ This comedy on Showtime, too often overlooked, follows the bewilderment of two British TV writers stuck in Hollywood creating a series for Matt LeBlanc, who plays a diva version of himself very convincingly. Not many shows set in the entertainment industry can sustain the conceit, but this is one that got even better in its third year.
3. Games are serious business in China. The countrys online game market will reach 41 billion yuan by 2012 ($6 billion), accounting for half the global market, according to newly released data from Cnzz.com Inc., a Beijing-based third-party data analysis firm (related report in Chinese here).
4. 4. We were wrong - the testes are connected to the immune system after all. Researchers have discovered a "very small door" that allows the testes to send one-way signals to the immune system, and it could explain why some men struggle with infertility, and why certain cancer vaccines keep failing.
5. X
6. 不过,大家大部分人都有自知之明,在粉饰过去的同时就已意识到自己是在自欺欺人。大家知道这种倾向在政治界的危害(看看布什和克林顿吧)。可是,在时尚界又何尝不是如此呢?


1. 4.Avoid micromanaging
2. 美国各地许多餐馆和商店星期三向美国退伍军人提供免费服务或优惠,以纪念一年一度的退伍军人节。
3. [autreid?]



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