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1. n. 疲乏,疲劳,累活
2. 这位设计师晚年最重要的伙伴之一就是他的伯曼猫邱佩特,拉格菲尔德称它为他唯一的真爱,而且他还曾说过,如果(与动物结婚)合法的话,他会与邱佩特结婚。
3. The ranking of 95 schools, up from 90 last year, includes nine institutions, from seven countries, that were ranked for the first time. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in 41st place is the year’s highest new entrant. The German school has one of the most gender-balanced programmes, with women accounting for 49 per cent of students.
4. “图特摩斯三世是埃及新王朝最重要的法老之一。他使埃及在迦南完成了从一个地域性王国向洲际大帝国的质变。”“圣殿山筛选项目”的联合发起人和总负责人Gabriel Barkay如是说。
5. The 12 US schools that appear in this ranking are the most gender balanced on average, with cohorts that are 48 per cent female.
6. Another love ballad for Bond, but if Nancy Sinatras song from You Only Live Twice was playing at your orthodontists office, it would be the sexiest orthodontists office in town. Theres a mysterious quality to the string section, and a playfulness to the declining notes. They combine to make something rather magical. From here on out all of the Bond songs on this list are bona fide classics.


1. Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things.
2. 中国的股市能否重回6000点?
3. Taylor Swift, Reputation
4. In eighth place with $6.5 million, Chinese model Liu Wen, 29, is the only Asian model on the list, reflecting the lack of diversity that continues to plague runways.
5. ‘Jeopardy!’ This game show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its debut (broadcast on March 30, 1964), and proved it can still not only stump viewers but also surprise them. That’s not just because the host, Alex Trebek, briefly regrew a mustache after 13 clean-shaven years, but also because some contestants showed they could still rile an audience. This year, it was Arthur Chu, who introduced a blitzkrieg style of gamesmanship that provoked a cyber hate-fest. His strategy was thrilling and certainly effective: he came in second in the Tournament of Champions. (Ben Ingram, the nice guy, finished first.)
6. As of mid-July, there were about 50,000 stores running on Bigcommerce, which have collectively sold close to $4 billon using the platform. The developer has typically added new customers one-by-one. However, a deal it struck in early July with eBay positions its service as the preferred migration path for two Magento products that will be discontinued in February 2015, Go and ProStores. Bigcommerce previously migrated more than 5,000 merchants off ProStores, and the deal could potentially bring up to 10,000 more.


1. Chinas Ministry of Education (MOE) said at a news conference that most of the worlds foreign students who study abroad are from China.
2. While oil prices may rebound in 2015, they almost certainly wont return to $100 a barrel any time soon, barring a geopolitical crisis in a major petroleum-producing region. So the gift will keep giving this year and further feed an accelerating U.S. recovery.
3. 根据康奈尔大学、英士国际商学院和世界常识产权组织联合发布的这一份报告,这使得中国成为中等收入经济体中该指标的领先者,紧随其后的是已经超过巴西的印度。
4. STEP 10: Even if you dont really fit the criteria, tell everyone you are a SOCIOPATH
5. The Wonder of Whiskers
6. n. 莴苣,生菜,纸币


1. contribution
2. 贝拉是该榜单上最年轻的模特,她上个月刚满21岁。
3. [pr?uti:n]
4. 当时,身为首席实行官的库克也承受着压力,因为苹果除了从苹果攫取利润之外,缺乏清晰的产品开发方向。维权投资者嗅到了血腥,开始围攻这家企业,打头的是大卫?艾因霍恩(David Einhorn),接着是卡尔?伊坎(Carl Icahn),他们游说改变苹果的经营和财务管理方式。伊坎施压要求苹果筹集巨额债务,向股东返还1500亿美金,并敦促苹果发布包括电视机在内的更多产品。
5. 波多黎各人自前任总督的过去4年受到了几十项新税收的影响,还增加了水电费。加西亚·帕迪利亚设法为政府创造更多的收入,他说资金正在用尽。尽管有某些和那些措施,岛上政府已经违约上百万美金的债券付款,数个机构宣布进入紧急状态。
6. n. 卷轴,目录 v. 卷动


1. adj. 毁灭性的,令人震惊的,强有力的
2. There has also always been a certain fluidity to this concept of whiteness. Irish and Italian immigrants to the United States, and Jews in Britain, were once seen as separate from the white national majority, and are now generally considered part of it, benefiting from racial privilege. At the same time, Jews’ white skin did not protect them from being cast as outsiders by some of Mr. Trump’s supporters who have circulated anti-Semitic memes on social media.
3. One of the designers most important companions in later life was his Birman cat Choupette, who he has called his one true love and said he would marry if it were legal.



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    Online banking and P2P lending has developed rapidly in China amid a push by Beijing to expand financing for consumers and small businesses. Upwards of 2,000 companies operate in China’s P2P lending milieu.



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