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1. The research comes at a time of increasing anti-China rhetoric in US politics, and ahead of three politically sensitive anti-dumping cases this summer against Chinese steel imports that could result in the US imposing punitive duties of as much as 500 per cent.
2. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 72, became Africas first democratically elected female president in 2005. The Nobel Committee praised the Liberian leader for her efforts to secure peace, promote economic and social development and strengthen the position of women.
3. [n?t]
4. 单词affected 联想记忆:
5. Elspeth Cheung, head of BrandZ valuation at Millward Brown, says: “The top 10 used to be dominated by consumer goods. This year, it’s technology.”
6. He does smoke cigarettes, he smokes many, many cigarettes.


1. In a bid to change their looks, 20 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 49 in Seoul, the countrys capital city, admitted they had gone under the knife.
2. Common industries for college startups include catering, agriculture, IT, transportation, education and culture. 13.8% of the entrepreneurs were interested in hospitality and catering, while 13.7% chose agriculture, the report said.
3. adj. 不可否认的,无可辩驳的
4. We will accelerate the development of emerging industries.
5. Experts also noted that the population control policies adopted in recent years have started to pay off.
6. The new data released yesterday represent the first snapshot of global trade for 2015. But the figures also come amid growing concerns that 2016 is already shaping up to be more fraught with dangers for the global economy than previously expected.


1. 据雅虎的统计,资讯取代了名人成为2010年的最热门搜索项,搜索量最大的两个资讯热点是英国石油企业的墨西哥湾漏油事件和南非国际足联世界杯足球赛。
2. Now that Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the familys overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughters interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.
3. 著名美国谐星梅丽莎?麦卡西收入为3300万美金,比去年增加了1000万美金。
4. retreat
5. 1961年,爱德华·索普和克劳德·香农共同研制出第一副可佩戴的电脑眼镜。1968年,伊凡·苏泽兰制造出了"达摩克里斯的利剑"。这是第一台头戴式电脑,也是今天大家所有头戴式电脑的鼻祖。1980年,史蒂夫·曼恩,被称为"头戴式电脑之父",制造出了"可穿戴式电脑",这种电子增强型的眼镜,可以与其他电脑进行无线沟通以及共享视频。接下来的几年,他在眼镜领域继续研究,而在1999年时,他制造出了一副很像GOOGLE眼镜的眼镜,或者说GOOGLE眼镜的原型。他叫它做"电子眼镜"。
6. 此外,城镇人口也有所增加,现在已经占到总人口的55.88%,相比2010年普查时增加了6.2%。


1. 前国务卿希拉里回答道:"我将组建一个能够反映美国现状的内阁。而有半数美国人是女性。"
2. 9. Smiling
3. But the statistics bureau attributed the overall rise in CPI chiefly to a base effect resulting from low prices a year prior.
4. Whiteness, in this context, is more than just skin color. You could define it as membership in the “ethno-national majority,” but that’s a mouthful. What it really means is the privilege of not being defined as “other.”
5. 由于最新一部007系列小说给詹皇·邦德(James Bond)进行了政治正确的大改造,能言善道、烟不离口、大男子主义的邦德形象可能将成为过去式。
6. "Theres a new type of wealth creation coming out," he told Reuters, adding China was having to adapt as the wider economy was "very materially slowing down".


1. Ms Lewis urged people to contact family, neighbours or an animal shelter if they were no longer able to care for their pets.
2. One of the most discussed potential use cases of the block chain is as a decentralized Uber. Instead of using an app, customers could order a car and pay the driver directly, cutting out the middleman. (Sorry, Travis Kalanick.) The block chain can be utilized for everything from the storage of secure documents (that is, a decentralized Dropbox, too) to “watermarking,” in which a specific coin could contain, say, the deed to your house. “The block chain is going to spawn decades of innovation,” says Ryan Selkis, director of investments at the Digital Currency Group, created by former SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert. “It could lead to things like frictionless share issuance, title transfers, smart contracts. Collectively these things make up the backbone of the economy. If you wanted to create a decentralized Uber, Dropbox, 脸书, you could reinvent the Internet.”
3. Russia and Nato have both called for a de-escalation of the Turkey-Netherlands row.



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  • 统计局:11月CPI同比上涨2.2% 居住价格上涨2.4%
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