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1. 今年选秀中还有很多选秀权交换的情况,有湖人给费城的前三保护的选秀权,有孟菲斯给丹佛的前五保护的选秀权,还有那个无耻的萨克拉门托给芝加哥的前十保护的选秀权(然而费城球队会控局的,他们的前总经理山姆-辛基会来复仇的)。
2. A mother has written a letter in defence of her 14-year-old son who is facing a lawsuit over video game cheats in the US.
3. Note that grosses are not the same thing as earnings. Downey outearned Johnson by $29 million with $75 million in estimated earnings between June 2012 and June 2013, the period we used for the latest edition of our Celebrity 100 list. The numbers we’re looking at here are how many dollars each star’s movies brought in at the box office worldwide this year.
4. If Youre Unemployed:
5. The biggest falls in brand values include oil and gas companies, still suffering from low commodity prices, and banks, which face growing competition from rival payment systems such as PayPal — whose brand value increased by 35 per cent (see story page 2).
6. 赫梅尔说,“如果发达经济体的原油需求增加,再加上新兴经济体需求的增多,我认为市场供应将趋紧。”这意味着油价走势图上可能会再度出现多个高峰。


1. 从该剧2007年首播至今,大家似乎患上了哈德利·弗里曼(Hadley Freeman)在《卫报》(The Guardian)上所称的“广告狂人狂热症”(madmenalaria)。
2. The other two manufacturers, OPPO and vivo, both achieved growth of over 100 percent, shipping 99.4 million and 77.3 million units respectively in 2016.
3. To tackle the problems, the report suggests that e-commerce laws should be developed as soon as possible. It also calls for the establishment of an online credit system to strengthen the discipline of the e-commerce industry.
4. adj. 群众的,大规模
5. 这部20世纪70年代黑色幽默犯罪影片的主角,是诈骗高手欧文·罗森菲尔德和他的情妇西德尼·普鲁塞尔,他们被一名联邦调查局(FBI)干员抓获,然后被迫欺骗腐败的政治家。二人继续与干员、政治家目标以及自己的家人周旋,最终达成豁免协议,得以不受任何刑事指控就脱离苦海。
6. The quickest growth in executive pay on average came from the hotel and catering sectors, at 47.58%.


1. The ranking measures the quality and breadth of the schools’ postgraduate programmes. Schools must take part in all four rankings to be eligible for a full score. LBS rose from third last year by participating in all four rankings for the first time.
2. However, five Beijing-based travel agents said they were still selling South Korea tours for March, as was China’s largest online travel company Ctrip. Representatives at the top three state-owned airline carriers in China told Bloomberg they had not received instructions to halt ticket sales to the country.
3. 国际美容整形外科学会发布的数据显示,若考虑人口因素,韩国现在是全世界整形美容业最大的市场。
4. S%(Q1(LYA(ep)n
5. Murietta belonged to a gang known as the Five Joaquins, who were notorious bandits during the height of the California Gold Rush. While Muriettas criminal activity likely did not have any political undertones, he nonetheless became a symbol of Mexican resistance as American settlers ventured to California. Unfortunately for him, this pushed the government to put a bounty on his head, leading to his murder and beheading. Luckily, Banderass character didnt fall to the same fate.
6. As consumers in developing countries continue to shift to meat-based diets, grains and oilseeds used as livestock feed are expected to see support.


1. 中国拒绝承认存在任何不当行为,并表示正在努力解决工业产能过剩的问题。随着中国经济增长放缓,该问题变得日益尖锐。
2. 英国会是七国集团(G7)中经济增长最慢的国家吗?
3. n. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置
4. Everyone loves cookies, but buying a smart cookie oven to make them seems like a bit much. The CHIP cookie oven promises to have freshly baked cookies in just 10 minutes, but regardless of the time, it just seems easier to make a much larger batch using the regular old oven.
5. China has become the worlds largest industrial robot market since 2013, and currently its domestic suppliers are moving up the supplier chain by offering more high-end products in recent years, added the report.
6. Song “The Spring Blossom” (Na Ying)


1. 倒灌啤酒机是倒啤酒的一种革命性创新方式,节省时间,减少浪费,也令顾客啧啧称奇。
2. 大力改造提升传统产业。
3. In total Ive spent about £5,000 in three months on my three girls. One dress cost me $200 and she only wore it twice before she grew out if it - but I dont intend to lower my spending.



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    北京市住建委:违规“小产权房”信息发布 21家房地产中介被查处
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    地产股短线反弹 明年压力不小
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    化繁为简回归自然 家装建材流行做“减法”
    2021-01-03 20:16:20
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    The line of prescriptive frames and sunglasses, named “DVF | Made for Glass,” costs upwards of $1,600. 谷歌 has already partnered with Luxottica, the eyewear conglomerate behind Ray-Ban and several high-fashion eyewear offerings such as Prada. It also hired fashion executive Ivy Ross, most recently the chief marketing officer of Art.com, to lead its Glass team.

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