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1. 节目27 歌曲《净土》,孙楠
2. Back in the movie wasteland of last January, no one could have guessed what a bounty of good films the year would bring. Not just good films, but several that measure up to our idealized notions of what the medium once was. Two candidates for the top of the heap pretty much chose themselves. For sheer entertainment, the clear call is American Hustle, David O. Russells joyous celebration of 1970s-era con artists and their intricate cons. For innovation-a new theatrical experience born of new technology-Gravity whirls in its own orbit. With the understanding that theres nothing to be said against American Hustle, and everything to recommend this screwball comedy for the ages, I think Gravity is the best movie of the year.
3. 有史以来第1个真正有用的机器宠物
4. 8.My resume is 5 pages long for a good reason. – Because I’m darn good at bullshittin’!
5. adj. 商业的
6. Among the top 50 richest women in the world, entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland account for 56%.


1. 在可预见的未来,我国会见证第三产业的繁荣发展。该报告称,相关专业,包括法律、资讯传播和管理学,预计将扮演更重要的角色。
2. Civil War takes place after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, when the government decides that the Avengers should work under them and not on their own. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is against this idea whereas Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is with the government. This leads to a conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.
3. 哈佛大学位居榜首,紧随其后的是麻省理工学院和斯坦福大学。
4. The first selfie stick was invented long before the first handheld mobile device was made. A selfie stick was definitely invented by the Japanese man Hiroshi Ueda in the 1980s. A photographer and worker at the Minolta camera company, Hiroshi made the selfie stick because he and his wife were unable to take pictures of themselves during a trip to Europe. (When he asked a boy to take pictures of them, the boy ran off with the camera.)
5. Track field;hand ball;cycling;track racin;racing cycle;mountain bike race;Bicycle Motocross;horsemanship;football;Beach Volleyball.
6. 在婴儿出生前治疗出生缺陷


1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…
2. Bingo! In fewer than 20 words it combined five previous years’ winners, only to say nothing at all. With a heavy heart, I award eBay my overall Golden Flannel Award for 2016.
3. 201001/94005.shtml【英文原文】
4. For both, opponents are enemies rather than fellow citizens who think differently.
5. But that kind of emotional identification gets lost on the runway, and the retail floor. And then we are left with what?
6. 土耳其外交部愤怒地驳斥了欧盟的批评。它说:“欧盟应该意识到,这种声明助长了极端主义,比如仇外和反土耳其情绪,因为它对避免过分言论和行动以免局势进一步恶化的呼吁,针对的只是土耳其,而不是所有违反外交公约和国际法、从而导致了这种局面的国家。”


1. 夏奇拉
2. 奥巴马赢得了第二场辩论挽回颓势。虽然他也赢得了第三场,外交政策并不是选民关注的主要问题,这不大可能导致较大的选票波动。
3. Most female participants were between 19 and 23.
4. So, yeah, I think they should tank and they might even be able to get some good value for Ibaka in a trade even if it would be a really quick about-face. God theyre weird.
5. 5、毕福剑违纪
6. 麦高恩说“让女性发怒还很难”,MeToo支撑者“为自己编写了一部小说”,并没有直面好莱坞的本质。


1. 最差问候奖
2. Despite being the most heavily nominated stars of the evening, Taylor - who did not attend the event - was overshadowed by 19-year-old singer Shawn who cleaned up at the awards show.
3. 斯威夫特今年也收获颇丰,以8千万位居第二。在1989(2014年排名第一的专辑,卖出超过3.6百万份)的发行超过一年后,通过斯科特.伊斯特伍德拍摄的MV,她的最新单曲“最疯狂的梦”一跃成为排行榜第一位。但这只是起始,她的史诗1989世界巡回演唱会最终使她极近收入最高女星榜首。



  • 专家称若效果不明显 未来或将连续出现几次降息
    2021-01-25 23:42:14
  • 红木家具企业营销:需定位消费群选好竞争对手
    2021-01-08 23:42:14
  • 2015年家居行业转型角逐4万亿市场规模
    家居建材行业早春淘金 线上线下并非零和博弈
    2021-01-22 23:42:14
  • 新中式风正面袭击建材界
    北京购房资格有调整 “零个税”看社保
    2021-01-14 23:42:14
  • 宁夏水泥高调起诉行业协会 地方称别太较真
    全国最大绿色建材基地落户常州 总投资36亿元
    2021-01-10 23:42:14
  • 传购房契税节后调整 郑州房管局排长队堪比春运
    统计局:住宅投资增速回升 商品房销售继续回暖
    2021-01-06 23:42:14
  • “两会”释放宽松信号 北京楼市成交环比上涨一成
    2021-01-07 23:42:14
  • 广州公积金公众号上线新功能 公积金可刷脸登录
    面对严峻形势 陶瓷行业何去何从?
    2021-01-10 23:42:14
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