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1. adj. 已被确认的,确定的,建立的,制定的 动词est
2. 从eBay的Magento电子商务系统、IBM和NetSuite等知名企业到规模较小的Shopify和Volusion等,很多科技企业都希翼从中分一杯羹。但相对冷门的Bigcommerce正在悄悄引发关注并窃取市场份额。它吸引了超过7,500万美金的风投资本,其中4,000万美金来自企业家史蒂夫o凯斯的Revolution Growth企业。
3. Christie’s biannual evening sale on Dec. 8 raised just 6.5 million pounds with fees, about $9.7 million, against a low estimate of 12.7 million. Nineteen of the 45 works, or 42 percent, failed to sell, including the two most highly valued lots — a 1582 watercolor study of a hare among plants by Hans Hoffmann, a pupil of Albrecht Dürer, and a fine 1770s Francesco Guardi view of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, carrying low estimates of 4 million and 1.5 million respectively.
4. Opening up
5. She created a whole world around the device -- one populated by humans, a whale in a top hat and dragons.
6. adj. 自信的,有信心的,有把握的


1. This list is composed of—The strongest, intelligent, desirable, popular, attractive, beautiful, successful women in 2015.
2. adj. 浪漫的
3. 共和党候选人时常表现出不确定以及偶尔会忘了自己要说的,好像在试图记住他的简要笔记。当奥巴马从一开始就咄咄逼人时他开始出汗,在伊朗、伊拉克、俄罗斯以及美国的军费开支的交流中他才表现得更好。
4. 500个品牌来自28个不同国家,其中近半(227个)来自美国。
5. 2012年春运期间,12306网站系统约售出110万张车票。去年,该系统售出的车票数量同比增加1100万张。
6. 现年22岁的劳伦斯是《饥饿游戏》影片系列的女主角,她还可能凭借在影片《乌云背后的幸福线》中的表现获得奥斯卡提名。


1. 单词stable 联想记忆:
2. In 2016, weve seen a whole lot of new gadgets join the Internet of Things (unfortunately, weve also seen them harnessed by hackers to bring downhuge swaths of the internet). From appliances to clothing, companies really want to sell you the tech thatll make your life "smarter," but sometimes it just makes it slower and dumber. Lets look back on some of the most ridiculous and useless internet-connected gadgets that were produced in the past 12 months.
3. 7. 建立声誉。
4. Tom Hanks has got a slightly more level head around his. He apparently keeps his best actor awards, one each for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, on the family trophy shelf alongside football (the English kind) trophies and a World’s Greatest Mom trophy left from a mother’s day past.
5. 7.Thought-Controlled Bionic Legs
6. 科学院说:“今年的诺奖关注的是经济学的一个中心问题:如何尽可能适当地匹配不同市场主体。”


1. n. 三角(形)
2. James Bond Themes 10. "Diamonds Are Forever" by Shirley Bassey
3. In the book, Galore moves in with Bond in London and together they spend their mornings squabbling.
4. 罗塞略致力于改善公私合作伙伴关系,并使用这笔收入来挽救面临400亿美金的退休制度,预计不到一年就会崩溃。罗塞略也承诺与美国国会去年成立监督波多黎各财政的联邦控制委员会密切合作,他还说支撑与债权人就协助重组一笔近700亿美金的公债谈判。
5. 而在非手术整形中,注射肉毒杆菌和激光脱毛依然是最受欢迎的。
6. In October, South Africa brought down its holdings of US government securities to USD 10.3 billion.


1. 今年最引人注目的化妆和发型设计几乎都源自角色的原型本身(其中有些无疑比银幕上的造型更有活力)。除了能让观众一眼看出角色的外貌特征,它们也能为演员的表演赋予整体感觉和微妙之感。有时,一个大鼻子就能加深观众的理解。
2. 8. Employment futures weak as pensions drain states, municipalities
3. However, 2016 saw the rise of Chinese mobile phone-makers. Huawei shipments grew 30.2 percent year on year to 139.3 million units, and the company retained its No. 3 position globally.



  • 房贷新政将拉动刚需购房意愿 明年楼市或现大变化
    2021-01-10 21:47:02
  • 万科或将推进智能家居系统:想重新定义“开关”涉足LED照明?
    短租来了 济南女白领70平米房子俩月收租5000多
    2021-01-13 21:47:02
  • 环保组合拳再次出击家具行业 挑起涂料“暗战”
    老旧厂房改造成养老机构 到明年上海杨浦区将建成养老床位10800张
    2020-12-26 21:47:02
  • 深圳启动二次住房制度改革 万科称业务已转型
    智能马桶盖抽查不合格达4成 多为国内中小企业
    2021-01-02 21:47:02
  • 报告显示:中国房地产“去库存”初步显效
    2021-01-14 21:47:02
  • 大连存量房交易4月起须网签备案
    房地产市场报告:2016年房价将再涨7% 地价涨10%
    2020-12-27 21:47:02
  • 深市企业2018年半年度业绩持续增长 市场平稳运行的业绩基础稳固
    2020-12-28 21:47:02
  • 儿童家具为何有标准难实行
    红木采伐引发的巨大生态灾难 缅甸花梨10余年或灭绝
    2020-12-30 21:47:02
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