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1. 英国大选就是个教训。民调也不过是戛纳的“外卖餐点”:预测是傻瓜才干的事。一整周,坊间盛传托德?海因斯的女同性恋恋爱故事《卡罗尔》将斩获金棕榈最佳影片奖,或者拉斯洛?杰莱斯László Nemes 处女作《索尔的儿子》Son of Saul将折桂。最后几天,共识则是来自台湾的导演侯孝贤(Hou Hsiao-Hsien)引导的《刺客聂隐娘》(The Assassin)将问鼎大奖。且据英国博彩分析,《龙虾》是个难缠的对手。但是,最终宣布雅克?欧迪亚Jacques Audiards 《流浪的迪潘》Dheepan获奖时,大家一致惊讶表示:“真的吗?”所有的评论员、影评人小组、内部八卦、数据统计、上帝都知道,只是少有人提及罢了。好吧,这就是生活。
2. [ink?rid?m?nt]
3. The number of moviegoers in 2016 reached 1.37 billion, an increase of nearly 8.9 percent year-on-year.
4. The fruit is placed into the mold when its young and undeveloped.
5. 8."Homeland" (2.4 million)
6. 一楼还有一间书房,这间房有黑色的护壁板,还有一座壁炉。厨房里有花岗岩台面,四周墙面贴有瓷砖,并配了一些不锈钢的电器,地上铺着方格地板。这里的法式双开门通往一处露台。


1. potential
2. hospit客人+ality表名词,“状态,性质”→好客
3. 瑞典
4. The show airs on CBS December 4.
5. 这封情书是寄给一个叫做Clark C Moore,但是现在已经改名为Muhammad Siddeeq先生的,由于这次改名,让这封信找到真正的收件人变得尤为困难。
6. Mini-Series or Movie: “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story” (FX)


1. Of the other teams, Germany have a fantastic team, with some great options all over the pitch. The Italians can never be discounted at tournaments, whilst Portugal, with Ronaldo in the team will be dangerous, and Belgium, with such an array of talent will be amongst everyones list of dark horses.
2. 获奖者:金·卡戴珊
3. Prior to the slowdown that began in 2014 employers in China had been less stingy with cash bonuses, which can total well over a full month’s salary and send employees back home for the holiday with plenty of cash for gifts to elders and other family members (or to squirrel away as savings).
4. We will ensure that foreign trade continues to pick up and register steady growth.
5. Second, McDermott, a career 39.9% three-point shooter, addresses Oklahoma Citys biggest roster weakness—a lack of perimeter options around Russell Westbrook—and remains on a bargain rookie deal through the end of next season.
6. 报告称,打造“机遇之城”的关键是技术创新和均衡发展。


1. 但是亚利桑那州的经济前景现在已经大为好转,随着住房市场的稳定,失业率在5月份降至7.8%,创下经济衰退后的新低。为了评选今年的美国最适宜经商的州,大家评估了35项指标以判断哪些州的经商条件最佳,哪些最差,这些指标中就包括就业预期。根据穆迪分析企业(Moody’s Analytics)的统计,在今后五年中,亚利桑那州的就业增长速度预计将达到每年3%。到2017年,亚利桑那州增长的就业岗位预计每年将把家庭收入提高3.6%,在全美各州中位居第二,仅次于伊利诺伊州。亚利桑那州的就业增长和经济增长保持同步,穆迪预计该州的经济增长速度为每年4.6%,达到美国的最佳水平。
2. Total program cost: $168,000
3. 美国整体排名第七,是世界最大经济体,也是世界最强国。“创业精神”排名第三,“学问影响力”也排名第三。
4. A segment of Peking Opera from “Take Over The Weihu Mountain” (Yu Kuizhi and a student from Confucius Institute)
5. At the same time, Apple is bringing in costly new components. These include an OLED display that makes the front of the phone into one continuous screen. Depth-sensing cameras will offer new “augmented reality” features and allow the device to be unlocked by face recognition, instead of fingerprint.
6. protein


1. 剧情类最佳剧集:《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones, HBO)
2. 报告称,迪拜排名第四,预计接待游客1527万人,“突飞猛进,成为全球旅游消费最高的城市”。
3. 8.Suicide Squad



  • 中青报:住房公积金不便宜年轻人还便宜谁?
    供应量4年来最少 楼市“金三银四”恐泡汤
    2021-01-13 18:09:46
  • 房主举报自家住宅违建 上海一小区千万豪宅陷“违建”门
    2021-01-09 18:09:46
  • 2015楼市利好支撑下迎新开局 去库存成当务之急
    三四线城市库存去化加速 市场现回暖迹象
    2021-01-02 18:09:46
  • 杭州摇号风波主人公周某回应媒体:我没托关系,也没有违法
    2021-01-17 18:09:46
  • 房地产行业集中度再提升 多元化业务形态逐步确立
    谋求突破 家居企业“扎堆”IPO
    2021-01-11 18:09:46
  • 欧普上市 国内外照明巨头该作何打算?
    2021-01-03 18:09:46
  • “引才引智”更要“用人留人”
    我国新建绿色建筑占比仅3% 蕴藏数千亿市场
    2021-01-14 18:09:46
  • 4地上调最低工资标准:上海9连涨 多地年内或跟进
    网购家具比例上升 进军移动端或成大势
    2021-01-14 18:09:46
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    The Cassini spacecraft has been sending home images of Saturn, its rings and its moons since arriving at the gas giant in 2004. The mission ended in September with a planned fiery crash into Saturn’s atmosphere. While it studied the planet, Cassini explored moons — Titan and Enceladus — that could be home to extraterrestrial life. The probe also gave us great insight into our solar system, and will continue to do so for years as scientists pore over the data it collected.

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