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1. "People didnt just search for the players and the teams. It was a cultural learning experience. It was the first World Cup in Africa, and people wanted to learn about post-Apartheid South Africa," she said. "People also wanted to find out what that noise was -- the vuvuzelas."
2. 汤森路透2015年全球创新百强名单是基于对专利相关的标准进行深入研究,寻找真正的创新企业。
3. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing have been ranked as the top five cities for opportunity in China, according to a report jointly launched by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the China Development Research Foundation.
4. The fastest growing start-ups tend to be global in their outlook. The immigration restrictions already imposed by President Trump in the US and those under consideration as part of the UK’s separation from the EU are likely to be a hindrance in the coming year for hiring.
5. For the government, the job is to create a good environment and the necessary conditions for our people to use their own wisdom and hard work to generate golden opportunities for themselves, rather than just relying on the government to hand them a job.
6. 正如英国东安格利亚大学影视高级讲师布霄特?米尔斯所言,《老友记》是首部讲述20来岁年轻人所面临的问题的情景剧。而看剧就像在读一个年轻人的人生故事。


1. 根据最新相关报告表示,AMAZON凭借在数据中心、设备、电子方法和系统等方面的创新而上榜。
2. Comparatively, the increase rate is higher than income rise of urban residents for the same time period, which is 17.4%.
3. 传统上,在教学和研究水平方面,中国大学在国际排名排行榜上的评价要比美国和欧洲的高校逊色一些。
4. China is spending heavily on renewable and nuclear energy as it tries to slow the growth of coal, but despite those efforts it has become by far the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Its emissions of 10 billion tons a year of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and cement manufacturing are almost twice those of the United States, though emissions per person are still far higher in the United States.
5. 1896年,美国首任总统的夫人玛莎·华盛顿的画像印在一美金银圆券上,此后美金纸币上再没有出现过女性画像。
6. 2. 美国页岩油。截至2014年底,美国页岩油日产量已经超过900万桶,比2007年增加了80%。这些页岩油是造成石油供给过剩的主要力量,而供过于求是2014年油价暴跌的诱因之一。总的来说,美国页岩油开采企业都搬起石头砸了自己的脚,但关键在于,西德州轻质低硫原油(WTI)价格跌破60美金对它们有何影响?页岩油钻机数量不断减少,相关开支也遭到削减,然而到目前为止,美国页岩油产量依然稳定。按照当前油价,这个行业能否维持产出水平,或者说美国页岩油产量会不会减少将对国际市场供应乃至油价产生重大影响。


1. During the RoboCup 2500 contestants from 40 countries competed in 15 competitions with various types of computerized soccer robots, healthcare robots, rescue robots and dance robots.
2. Many economists doubt the European Central Bank will increase the size of its 1.46tn asset-purchase programme in 2016 despite assurances by ECB chief Mario Draghi that additional monetary stimulus is still on the table.
3. [smɑ:t]
4. Overall, live and recorded content achieved equal scores overall of 8.8 out of 10, while online interaction and team-work were rated marginally lower.
5. trans转移+port拿,运→移动着拿→运输
6. adj. 永久的,永恒的


1. Anna comes from a mob family and her hair, sometimes matched with large sunglasses or wide-lapel Armani trench coats, indicates both a degree of class and no-nonsense power.
2. I have never ordered an ice bucket for my red wine. In fact, come to think of it, I have never ordered an ice bucket for white wine, Champagne or dessert wine.
3. corpor躯体,al-法人的
4. 创始人的心态将为企业定下基调。消极、懒惰和理所应当的心态,不仅浪费时间和金钱,还会损害你的信誉。成功很大程度上取决于能否在犯错后从容地接受批评。直面挑战可以让一位普通的企业老板变成真正的领导者。
5. As we get closer to relegating 2014 to the history books, your local stock market guru most likely couldn’t be happier to see those books slammed shut.
6. Wearables typically fall into three categories: complex devices such as fitness trackers; smart accessories such as smart watches, defined by their ability to run third-party applications; and fully autonomous smart wearables that connect directly to the Internet, such as 谷歌’s Glass headset.


1. As fall arrived and school began, DAloisio felt immense pressure to deliver for his backers. He needed to whip his algorithm into better shape, so he contracted a team of Israeli coders who specialize in natural language processing. Searching on 谷歌, he found and hired a retired professor living in Thailand whod written seminal books on the topic. He became our main scientist, says DAloisio. He now works at Yahoo! in the Sunnyvale office.
2. "As a native of Shaanxi, I found Sun played the role well. She jumps and runs wildly, just like a typical young naughty Shaanxi girl," a netizen Xuelili said.
3. The bulk of the risk in this move comes with the possibility that both Ibaka and Turner are free agents this summer, but the disappointment that might result from losing one or both would pale in comparison of a postseason flameout in May.



  • 财政部部长:今年的减税总额预计将超过1.3万亿元
    2021-01-07 03:50:04
  • 北京东铁匠营街道及时回应居民关切
    株洲楼市去库存需30个月 国企团购房拉低房价
    2021-01-03 03:50:04
  • 北京限价房销售办法出台 不得强制搭售其他产品
    金九楼市持续低迷 信贷政策或为“救市”关键
    2021-01-10 03:50:04
  • “便利店+”时代正在来临
    揽才新政频出 各地发力稳就业
    2021-01-04 03:50:04
  • 面积达4700万平方米 家具卖场呈现结构性过剩
    2021-01-22 03:50:04
  • 社科院报告:应进一步完善住房限购政策 避免误伤刚需
    部分城市去库存周期超20个月 地方政府来帮忙
    2021-01-15 03:50:04
  • 硅藻泥质量参差不齐 价格虽高贵却不乏尝鲜者
    2021-01-15 03:50:04
  • 中国一二线城市女性购房者快速增加 为何?
    华住数据泄露嫌疑人被抓 交易未达成
    2021-01-15 03:50:04
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    Yao Zhenhua, the chairman of Baoneng Group and the biggest riser since 2015, saw his wealth shoot up 820 percent to $17.2 billion, elevating him to fourth in the overall list.

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    But that recovery has also seen the size of bonuses drop: last year the average payout was Rmb12,821 ($1,861), about Rmb2,000 more than in 2015 but still roughly Rmb800 below the 2014 average. More than a quarter of those surveyed who saw their bonus shrink last year blamed the decrease on poor company performance.

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    “Given the unfavourable reaction to the August depreciation, we think any further depreciation will not take place soon,” said Louis Kuijs, an economist at Oxford Economics based in Hong Kong. “In our view the October trade data keep pressure on [the government] for more domestic easing.”

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