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1. 6.Put people first
2. Have any franchise-leading duo reinvented themselves as spectacularly as Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Both have become art-house mainstays. Pattinson’s latest Good Time, keeps going his recent pattern of looking fairly unrecognisable. After he transformed himself with shaggy beard and spectacles in The Lost City of Z he now has bleach-blond hair as a bank robber who tries to pull off the perfect heist in New York City, only to get his younger brother (Ben Safdie), who suffers from a developmental disability, arrested for the crime. He tries to use the money he stole to post his brother’s bail, but complications ensue. Many complications. In addition to appearing as the younger brother, Safdie co-directs the film with his own brother Josh Safdie, and Good Time was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Released November 3 in Japan, November 17 in the UK and Ireland and November 23 in Greece. (Credit: A24)
3. funds
4. 深化农村改革。
5. 前“世界小姐”朴雅卡·乔普拉位列2015世界美女榜第九。她是一名印度演员兼歌手,是宝莱坞片酬最高的女演员之一,也是印度最受欢迎、知名度最高的名人之一。她获得过无数荣誉,包括印度国家影片奖的最佳女演员奖项,以及印度影片观众奖的四项大奖。
6. Chinese universities have also spent millions to recruit internationally renowned academics and build state-of-the-art facilities, said Baty.


1. 1950年巴西首次承办国际足联世界杯,由于要在家照顾卧病在床的母亲,巴西球迷朱蒂尔·桑乔·贝尔蒙特错过了巴西与乌拉圭的决赛。六十四年过后,贝尔蒙特用原版未曾使用的决赛门票换取了三张本届国际足联世界杯决赛的入场券。
2. “Domestic demand expanded at a sluggish pace while new export order growth eased to a five-month low ... We continue to expect further monetary and fiscal easing measures to offset downside risks to growth.”
3. Dershowitz said this guidance was too vague to provide students with any real understanding of the schools expectations. "When you punish a student seriously without articulating standards, I think it raises questions," he said.
4. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The U.S. economy finally got a big jolt of energy in 2014 after the lamest recovery since World War II. And 2015 is shaping up to be an even better year.
5. 恩爱日新。即便没有一切,只要有爱便足矣。
6. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theatres on March 23, 2016.


1. 女王每次都是飞机一停就像子弹一样迅速下飞机。
2. But although he foresees a “noticeable pick-up in exports” in the first quarter of 2017, the UBS man is keen to play down any euphoria. He believes year-on-year growth will weaken and maybe even turn negative by the second half of 2017 because “volume is not picking up in a big way and the base effect [of last year’s weak commodity prices] will fall off” during the course of 2017.
3. 据金融数据提供商Wind Information有限企业,列出了去年在整个A股市场共实现净利润2.47万亿元的各家企业。在这些上榜企业中,其中有2000家拟进行现金分红,总额近7000亿元。
4. Prince Miteb, who headed the powerful National Guard until early November, was released on November 28th, the official said. At least three other suspects have also finalized settlement deals.
5. Its going to get volatile to the upside, he said.
6. Time Management


1. 考虑到达拉斯多年来一直拒绝摆滥,当德克-诺维茨基的职业生涯进入倒计时阶段,他们并没有囤积足够多的潜力新秀,这时换来22岁的诺埃尔而且没有对常规轮换造成大的损伤是个相当高明的举动。
2. 目前,达洛伊西奥80%的工作围绕着Summly的重构和改良展开,而另外20%的工作精力则用来思考今后的挑战方向。他预测,未来将会有一款如同Summly精炼文字一样可以精炼视频的App。他设想了许多运用科技来帮助人们学习常识的方法,并希翼在旧有教育模式瓦解的同时帮助人们更好地实现自主学习。
3. 6. The parties are epic – if you have the time
4. 中国为包括棉花、糖和玉米在内的大宗商品设置的最低价格过高,当这些价格偏离市场价格时,政府鼓励了过度生产以及强劲的进口。
5. ‘Episodes’ This comedy on Showtime, too often overlooked, follows the bewilderment of two British TV writers stuck in Hollywood creating a series for Matt LeBlanc, who plays a diva version of himself very convincingly. Not many shows set in the entertainment industry can sustain the conceit, but this is one that got even better in its third year.
6. 他赢得了名动词奖,而其姐妹奖,最佳动词名词化奖,则由另一位顾问凭借这句“全球联络”(global touch-base)摘得。


1. Soyabeans which are trading above $10 a bushel are expected to remain strong, while dairy prices are also expected to rise during 2017 as demand steadily increases, said the bank.
2. 年龄:50岁
3. While the president emerged as the narrow winner on the night, the encounter, which was cordial and largely uneventful compared with the previous two debates, is unlikely to have much impact on the outcome of the election.



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    The Great Recession had devastating effects across the U.S. and few places were as hard hit as Arizona. The state was booming on the strength of its tourism and real estate markets during the 2000s. Median home prices jumped 70% between 2003 and 2006—only Nevada had bigger gains—fueling more building and construction jobs. Monthly unemployment was at 3.5% through much of 2007. But then the bottom fell out. Home prices plummeted more than 50% from their peak and 6% Arizona properties received foreclosure filings in 2009. Unemployment stubbornly remained in double-figures for most of 2009 and 2010 and only Nevada lost a higher percentage of jobs over the last five years. Household incomes declined at the fastest rate in the country since 2008.

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    The leadership changes across the industry will be of particular interest to female consulting professionals, given none of these firms have ever been run by a woman. Consulting firms are vocal proponents of the business case for improved gender diversity at the top of large companies. It will be interesting to see if any of them decide to practice what they preach.

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    The CHIP, which retails for $150, can only bake four full-sized cookies at a time. If you were go the traditional way and bake a large batch in the oven, youd have anywhere between eight and 12 cookies in under 30 minutes — and its also cheaper.

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