Scientific presentations should be as thrilling as the scientific process itself. If you have great data, why not ensure that your presentations are just as awe-inspiring? Moves Like Nature brings the art of computer animation to scientists, making scientific results more intuitive and more elegant than static graphics ever could.

Scientific Animation

Nature moves. Insects, molecules, proteins, bacteria, viruses, animals and even plants move. Scientific animation, by depicting this motion, helps explain scientific data in a way that makes more sense than static figures.

Scientific Illustration

I design scientific illustrations for journal articles, reviews, book chapters and talks. My illustrations are created in Blender and I strive for three-dimensional photorealism.

About MLN

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Moves like Nature is me, Kimberly Falk. I’m a scientist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and over twenty years of research experience. I understand how scientists communicate and I look forward to working with you to come up with interesting animations to enhance your presentations.

My animations and graphics are created mainly with Blender and Photoshop. The animations are encoded into standard video formats so that they can be directly embedded in Powerpoint, opened alongside PowerPoint, or uploaded to YouTube or vimeo.

spumellaria radiolarian pendant

I also use my computer modeling skills to create 3D-printed science jewelry. Visit my website Ontogenie to see my collection.



Contact MLN

I am not currently accepting new animation or graphics projects.

Dr. Kimberly Falk

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